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How to write your Wedding Planner Services Proposal

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Proposal Pack Wedding #5 Title Page

Proposal Pack Wedding #5 Body Page
Proposal Pack Wedding #5 Body Page
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Used by wedding planners and event planners. Used by anyone offering services to a client.

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Wedding Planner Services Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Wedding Planning Services

Congratulations on your engagement. Thank you for contacting us about the possibility of coordinating your upcoming wedding. We would be thrilled to be part of your special day. We have twelve years experience coordinating weddings and providing memorable stress free events.

Should you decide to contract with us we will make sure that you are able to take part in all the fun decisions regarding your wedding without having to worry about the often stressful particulars. From the moment you become our client we look out for your best interests from contracting out for better prices to making sure every last detail comes together when it is supposed to. You mentioned that your wedding will take place next June and that you might be interested in an outdoor wedding. We are available to help during that time period but June is typically very busy month and the weekends book quickly.

We encourage you to place deposit soon so that we may set aside date for you reserve your location and begin planning. We want to make sure your day is everything you imagined and more. We are experts at creatively combining all the aspects of wedding to make sure it reflects your unique wishes and your personality. Our goal is to create wedding that could only be uniquely yours.

We have references on file that we would be glad to provide for you. We would welcome you to come to our storefront office to view portfolios and to talk more about your wedding. Attached is list of common services we coordinate but we can plan and coordinate any custom wedding that you can dream of.

Please give us call if you have any questions. We want to make sure your day is everything you imagined and more. We are experts at creatively combining all the aspects of wedding to make sure it reflects your unique wishes and your personality. Our goal is to create wedding that could only be uniquely yours.

We have references on file that we would be glad to provide for you. We would welcome you to come to our storefront office to view portfolios and to talk more about your wedding. Attached is list of common services we coordinate but we can plan and coordinate any custom wedding that you can dream of. Please give us call if you have any questions.

Katrina's Weddings is full service all inclusive wedding planning organization. We strive to make wedding planning fun and stress free and to make your wedding day the happy celebration that you envisioned. Here's what you can expect from us.

Your wedding planner will be available from start to finish. You will be assigned one wedding planner to help you create the wedding of your dreams. This person will provide all the choices and suggestions you could possibly need and will then execute your instructions down to the last detail. We are here for you.

We handle all the contacts and contracts. We will handle reserving your wedding venue and booking and paying the caterer photographer minister musicians restaurants florists and any other contractors. You will be apprised of the total bill for each of your selections along the way. We handle all scheduling and setup.

We will schedule all the required parties for each meeting and we will make sure that each venue is set up and decorated according to your wishes. Everything will be in order when you arrive. We handle all cleanup. We will do everything required to restore the wedding venue to its original condition.

We will return any rentals such as furniture dinnerware and even clothing rentals. No surprises. We promise to keep you apprised of any changes and adjustments that must be made along the way.

Our goal is to give you what you want and expect with no surprise substitutions for your selections or additions to your final bill.

The Objective

You want to have wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life. Beautifully decorated location for the wedding and reception. Professional photos and video of the wedding and reception.

Music and food for the wedding reception.

The Opportunity

Katrina’s Weddings has planned and coordinated dream weddings for more than clients. Katrina works with you to plan your dream wedding and reception. Katrina takes care of all the arrangements from sending out the invitations to booking the location and ordering the cake and flower arrangements. On your wedding day Katrina makes sure all elements are in place at the appointed times.

All you have to do is say "I do".

The Solution

You decide exactly what you want for your special day and then let Katrina’s Weddings handle the details for you. Choose the elements you want us to handle from the enclosed Features and Price List. Sit down with Katrina to create customized plan for your big day.

Katrina stays in touch every step of the way to make sure that all your dreams come true on your wedding day. Katrina's Weddings is full service wedding planning company. We offer all of the following services. Selecting and reserving all venues for ceremonies receptions and rehearsal dinners.

We know all the local possibilities and we always have creative suggestions to offer. See the Venues page for more information. Arranging for catering and entertainment. As well as helping you select and arrange for the wedding cake and wedding music we can arrange for meals appetizers and drinks of all kinds.

We can also arrange for emcees musicians and other entertainment. See the Catering and Entertainment pages for some suggestions. Contracting with local dressmakers and retailers to outfit the wedding party. If you need dresses made to order we know how to get it done.

