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How to write your Music DJ Proposal

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Proposal Pack Events #5 Title Page

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Proposal Pack Events #5 Body Page
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The Music DJ Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a music DJ entertainment business to a client.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering entertainment and event services to clients.

Used by music dj's, entertainers, party and event planners. Used by anyone offering services to a client.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Music DJ Sample Proposal - The Narrative

DJ Services by XMDD

No matter what sort of celebration you’re planning we’d love to help you make music for your event. Please call us today for quote. Let’s get the party started.

XMDD Company offers services for the following events. Wedding Receptions Whether you want your reception to be serene and sophisticated or rockin’ and rollin’ we can keep your event on track by playing the appropriate music and providing just the right tone in master of ceremony service. We even dress the part. It’s your special day; just tell us what you’re dreaming of and we will deliver.

Corporate Functions Want to host the perfect event to impress prospective clients investors or partners. Music can create the atmosphere and help you close the deal. We have performed at cocktail parties fundraisers auctions and even annual corporate meetings. No matter what sort of tone you want to set we can accommodate with our music selections.

Parties Parties Parties

Nobody likes to party more than we do. Naturally we’re knowledgeable about all types of music but did you know that we’re into costumes and themes too. So if you’re looking for couple of clowns for kids’ party call us. We do pirates, monsters and starship crews too.

Or if you’re having an adult theme party such as Renaissance Faire or the Roaring Twenties we can put together an appropriate playlist and wear the right costumes. We know how to make any celebration—engagement bar mitzvah christening birthday anniversary you name it—a truly special event. And of course we know how to put on parties for all the holidays—Christmas New Year’s Valentine’s Day Easter Fourth of July just to name few.

We know how to keep your party moving. We’re imaginative and happy to help your vision—no matter how far out it may be—come true. In this digital age sound equipment no longer needs to be heavy and bulky.

The following equipment all fits easily into our van and it will easily fit into your event space too. Digitial Music Library This is really software not hardware and is our whole reason for existence. Our digital music library contains thousands of musical selections from which to choose.

You can browse our library from the internet; just give us call and we’ll send you the password of the day to get in and take the tour. If you want to set up your own playlist we can arrange for you to record and queue up your choices there. Or you can just tell us the categories you’d like to include and we’ll do all the computer planning work for you. Speakers We have variety of state of the art speakers that we employ depending on the sound desired and the size of the room.

The music can be booming or subdued. It’s your call. Digital DJ Box This is basically giant computer where we program and control our digital music library. This piece of equipment can also play and record CDs so we can always throw new piece of music into the mix when requested.

Lights We always bring the basic lights we need to work by but if you want no holds barred dance party we can provide light show as well as the tunes. All effects from strobes to jumping lasers are possible but must be scheduled in advance as we may need to rent special equipment. Backup Equipment It’s sad fact that electronics often fail.

But even if that happens your event will go on as scheduled. We always carry sufficient backup equipment to keep the party moving. Naturally you’d like to see and hear samples of our work. The following recordings are available for you to view—just give us call and we’ll send you DVD.

XMDD Wedding Receptions Selections from five different wedding receptions. We provided master of ceremony services for four of these; in the fifth instance the father of the bride did emcee duties and we stayed behind the scenes keeping the music flowing. You’ll see that we can be as up front or as low key as you want. Corporate Events Selections from one formal cocktail party and one informal celebration business conference and an annual meeting.

Music varies from classical to classic rock and emcee performances from none to XM at his comedic best. With XMDD at your event business does not have to be boring. Holidays Selections from Christmas Halloween and New Year’s parties.

From classy to corny you’ll witness us as we wear variety of costumes and show how to keep the holiday spirits high. Parties Selections from bar mitzvah child’s birthday party an anniversary party and ‘just because’ party. You’ll notice that we can serve as organizers and hosts or be nearly invisible—just that great ‘band’ playing in the corner.

The following are testimonials from few of our clients. George Tobin Groom Wedding "Most wedding receptions are dull dull dull. But ours was blast thanks to XM and DD.

We had sixties music theme and XM and DD showed up in full hippie regalia. XM was an incredible emcee. He even had my grouchy Uncle Max laughing and got my shy Mom out on the dance floor.

Watch the video of George and Sandra’s Wedding on the Wedding Sample DVD and you’ll wish you’d been there. Alma Zenos Conference Manager Aerospace Design Conference "Who knew that business conference could be so much fun. On whim we decided to do Hollywood theme for our conference. We hired XMDD to provide music and emcee services and they recommended their cohorts Linster Looks to handle the decorations and printing of brochures and schedules.

All the attendees felt like they were being honored at an awards ceremony instead of attending dry conference. The energy was amazing. Sage Langley Mom Monster Birthday Party "When my son Preston requested music and monsters for his 10th birthday party was stumped—how do those go together.

But actually as XMDD proved to me there are an amazing number of songs about monsters and ghosts and scary things. DD made an incredible vampire and XM was pretty scary mummy. Check out the video of Preston’s Monster Party on the Parties Sample DVD and you’ll see how screaming dancing and fun can all come together at an XMDD kids’ event.

Can’t wait to see how they’re going to handle my daughter’s ‘Princess Party’ request."

Who is XMDD Company. Xavier Mason and Danna Davies that’s who. We are two experienced music professionals who just happened to fall in love and get married.

Since we’ve been playing music together with our new company. Find out little of our personal and professional histories by reading about us below. Xavier Mason Xavier Mason better known as XM in the industry hosted the afternoon rock session on Baltimore’s most popular radio station from 2001 2005 and also worked during that time as regular spinner on the rap party circuit in the area. His personal faves are classic rock tunes and golden oldies but he knows music of all genres.

His mother is violinist with the Baltimore Symphony and his father plays saxophone on the local Baltimore jazz scene so XM grew up with music in his pores. XM has also made quite name for himself with his comedic imitations of celebrities and politicians. Danna Davies Danna Davies usually called DeeDee served as morning host from 2000 2003 for Washington DC station that specialized in New Age and Classical music. From there she moved on to larger station with focus on country rock and folk music hosting from 2003 2006.

She’s gal that appreciates all forms of music. If she sounds familiar to you that’s because DeeDee’s also sought after voice actor often heard in local commercials. She can serve up tunes and emcee events in any tone from urban sophisticate to country chic.

How to Contact Us XMDD Company Atomic Road Suite Baltimore MD.

Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

Proposal Pack Wizard is the BEST software for allowing busy professionals to focus on their sales growth rather than cutting and pasting proposals constantly. From one week to one hour proposal preparation time!! It has saved me hundreds of hours!"

Kevin Tart
Integrated Systems Sales Executive at SimplexGrinnell

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8 Pages

There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Cover Letter, Title Page, Samples, Equipment, About Us, Services Provided, Testimonials, Back Page.

There are 200 complete sample proposals including this one in each Proposal Pack

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Samples can be created in any Proposal Pack design theme

This sample was created with Proposal Pack Events #5. To change the visual look purchase any Proposal Pack and this sample will be created in that design theme.

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