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How to write your Equipment Maintenance and Repair Proposal

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Proposal Pack Classic #20 Body Page
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The Equipment Maintenance and Repair Sample Proposal is an example of a facilities and equipment services company offering their services to a potential client.

This is a good example to follow for facilities and equipment service providers pitching their services.

Anyone pitching real estate or property facilities and equipment services to other businesses.

5. Customize the template with your information.

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair Sample Proposal

Facility Services for the Vida Rica Restaurant Chain

Congratulations on the planned openings of your two new restaurants in Renton and Burien. The Vida Rica Restaurants chain is growing fast. As a savvy business owner, you realize that you need to partner with others to keep your business running and focus on providing quality food to your customers.

Thank you for reaching out to us to inquire about our services. Madon Facility Services specializes in maintenance and repairs for restaurants. We know the food business.

We understand that you depend on a wide variety of food preparation equipment, and that you need to present a venue that is always comfortable and inviting for your customers. We’re here to help you succeed. We think you’ll be pleased by all the services we can offer.

We strongly believe our proposal has been thoroughly outlined and will meet or exceed all of your expectations and requirements. We will call you in a few days to schedule a meeting and agree on a contract. Thank you for your consideration and for putting your trust in Madon Facility Services.

Vida Rica Restaurants has recently expanded into a small chain of three facilities. As a business enterprise, Vida Rica Restaurants owners now need to find qualified contractors to take over the facility maintenance duties required to keep the restaurants comfortable, attractive, and functional for both staff and customers. Madon Facility Services is uniquely qualified to provide equipment and facility maintenance services, and repairs when those are needed.

As you’ll see in the following pages, we are a "one-stop shop" that can help your business succeed. Vida Rica Restaurants managers and staff can rest assured that we will always be here when you need us. Madon Facility Services offers a wide variety of services.

All regular maintenance services are included in our standard facility maintenance contracts, while repairs and specialized services are added only as needed. See the Maintenance and Repair pages in this proposal for details. Our staff is experienced in the following.

Maintenance and repair of HVAC This includes routine inspections and regular cleanings or replacement of all filters for heating and air conditioning systems, as well as fast repairs should anything break down. Maintenance and repair of interior Restaurants get a lot of foot traffic, which can be hard on interiors. We can paint and repair walls, refinish floors, and replace carpeting as needed, and keep all lighting fixtures sparkling and functional.

Pest control Wherever there is food, pests can be a problem. Madon Facility Services will schedule regular inspections for insects and rodents, and will efficiently handle any problems that crop up in a safe manner that will not impact food service. Maintenance and repair of restaurant equipment This includes regular servicing of refrigerators, freezers, commercial mixers, mechanized cutters, stovetops, grills, and ovens. We clean and or replace all filters, clean stove hoods and grease traps, and ensure that all equipment will pass any health inspection.

Maintenance and repair of plumbing systems Restaurants that serve the public also must maintain restrooms for their customers. We service all kitchen and bathroom facilities. Maintenance and repair of building exterior We can schedule painters, carpenters, electricians, roofers, and other experts to remodel or repair building exteriors as needed.

Specialized services While we hope you never need these, Madon Facility Services also offers water extraction services, mold remediation, and smoke damage cleaning and repair services. Whatever you may need to keep your businesses open and your customers happy, Madon Facility Services can provide it for you. You indicated in your initial phone call that specific repairs need to be done to the following facilities before your new restaurants can open.

We can easily provide the following repairs and are happy to consult on any other remodel or repair projects needed. Restroom repair, Vida Rica Restaurants, Renton Description. Replacement of broken toilet and repair of surrounding floor area Estimated Cost of Repairs.

$530 labor + supply costs Time for Repairs. Approximately two days Additional Info. As the floor surrounding this toilet appears to be severely damaged by water, we cannot know for sure how much subflooring will need to be replaced until we remove the toilet and the surrounding tile. After all rotted pieces have been replaced, new flooring must be placed and a new toilet installed.

Grill Hood Ventilation System, Vida Rica Restaurants, Renton Description. Air intake in the hood ventilation system is minimal and must be investigated and repaired Estimated Cost of Repairs. $320 Inspection and Cleaning, $595 Replacement of hood system if needed Time for Repairs.

Inspection and Cleaning, 1 day, Replacement, 2 days Additional Info. The hood ventilation system may only be plugged by some obstruction, in which case repairs will be swift. If the fans have become inoperative due to corrosion or electrical issues, replacement of the system will be needed.

Fire sprinkler system, Vida Rica Restaurants, Burien Description. The sprinkler system in the kitchen is not operable. This is a crucial safety issue.

Until we inspect this system, we cannot predict what it will take to repair it. It may be only a smoke heat sensor that needs to be replaced, but it could also be something as serious as a break or corrosion in the water lines, which would necessitate opening the ceiling and replacing pipes and fixtures. As you know, it can be difficult to estimate repair costs and times before thoroughly inspecting the problem.

But you can rest assured that we understand that your business needs to be up and running as soon as possible, and to stay running and compliant with health and occupancy regulations. Whatever the problem, our experts will always be efficient and as cost-effective as possible. Madon Facility Services proposes to maintain multiple restaurant facilities for Vida Rica Restaurants in the following manner.