If you prefer to select from the racks we know where to take you and how to get the best prices for you. Selecting and printing engagement announcements invitations programs napkins itineraries and instructions place cards and thank you notes. We'll provide catalog with hundreds of designs from which to choose and we'll make sure everything gets printed and delivered on time and within your budget.

Contracting with photographers and videographers to memorialize your special day We know all the local experts who can be trusted to deliver. Transportation Services Want limo or horse drawn carriage to drive you from the ceremony to the reception. We can arrange it. We can also handle shuttling your guests from place to place.

Just ask. See the Transportation page for more details. Security Services When you need to keep the paparazzi away we will contract with security personnel to make sure that only your guests enjoy your celebration.

See the Security page for more information. Honeymoon Packages We can even help you arrange for the perfect getaway after your wedding. See the Destinations page for some romantic suggestions.

Katrina’s provides full service wedding planning and coordination. We can create or coordinate flawless wedding so that you can enjoy the process without stress. Following is list of the features we can plan for coordinate and or provide. You may choose any combination of features or full package.

Location – Whether you choose to get married in church at hall or outdoors we can coordinate everything to work smoothly. From writing contracts and service agreements to making sure the location is prepared beforehand and cleaned after we take care of all the details. Ceremony – We have experience coordinating many different types of ceremonies from traditional to modern to eclectic.

We feel that your ceremony should be reflection of you and we go to great lengths to make sure this event is more than what you expected. We help create unique ceremonies and coordinate between the minister musicians and your wedding party. Flowers – There are three florists we typically contract with to provide you better price and beautiful fresh flowers.

We have never been disappointed in their work and we have portfolios of many of their arrangements. We can work with you to order standard packages or custom arrangements of your choice. Music – We offer to help find musicians whether you want soloist string quartet or rock band. We help from beginning to end from choosing music to writing contracts to coordinating rehearsals.

If you are unsure what choice to make we have sample performance tracks from many of the musicians we have worked with in the past. Catering – Contracting with caterer planning menu and getting final tallies can be very time consuming and stressful job for you. Let us take care of it. We can help plan menu that meets your budget.

Cake – We have an extensive portfolio of wedding cakes that you can choose from or we can help you create custom design. From the flavor of the cake to the decoration on top we can help you choose cake that reflects your personality. Photography – We have four local photographers who we typically contract with.

We have portfolios of their work and we can help you choose which photographer would best meet your particular needs. We work with the photographers to create list of the people you want in the pictures to the particular events you want preserved. Videography – There are two local videographers we contract with.

Each does fabulous job of taping the wedding and the reception. Both offer packages for custom editing and creation of DVDs. We have samples of their work for you to preview.

Following is basic schedule that must be followed for each wedding. Specific dates and times will be set at our initial planning meeting. To ensure availability of key personnel and preferred locations it's ideal to begin the planning process six months before the wedding. Note that these are only the major milestones in the planning process.

The complexity of your wedding may require many phone calls and minor appointments that do not appear on this list. Initial Planning Meeting – Minimum of eight weeks before wedding At this meeting we will determine the date and appropriate venue for your wedding as well as making many other decisions. We will draw up contract delineating your choices so that your day will be exactly what you want. Retainer of approximately 50% of the total cost will be required at this time.

Selection of dresses and suits for all wedding party members – Minimum of six weeks before wedding In order for dresses to be constructed or fitted and reservations made for men's tuxedos and other items all items of clothing for the wedding party must be selected at this time. Basic color choices may also determine other items such as linens flowers table decorations and so forth. Katrina's Office or local wedding salon. Meeting with caterer and florist – Minimum of four weeks before wedding At this meeting we will select food cakes and flowers for the wedding.

The caterer and florist may provide samples and photos for your consideration. Final fittings for wedding party – Minimum of three weeks before wedding Every member of the wedding party must try on the items they will wear during the wedding so that tailors may make any adjustments needed. Katrina's Office or local bridal salon. Inspection of wedding venue and meeting with the minister photographer and videographer – Minimum of two weeks before wedding It's important to see the site where you will be married and to approve the arrangements of seats tables stages decorations and so forth.

The minister or official who will perform your wedding should also be present to agree on where everyone will be positioned workout any details about the ceremony to be performed. You'll also confer with the photographer videographer about the locations and types of photos or videos to be taken. Your selected wedding venue.

Wedding rehearsal & dinner – One to two days before the wedding The wedding party will step through their roles so that everyone will feel comfortable with what will happen on the big day. After the rehearsal the wedding party and other invitees will celebrate with traditional rehearsal dinner. Your selected wedding venue rehearsal and then the restaurant or catered venue of your choice. Wedding Finally the big day.

