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How to write your Manufacturing and Distribution Proposal

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The Manufacturing and Distribution of a Product Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the manufacturing and distribution of another companies product globally.

This is a good example to follow for anyone proposing a manufacturing or distribution project.

Anyone proposing a manufacturing or distribution project.

5. Customize the template with your information.

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Manufacturing and Distribution Sample Proposal

Manufacturing and Distribution Proposal

We have reviewed your product specifications and we are pleased to submit here our proposal for manufacturing and distributing your spice grinders. Altsat Global maintains offices in five countries to oversee manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes, and to handle all import export issues. You have great ideas; we make them into great products and deliver them to your customers.

All information and prices quoted in this proposal are valid for days from the date listed above. Altsat Global maintains offices in five countries to oversee manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes, and to handle all import export issues. You have great ideas; we make them into great products and deliver them to your customers. Contact us as soon as possible to lock in quoted prices and production schedules.

Altsat Global will oversee the manufacture of your spice grinder in China, using our manufacturing partner, Qwartz Manufacturing China, Ltd. in Guangdong Province, China. Qwartz has expertise in plastic molding and assembly of small electronic devices, including kitchen gadgets. We are an ISO certified manufacturer. Our materials come from trusted suppliers and all staff in our partner factories follow strict AQL guidelines, with multiple quality control checks at every step of the manufacturing and packaging process.

Based on your specifications, we can manufacture and package your spice grinder at the following prices based on number of units produced per manufacturing run. To ensure the success of this project, Altsat Global will be importing electrical cords to China and then exporting assembled and packaged spice grinders to locations around the world specified by Messon Kitchen Works. Although manufacturers are available in China to produce electrical cords, we have found that Swand Electric Ltd., of Manila, Philippines, produces electrical pieces of consistently better quality and lower price. Electrical cords and motors for spice grinders.

Country of Origin. Philippines. Shipped Via. TBD by Altsat Global – partial or complete containers on ships and trucks. We have imported to China from this company many times and anticipate no problems.

Costs of electrical components are included in the per unit price.

Imports to Other Countries

Final packaged spice grinders will be exported from China and imported to other countries as directed by Messon Kitchen Works. At this time, we understand that Messon has secured large orders with big warehouse companies in North America, companies that have primary warehouse locations in Atlanta, Georgia; Los Angeles, California; and Toronto, Canada. We have expertise in importing and exporting goods throughout the world and we anticipate no special issues with distribution. Shipped Via. TBD by Altsat Global – partial or complete containers on ships and trucks.

Costs will be determined by shipping destination, product quantities, and deadlines. Final goods packaged spice grinders will be exported from Shenzhen harbor, near the manufacturing facilities in China. Altsat maintains an office in Guangdong Province, China to expedite export import processes from China. We understand that at this time, Messon Kitchen Works has orders to deliver to the United States and Canada, but anticipates orders in other countries as well, most notably France and the United Kingdom.

Exporting from China to the United States

We are experts in efficiently distributing merchandise to all major ports within the United States. Our company is well known and trusted with U.S. Customs and other controlling agencies, and because we have an office in the United States, we serve as importing authority in that country.

Exporting from China to Canada

Altsat Global maintains an office in Toronto, Canada, so we will serve as importing authority in that country. We have expertise in distributing merchandise to all major ports within Canada. Our company has an established track record with the Canada Border Service Agency and other controlling agencies.

Exporting from China to Europe

Altsat Global has history of exporting wide variety of goods to destinations in Europe, so we anticipate smooth operations for distribution of orders there. We maintain no offices in Europe, so Altsat Global cannot serve as importing authority in European countries, but we routinely work with wide network of import export companies throughout the area. The spice graters will be packaged in individual cardboard boxes printed and supplied by our partner company, InBox China, which has reviewed your advertising copy and box design.

Outside Box – Flat cardboard, printed in black, white and red on outside per your specifications, bar code on back. Inside Box – Folding cardboard inserts with custom cutouts to hold grater securely in place and protect components. Booklet described below inserted down inner side of box.

As per your specifications, 5"x 6" ten page black and white booklet with the following pages will be printed and packed inside the package.

  • Cover
  • Diagram of Parts
  • Usage Instructions English
  • Usage Instructions Spanish
  • Usage Instructions – French
  • Warranty – English
  • Warranty – Spanish
  • Warranty – French
  • Blank back inner cover
  • Back cover with company logo

A sample of the box, booklet, and packaging materials will be included with your prototype for final approval. See the Prototyping page for details. Altsat Global can handle all your distribution needs, whether it is from the factories in China to major ports, or from ports to other customer locations within countries.

We have affiliate offices worldwide to expedite shipping and import export services.

United States

We routinely import good into and export goods from the United States, including Alaska and Hawa. We also work with our shipping, trucking, and railroad affiliates to move shipments to any location within the United States. We are experts in working with all the ‘big box’ companies in the U.S. Contact information for our U.S. office.


We routinely ship from other countries to Canada, and we also work with our trucking and railroad affiliates to move shipments to any location within Canada. Contact information for our Canada office.

Other Countries

Altsat Global maintains offices in China, the Philippines, and Mexico to assist companies with distribution around the globe. We have broad network of partner experts in distribution, transportation, and import export services to facilitate moving goods between countries or within country. Altsat Global is an international company, with offices in the United States, China, the Philippines, Canada, and Mexico. We work with wide network of manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Because salaries are much lower in other countries, manufacturing in areas outside the United States drastically reduces the cost of producing your merchandise. Altsat will manage all outsourced subcontractors, and the costs we pay to them are included in our contracts. We propose to use the following affiliates to produce the following materials for your spice grinder.

Molded Plastic Top and Bottom Pieces of Spice Grinder

Molds to be tooled and produced per your specifications by Qwartz Manufacturing China, Ltd., of Guangdong Province, China. This factory specializes in plastic manufacturing and assembly of small electronics devices.

Power Cord and Grinder Motor

To be produced per your specifications by Swand Electric Ltd., of Manila, Philippines. Altsat has worked with this subcontractor for years. They have stellar record of quality control and on time delivery.

Packaging and Instructional Booklet

To be produced per your specifications by Inbox China, of Guangdong Province, China. Inbox China has over decade of experience doing customized packaging and printing for companies around the world. Inbox China will do no translation; the company will receive all copy wording and designs from Messon Kitchen Works via email and return the final layout for approval before printing.

After acceptance of this proposal and payment of the setup fee, we will create and ship to you working prototype of your spice grinder, packaged and labeled exactly as it will be shipped to stores. This prototype will serve as quality control and allow you to make any final changes needed before large manufacturing runs begin. The prototype will be shipped to Brian Hastings at your company headquarters in New Orleans, LA, unless we are informed otherwise. You may request additional samples at $5.00 USD per sample, plus shipping costs.

Manufacturing can begin as soon as two weeks days after the prototype has been approved, providing that raw materials are available. Final assembly and packaging can begin as soon as parts provided by others see Imports are available for final assembly.

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