Inspect all kitchen and food processing and storage equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stovetops, grills, commercial mixers, mechanized cutters. Clean grease traps and filters and make repairs as needed to keep everything in compliance with health and safety regulations. Inspect restrooms, drinking fountains, sinks, and any other plumbed areas to insure that all are working properly.

Repair and adjust as needed. This can be accomplished at the same time as the food processing inspection and maintenance service described above. Inspect and test HVAC system, all lights, electrical outlets, smoke detectors, and fire prevention systems for compliance with codes, and test security systems as well as door and window locks. Make repairs as needed.

Additional maintenance calls can be scheduled if requested, and we are available 24 7 in the event that emergency repairs are needed. Ongoing Monthly Costs for Weekly and Monthly Inspections and Maintenance see Maintenance page for schedule and details with a two-year-contract. $570.00 per restaurant per month.

Pre-Opening Repair Costs – See Repairs page for details. Post-Opening Repairs as needed. Remodeling and special services. Total Estimated Cost of Two-Year Maintenance Contract for Three Restaurants, $20,520.00.

Payments for two-year maintenance contract can be made on a quarterly basis. Month-to-month maintenance contracts are also available at higher monthly rates. Madon Facility Services covers the entire Seattle metropolitan area. Regular maintenance service will be scheduled out of our headquarters office in Burien, but should you need emergency service, the following field teams are on call.

Madon Facility Services Burien Team Headquarters We are in the office at 206-666-6666 from Monday – Friday, 7. 30 am to 6.30 pm, and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. During evening and nighttime hours, an operator in our virtual office will answer your call and dispatch personnel as needed.

Madon Facility Services Renton Team For emergency repairs to your Renton restaurant, call 555-555-5100 any time. Madon Facility Services Maple Valley Team For emergency repairs to your Maple Valley restaurant, call 555-555-5200 any time. We have a wide variety of maintenance and repair experts on call. In the event that our Madon Facility Services personnel are too busy to handle your needs right away, we will make arrangements with our many contractors in the area to take care of your problem.

Our goal is to keep your business up and running at all times. Madon Facility Services maintains a small office staff at our headquarters in Burien, but the bulk of our employees are experienced equipment repair personnel and expert carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. We maintain a fleet of eight service vans, each equipped with cleaning and repair equipment. Burien Headquarters Location.

9200 Minor St Staff. 10 staff members clerical, bookkeeping, dispatchers Four vans are regularly dispatched from our headquarters. In this location, we also have a workshop in which we can make repairs and receive equipment for installation. Renton Office Location.

421 Baker Drive Staff. 2 office staff Two vans are regularly dispatched from this location. Maple Valley Office Location. 3301 Knight Street Staff.

2 office staff Two vans are regularly dispatched from this location. In all, Madon Facility Services employs 43 people who are on call to provide service for you. About us - Madon Facility Services is a family-owned business that has been around for more than 30 years. Our business is keeping you in business.

We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Madon Facility Services has won the coveted Top Service Business Award three times in the last five years. All Madon Facility Services employees have undergone background checks, and all our technicians are certified in their areas of specialization.

Products – We can help your business find the specialty products you need, and we can rent equipment to you when needed, too. Services – We specialize in restaurant facility maintenance. We can maintain and repair practically any piece of commercial restaurant equipment, and we are experts with all building systems HVAC, plumbing, electrical as well.

Madon Facility Services also handles renovations and remodels. When Madon Facility Services says that our personnel are well qualified, we mean it. Not only have all our technicians passed a thorough background check, but they also possess the following certifications. HVAC and Refrigeration Certifications Agency.

North American Technician Excellence NATE , WA State L&I Electrical Program License All our HVAC technicians have both HVAC certificates from NATE and electrical licenses. Many also have certifications in Refrigeration. Electrician Certifications Agency. WA State L&I Electrical Program License Our electricians have all passed state exams and received their electrician licenses.

As noted above, our HVAC Refrigeration technicians are also trained and licensed to handle most of your electrical needs. Plumber Certifications Agency. WA State L&I Plumber License Our plumbers have all passed state exams and received their plumber certificates.

Health Department Standards Familiarity Agency. County Health Departments All Madon Facility Services technicians who provide maintenance services for our restaurant clients are educated about the requirements for safe food handling. We can ensure that your facility will meet Health Department standards.

At Madon Facility Services, we understand that you need work done in an efficient manner. We will never send an unqualified technician to your business. The following are testimonials from some of our clients.

Madon Facility Services is dedicated to customer service and producing high quality work that meets the needs of our clients. When Madon Facility Services says they are a ‘one-stop shop,’ you’d better believe it. Quality Steakhouse Glenn Fletcher, Manager "We depend on Madon Services to keep our busy restaurant running. Haiku Japanese Grill Aidan and Allana Kawasaki, Owners "We had a grill fire in one of our restaurants that ruined our ventilation hood and did a lot of smoke damage to our kitchen.

Madon called in an emergency team that worked overnight; repairs were complete by the next afternoon". Wild West Welcome Saloon and Restaurant Quillan Fox, Owner "Madon takes care not only of our kitchen and dining area and restrooms, but also handles the lighting and sound systems for our stage. When Madon says they are a ‘one-stop shop,’ you’d better believe it". Fairhouse Buffet Nina Jansen, Manager "We were so impressed by Madon’s maintenance services that we also contracted with them to handle our recent remodel.

Everything turned out beautifully and on schedule".

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