Everything will be in place and perfect. Your selected wedding venue. Reception After the wedding it's time to really celebrate with big party. This can be as formal or informal as you want it to be.

Your selected reception venue. You may want to hold your wedding ceremony at your family home or church or even in local park. We can work with nearly any venue to make it exactly what you want.

If you don't already have venue in mind here are few that we routinely interact with for you to consider. Heavenly Souls Chapel. A lovely old wooden building originally built as theatre in with ornate carvings and wonderful acoustics.

Old Library Great Room at the University. This huge room was originally the university library but now is rental hall. It is spacious and tastefully appointed with plush gray carpeting and beautiful wood details in walls and furniture. Payton Park Pavilion.

For outdoor weddings this is one of the prettiest settings you could ask for. Capacity in the pavilion is only but people standing around it have good hearing and sight of the ceremony.

Lakeview Yacht Club Dining Hall

This huge room has fantastic view of the marina and can serve as the location for the rehearsal dinner the wedding ceremony or the reception or all three. 300 to 500 depending on whether dance floor is used as seating area. The following churches also are available for weddings when not in use for services.

  • All Souls Unitarian Universalist
  • First Christian
  • United Methodist
  • Saint Mary's Cathedral
  • Main Street Jewish Temple
  • Sikh Temple
  • Baha'i Faith Meeting Hall

We can also recommend many restaurants and clubs for rehearsal dinners and receptions. Do you want casual rehearsal dinner with burgers and beer keg. Glamorous reception with several gourmet cakes multi course meal and full service bar.

Do you have particular theme in mind. We can deliver for you. We've organized all sorts of rehearsal dinners and receptions with themes that range from ultra elegant to biker barbeques. Yes you read that right.

Our caterers have also created Hawa an luaus German Oktoberfests Italian extravaganzas and even Roaring Twenties celebrations. We will share our recommendations for caterers who specialize in the menus you want and we'll help you select menus items. We want everyone to have great time at your function so we're happy to accommodate special needs. Below are just few categories of consumers we are accustomed to serving.

We also welcome your suggestions and your recipes. Diabetic Guests We can serve whole grain pastas with no sugar added tomato sauce and breads cakes and cobblers made with whole grains and sugar substitute instead of sugar. Guests on Gluten Free Diet Simply let us know that you wish to accommodate these guests and we will not add thickeners containing gluten to any meat seafood or vegetable dish. We can also supply breads and desserts made with rice flour potato starch and tapioca flours.

Guests with Allergies The most common allergies to food are wheat nuts tree nuts fish shellfish soy eggs and dairy products. We can prepare foods and adapt recipes so that none of these ingredients are included. Vegan and Vegetarian Guests Most of our vegetarian dishes do not include dairy products but we can easily label those that do for our vegan customers.

Many of our vegetable dishes are favorites of vegans vegetarians and omnivores alike. Most weddings include at minimum music during the wedding ceremony. This could be live or recorded music as serene or as raucous as you'd like it to be.

Your rehearsal dinner and your reception can also be as lavish as you want with live musicians an emcee or DJ comedians magicians or other performers—whatever you can dream up we can supply. You may have favorite musical group in mind but if you don't we are happy to make recommendations for you. We have sample CDs and DVDs you can borrow to help you make your selections.

For your consideration here are few local groups we routinely work with. Dat Noise DJs This organization provides DJ services and wide variety of recorded music. They can provide packages that range from classical selections to golden oldies to rock and roll.

The DJs are willing and able to serve as very entertaining emcees on request. They can even appear in costume if desired. Soulful String Quartet This group specializes in classical selections but their range extends to more lively Celtic selections as well. Yo Mama's Rock Band This group of five performs vocals and instrumentals that date from the 1960s to the 1990s.

They also have few entertaining dance numbers they can perform on request. Haywood's Hoedown As you might guess from their name this group of six performs vocals and instrumentals from classic country and country rock. One member is also an experienced caller for square dances and contra dances. Martinson Family Entertainers The Martinsons are unique family that specialize in local entertainment and emcee services.

Jacob Martinson and his son Evan are talented comedians; wife Tammy is an amazing magician and daughter in law Misty is gracious singer and emcee. Are you looking for special destination for your honeymoon. Here are few that our clients have raved about. We'd be happy to arrange the honeymoon of your dreams for you.

