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How to write your Motivational Speaker Proposal

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Anyone offering their own personalized services.

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Motivational Speaker Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Daniella Amberslee is Available to Speak at Your Retreat

Thank you for inquiring about my availability to present at your Upward Curve event next year. I am happy to say that I currently have time in my schedule and would be pleased to do a keynote speech and or lead a workshop. I believe you’ll find all the information you need in this proposal. If you decide that you’d like to retain me for your retreat, please contact me as soon as possible.

My speaking schedule is filling up fast. Daniella Amberslee Motivational Speaker, Author. Daniella Amberslee was born into poverty, and her early years were marked by violence and neglect in her home.

When Daniella was seven years old and her younger sister was four, the fights between her parents abruptly ended when her father killed her mother in a drunken rage. With their mother dead and their father in prison, the Amberslee girls ended up in the foster care system and were placed in different homes. Daniella was shuttled between five foster homes until she aged out of the system on her eighteenth birthday. There was rarely encouragement to stay in school, let alone get a real education.

Most of Daniella’s childhood was spent simply fighting to stay alive. How can a child overcome that sort of past. Daniella was determined to make a different life for herself.

She wanted that education. She wanted respect. She wanted to make a decent living and be an independent woman. She wanted a happy life.

So she set out to get all that. Today, she is Dr. Daniella Amberslee, a tenured professor of Psychology at Stanford University, and the celebrated author of From the Street to Stanford, an inspirational biography of her journey to a fulfilling life. Daniella wants to share her message of learning to leave the past behind, daring to hope, and finding the inner strength to achieve dreams, no matter how large the obstacles may be in life. She is the perfect choice for a keynote speaker and will set exactly the right tone for your retreat.

Motivation is the desire or drive to behave or act in a certain way to achieve one or more goals. That’s what Daniella talks about—how to get motivated and stay motivated to change your life for the better. Here are the high points that Daniella’s speech will encompass.

Identifying the obstacles to overcome Daniella will describe the childhood horrors she endured and the environment she lived in, and how these affected her desire to change her life. Forgiving and forgetting the past It’s common for people who struggled as children to become stuck in the past. Daniella’s speech will help listeners understand how to move beyond grief, frustration, and anger.

Planning the journey forward Attendees will feel encouraged to identify their own paths as Daniella describes how she broke down her grand plan to change her life into smaller achievable steps. Celebrating achievements along the way Every accomplishment deserves a celebration. Listeners will smile as Daniella describes how she kept herself motivated and happy during her life-improvement journey.

What’s next after success. Sometimes achieving a big dream does not bring lifelong happiness. Daniella will inspire the audience by describing how to find joy in every day and maintain a happy, fulfilling life. All those who hear Daniella Amberslee speak come away feeling empowered to change their lives for the better.

Your organization is in the business of teaching people how to help themselves through personal growth. Hiring Daniella Amberslee to speak at your event will promote the benefits of attending a Upward Curve event in the following ways. Daniella’s Story of Personal Growth Will Inspire Others Don’t we all want our lives to be more successful. Daniella is an expert at making an audience feel that happiness and success are attainable goals for anyone.

Personal Growth Leads to Improved Mental and Physical Health It’s a fact. Individuals who are motivated and feel a sense of self-esteem use fewer medical services, take fewer drugs, are less likely to become addicted to gambling or substances, and are in general happier, more productive people. Personal Growth is Good for Both Business and Individuals Individuals who feel a sense of self-worth also feel empowered to take on new challenges.

Whether they are line workers or managers, employees who have experienced personal growth are more responsible and innovative contributors in the workplace. Personal Growth Also Grows Your Business Everyone wants to feel happier, and everyone wants to be inspired to achieve his or her dreams. Self-help seminars, workshops, and retreats are a growth industry.

One successful inspirational lecture can lead to a whole series of seminars for personal growth. Daniella Amberslee and Upward Curve are both in the business of teaching others how to grow their sense of self-worth and esteem and get motivated to achieve their goals. Let’s team up.

Daniella Amberslee is a well-known, in-demand speaker for keynote events. She has addressed nearly a thousand gatherings over the past five years, spreading her message of determination and joy to businesses, charitable institutions, and gatherings of individuals. With her history of overcoming adversity and rising to the pinnacle of respect and personal success, Daniella can identify with all challenges and goals presented by any audience. Through self-motivation and a desire for a better life, Daniella has risen from a childhood of neglect, poverty, and violence to become a university professor, a bestselling author, and a happy wife and mother.

"From Street Kid to Stanford Professor. How I Achieved My Dreams and How You Can, Too". Daniella will describe her history, how she determined what she wanted, how she set about achieving her goals, and how she overcame all challenges to rise to success. The audience will easily understand how Daniella’s experiences compare to their own and how they can design and follow their own paths to a better future.

With advance notice, Daniella can modify her speech as needed to take between 30 to 60 minutes of time. If desired, photographs and targeted text such as bullet points can be used for visual impact as well. Ready to book Daniella for your event.