WhirlWind Resort Grand Bahama Island This romantic beach resort is perfect for active couples. The resort offers snorkeling wind surfing scuba diving and sailing expeditions and hosts two night clubs for nights of music and dancing. Rockaway Hideaway Roatan Honduras If you want tranquil setting on the ocean you can't get any more peaceful or beautiful than the island of Roatan.

You'll enjoy sunsets from your cabana set on stilts above the turquoise waters. Snorkel scuba dive kayak or just lounge in your hammock. You can also enjoy expeditions to archaeological sites in Belize or mainland Honduras.

Forever Mountains Resort Wyoming Cuddle in your own private cabin in this amazing resort. Enjoy horseback riding in summer sk ng in winter or simply relax in your hot tub and soak in the incredible view. Golden Hills Ozark Resort Arkansas You might not think of Arkansas for your honeymoon but staying here is real treat. Set among the beautiful Ozark Hills amid waterfalls and thick forests this venue is the perfect pick for couples with limited travel time or budgets.

Secret Canyon Guest Ranch Idaho This is our local favorite. You'll have your own cozy cabin at this resort. Depending on the season you can wander the hills on foot or snowshoes float down river go horseback riding or simply relax and enjoy the gourmet food and lovely ambience. Near Bonner's Ferry Idaho.

The destinations described above are only few of the ones we can recommend. If you have particular area of the country or of the world in mind we can help you find the ideal location for your honeymoon. Everyone deserves to have wonderful time at your wedding.

We want to take care of any special needs of the wedding party or the guests. We're happy to accommodate any of the following special needs. Wheelchairs or crutches We know which venues are convenient and easy for this group to use and we can arrange for transportation as needed.

Hearing impairments We can provide assisted listening devices or sign language interpreters. Just ask. Vision impairments We can arrange for announcements invitations and thank you cards in large print or Braille.

Dietary restrictions Our caterers can provide whole menus or individual items that are gluten free sugar free and free of common allergens such as peanuts. See the Catering page for more information. No wedding would be complete without gifts. However so as not to end up with duplicate items or items you don't need we recommend suggesting list of possible gifts that your guests can purchase for you at gift registry.

We can give you catalogs from all the popular stores to help you make your gift list. Katrina's Weddings will be happy to set up gift registries for you at any or all of the following popular stores. We can also coordinate with any other stores you suggest.

Will your guests need transportation to and from the airport. Do you want to travel from the wedding ceremony to the reception in horse drawn carriage. We can arrange the transportation services you need and we can decorate or disguise the vehicle as much as you wish. Some of the options we can provide are as follows.

Limousine Service We can provide chauffeured limousine service on any route you choose. Limousines of different sizes and styles are available for your comfort. Convertibles In warm weather we often receive requests for convertible vehicles.

We can arrange for classic models or the most current styles. Secure Transportation For high profile ceremonies or transportation of dignitaries we can arrange for secure vehicles and trained bodyguard services. Several vehicle types are available.

Horse drawn Carriages You'll feel like royalty riding in horse drawn carriage. You can specify different sizes and types of carriages as well as two horse or four horse team. Helicopters Yes we've even arranged for the wedding party to arrive by helicopter.

Other Special Transportation We can arrange for sky diving drops hot air balloons dogsleds or sleighs in wintertime and so forth—your travel method is limited only by your imagination. We're here to make your wildest dreams come true. We know how to handle high profile weddings. We can ensure that your wedding remains private and that all your guests are safe.

Katrina's Weddings can provide the following. Security Guards We contract with local authorities to provide security guards for parking lots and building entrances. You may specify whether you would prefer guards in uniforms or dressed more formally as hired ushers. Body Guards If you need the utmost personal security we can work with local bodyguard service to provide round the clock armed personal protection.

Secure Transportation Our limo service can provide secure transportation with experienced driver guards to take you wherever you want to go. You’re in charge. Simply select the elements you want us to handle. Most prices are quoted in ranges because your wedding is your individual event.

It can be as simple or as lavish as you want it to be. After we sit down together to plan for your special day we’ll quote you exact prices. Researching appropriate locations for your approval $35 hour. Booking location fee includes standard contract $125 location.

Location preparation decorating and prepping location for ceremony or reception. Location cleanup removal of all decorations & trash restoration to original condition.


Researching officiant minister rabbi other for your approval $35 hour. Booking officiant $35 officiant. Flowers see brochure photos.

Simply Elegant package $359. Lush Beauty package $550. Flowers Forever package $725.

Custom packages $350 to $1200.