She is available for the following. Keynote Speech See the Keynote Speaker page earlier in this proposal for more information. Goal Setting Seminar Daniella has taught more than 80 seminars on how to set realistic, achievable goals to move toward the successful outcome desired.

Motivation Seminar What are the best strategies for motivating yourself or others, and how do you keep that motivation strong over the course of time. Daniella has developed proven techniques that she will share in this popular seminar. Forgive, Forget, and Move On Seminar Without help, a harmful past event or history can become a lifelong roadblock to success for some individuals.

In this seminar, Daniella will share her thoughts and techniques for ditching the past, embracing the present, and planning for the future. Daniella’s seminars are designed to be two-hour sessions, but can be modified as desired for lengthier presentations. Notebooks of all important points will be distributed to the attendees.

Of course, the venue and the theme of events are of great importance to Daniella. She will dress to fit in and make subtle changes in her speeches to match the atmosphere in which she is presenting. Daniella generally requires a stage and a portable microphone for her presentations.

Daniella has addressed groups as small as 65 and as large as 872. For larger crowds, the height of the stage, the quality of the sound system, and lighting can all be important factors in making a successful presentation. It’s helpful for Daniella to understand the general layout of the room in which she will be presenting so that she knows how much to move onstage in order to make contact with the entire audience. Daniella will require transportation between your event venue and the nearest airport, and depending on timing, may also require hotel accommodations.

Daniella Amberslee is a motivational speaker who can inspire any crowd in a variety of venues. You’ll find her to be a consummate professional and very easy to work with. Daniella Amberslee is willing to present at any or all of the following events.

Keynote Speech – Opening Night Date. July 10, 20xx, 7-8 pm Inspirational welcoming speech during the opening evening dinner. Afternoon Workshop Date.

July 11 or 12, 20xx 1-3 pm Daniella could present any of her three seminars in this time frame. Goal Setting; Motivation; or Forgive, Forget, Move On. Closing Dinner Speech Date.

July 13, 20xx, 7-8 pm Inspirational speech encouraging the audience to continue on their journey of personal growth after leaving the retreat. See Bookings and Fee Structure in this proposal for more information. Daniella looks forward to working with your committee to make your retreat the most inspirational and exciting event it can be.

Reservation and Cancellation policy. Daniella is a highly sought-after speaker. One half of the fee listed above will be due upon reserving time in her schedule for your event, and is nonrefundable. In the unlikely event that she is unable to speak for a reserved event, only her travel costs already expended if any will be charged.

If the event organizer cancels the event for any reason, the full fee listed above will be due. Daniella Amberslee has the following credentials and awards. Professor of Psychology Institution, Stanford University. What makes Daniella Amberslee’s story so unique and inspirational.

Her background, of course. Here are a few details you may find interesting. Daniella Amberslee’s childhood was touched by violence and poverty.

She often lived in an atmosphere of confusion, neglect and abuse. Despite, or perhaps because of Daniella’s childhood, she was determined to get an education and improve her life. By working her way through school and earning a variety of scholarships, Daniella earned a B.A., a Master’s degree, and a Ph.D. Daniella has performed many jobs during the course of her life.

Having been employed as a waitress and home care aide during her road to college graduation, she understands the hardships of the working poor. She is currently employed as a professor at Stanford University. Daniella’s autobiography, From the Street to Stanford, is a bestseller on many national lists, and has also won the prestigious Outstanding Biography award. Daniella Amberslee lives in Ladera, CA, with her professor husband, their two teen children and a foster child, two cats, a three-legged dog, and a parakeet.

Hundreds of organizations have hired Daniella Amberslee to present at their events. Thousands of people have attended Daniella’s talks and workshops and come away inspired and motivated to make plans to achieve their dreams. Here are a few of the hundreds of endorsements Daniella has received.

Marcella Leeson, Imagination to Implementation Seminars "Daniella Amberslee has presented one of her workshops every year for the five years we have been in existence. Daniella continually receives the highest ratings of our conference for her presentations. We wouldn’t be the success we are without Daniella Amberslee". Jay Hawa, Northwest Organization of Social Workers "Daniella has consistently inspired our members to give their best to the communities they work in.

She’s a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication and hard work". Salie Claseman, Association of School Counselors "Daniella’s story is remarkable and inspirational and had everyone excited for months after her presentation. We’ll definitely have her back to speak again".

Zack Newton, Conference Attendee "I’ll never forget Daniella’s seminar at the conference. I’ve had a hard life, too, but after listening to her I was motivated to forget the post and move on to change my future. I’ve made more progress in the last six months than I had in the previous five years, and it’s all due to Daniella Amberslee".

Angie Nguyen, Conference Attendee "I am both a student and a teacher, and Daniella has motivated me to be the best I can be in both roles. Her message is all about hope for the future and making real plans to achieve your dreams".

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