Researching musicians for your approval $35 hour. Booking musicians includes standard contract $55 group. Catering see menu listings.

Three course dinner $27 to $39 person. Five course dinner $45 to $63 person. Party trays $42 to 79 per tray.

Three layer cake with traditional decoration $450. Five layer cake with tradition decoration $525. Custom cake – three layers $575 to $650. Custom cake – five layers $$700 to $825.


Standard package $1895. Deluxe package $2500.


60 minutes $590. 90 minutes $725. The following are testimonials from some of our clients and selected photos from their celebrations are used with their permission.

Tony and Sandra Maldaco "Our wedding could not have been more fun or more picture perfect. We wanted medieval theme for the wedding and reception and Katrina's Weddings executed our wishes down to the last detail. Check out the photos. Beau Thompson and Becca George "Our families are both rather formal so we wanted very traditional classic ceremony and reception.

Everything was beautiful and we enjoyed our day so much because Katrina's Weddings took care of all the details. Paul and Katie Spears "We had only modest budget to work with but we were new to the area and we needed help. Katrina's Weddings delivered the enjoyable affordable wedding we wanted.

We even had band and everyone danced at our reception. At Katrina's Weddings we're proud of our staff. We are all experienced creative organizers who are accustomed to directing all aspects of wedding planning.

You will be assigned personal wedding planner from among the following staff members. Katrina Dwyer As you might guess Katrina oversees all operations here at Katrina's Weddings. But she still likes to participate first hand by planning few high profile and specialty weddings each year.

Katrina has more than years experience in delivering wedding bliss to happy couples. Stephanie Amberson Stephanie comes to us from an art gallery and banquet background so it should come as no surprise that her specialty is classic formal weddings. Patrick Lyon Patrick has degree in interior design so he is particularly known for his excellence in room settings. He loves variety and can help you plan an elegant white tie event or whimsical theme party.

Kimberly Seiche Kimberly has been planning weddings in our area for nearly years. She will make your dream wedding reality. Manuel Rioja Manuel comes to us from Spain via Los Angeles where he designed celebrity weddings for seven years. He brings California creativity and dash of international savoir faire to our area.

Jeannette Dwyer Jeanette is Katrina's daughter so she grew up in the wedding business. You couldn't ask for more knowledgeable wedding planner. Katrina's policies pertaining to our wedding planning services are outlined below. Please note that the following policy statements will be included in your final contract with us.


Minimum Guaranteed Headcount Price for Catering. During your wedding planning process you will be offered wide variety of catering options from which to select and you will be quoted price per guest. For events with meals catering and bartending services use of rented furniture decorations and place settings we will require minimum price that will not be determined by attendance. Prices quoted by your wedding planner are guaranteed for thirty days from the date of the quote and are not guaranteed until included in the contract.


If you choose to cancel your reservations with us within days of your scheduled event we will refund 100% of your money. If you cancel within days of your scheduled event we will refund 50% of your money. If you cancel within days of your scheduled event we will refund 20%.

We cannot offer refunds for cancellations in less than days of your event.

Rental Damage

When using our staff or subcontractors at your event Katrina's Weddings covers the cost of insuring rented furniture decorative items place settings and or cooking and serving equipment. If you choose not to use our staff or subcontractors when renting furniture or other items from us we require damage deposit of $750. When rental items are delivered to you you will also receive list of items that must be returned with values for each piece.

Your damage deposit will be refunded in full when all listed items have been returned in undamaged condition.

Payment Due

We require 50% deposit at the time you contract with us and reserve date for your event. We will bill you for the remainder of the total cost days before your scheduled event. This remainder is due upon receipt and must be paid in full before the event. Katrina's Weddings Incorporated maintains general liability and damage insurance policy Insurance Certificate #9785 from Tarvell Corporate Insurance Services.

Policy details as well as the scanned certificate may be viewed on our website at Should you have questions regarding insurance or liability issues for your event please feel free to call our office to discuss your concerns with us.

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I purchased the original version of this product back in 2013 when I started my consulting business. the product is great. I love that I don’t have to start any given proposal from scratch- regardless of the type of service I’m providing or the industry. I recommend this product to anyone who has to write any types of proposals for business."

Ada Uribe
Erestar Inc.

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There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Cover Letter, Title Page, What You Can Expect, Client Summary, Features, Transportation, Destinations, Venue, Dates and Times, Security, Special Needs, Catering, Entertainment, Price List, Services Provided, Gifts, Testimonials, Staff, Insurance, Policies, Back Page.

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