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How to write your Photography Services Proposal

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Proposal Pack Photography #7 Title Page

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Proposal Pack Photography #7 Body Page
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The Photography Services Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch business photography services to a local company in need of advertising photography.

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Photographers, videographers and other media service providers.

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Photography Services Proposal

Thank you for calling us last week about your photography needs. Lakeshore Photography is the best photography business for the services you requested. Not only can we take stunning landscape photos of your ranch we can also stage and take pictures of your guest houses and take some great shots of your recreational activities from snowmobiling to horseback riding. We are also one of the only photographers in North Central Washington to offer aerial photography.

We have extensive experience taking photographs that are used for business advertising. Most local photography services charge substantial fees for the right to use their photos even if the photos are part of package that you bought from them. Copyright use is included in our photo shoot fee and you will see that our fees are much more reasonable than other area photographers. When you pay for our services you will receive copyright release as well as every picture taken in the photo shoot in digital format on CD both in high resolution format for editing and printing and in an optimized format for web use.

Should you choose to have any photos printed we will arrange that with our professional photo lab. Costs for printed photos are listed on our price list. Right now is the perfect time of year to get some fantastic fall shots of your ranch.

We would also like to come up around Christmas time when we can get some day shots of snow activities and evening shots of all the Christmas lights. We are quite happy to arrange several different photo shoots for different seasons throughout the year. If you would like to see preview of our work please take look at our website

The Long Pine Ranch is in need of high quality professional photographs for advertising and promotional material. Lakeshore Photography has the staff equipment and experience to offer these services at competitive price with more benefits than other local area photographers. You can expect only the most professional behavior and results from Lakeshore Photography.

"Capturing those perfect moments that occur each day."

We are experts at capturing those perfect moments that occur each day. Here's what to expect and what you need to do. Prepare for the initial visit and consultation On our initial visit our photographer will discuss with you your vision and your ideas for individual shots. You can make this process the most efficient by writing down your thoughts about images you want to highlight and identifying locations objects animals and people you want in those photos.

Our photographer will visit each location and inspect each element that will be present in the photo. In consultation with the photographer you will create plan and schedule to complete the project. The photographer may also make suggestions about which objects animals or people to use in photos about how individuals or objects should be styled or about time of day or conditions to take the best photos. After the agreement is signed if it is appropriate to take any photos at that time the photographer will set up and do so.

Secure advance permission from people you want to include in photos All people shown in photos must sign releases before their images can be used in advertising materials. The photographer will bring release forms for individuals to sign. Prepare for scheduled shots The photographer will call to remind you of scheduled shoot or if weather dependent to ask if particular time or day would be convenient.

Before the photographer arrives please ensure that all objects animals or personnel you want to appear in the photo are present and that the environment is free of extraneous objects that might distract from the focus of the shot. Be flexible and patient and enjoy the process Sometimes getting that magical shot is weather dependent or simply requires luck and perfect timing. Our photographers are professionals who know how to position elements and individuals to achieve the best results. It’s team effort that sometimes requires patience on the side of both the photographer and the client.

Let’s both relax and enjoy the process. Set aside time to select the best photos We will provide you with the best five photos for each shot. From these you may choose the best photo for your final selection. Enjoy using your photos in any way you like You own the copyrights to your final photos.

Use them online and in print materials create stunning slideshows for events blow them up into posters for sale to your customers or frame them and display them on your wall. We’re ready to get started. Call us to set up time for our initial visit. The Long Pine Ranch needs high quality professional photographs for advertising and promotional material.

"Working together we will create an amazing portfolio of photos."

Lakeshore Photography has the staff equipment and experience to offer these services at competitive price with more benefits than other local area photographers. Working together we will create an amazing portfolio of photos. The Long Pine Ranch needs high quality photos to include on their web site The nature of this business requires wide variety of shots taken both indoors and out and at various times of the year. Lakeshore Photography has extensive experience with both indoor and outdoor photography in all seasons including action shots of activities that Long Pine Ranch offers such as horseback riding and snowmobiling.

The Long Pine Ranch needs high quality photos to include in their printed promotional materials Promotional materials may include brochures targeted toward various seasons and or activities at the ranch as well flyers printed for special occasions and limited time offers. Lakeshore Photography will provide hundreds of high resolution photos that Long Pine Ranch can use in any way they choose. The Long Pine Ranch and Lakeshore Photography are perfect match for this exciting project.

We are eager to work with you. We share your vision for beautiful photos that will showcase your business. Long Pine Ranch offers an outstanding opportunity for Lakeshore Photography to show off our skills.

We create drama in every shot. We can make any landscape look great in any season. We specialize in capturing the soft excitement of spring the lush abundance of summer the rich colors of autumn and the sparkling crystals of winter.

We believe that every indoor shot should be celebration. This might mean celebration of togetherness of strong emotion or simply of beautiful setting. We know how to light interiors to get those memorable shots. We know how to take action shots that show the excitement and enjoyment of being there.

Our experts will capture the perfect moment in any endeavor.

Purpose Statement

Lakeshore Photography captures the world’s beauty in picture form. We always know how to get the best shot. A successful photography project is always the result of collaboration between the client and the photographer.

We welcome your ideas and in fact we depend on them. We plan to collaborate in the following ways. Your role Think of your ranch as movie set.

You are the screenwriter. You know the location and all the actors and props you want to include. You know the story you want to tell.

Make preliminary list of shots you’d like our photographer to take including the location; the objects animals or people you’d like to include in that shot; the action you’d like to capture if any and the time of day if important. Ask for permission from the people you’d like to include in your photographs. Tell them they will need to sign legal release form so that you can use their photos in your advertising materials.

Our photographer will supply the release forms. Our role Lakeshore Photography is professional photography company and we take our job seriously. Think of our photographer as the director on your movie set. You’re in charge of the story; we’re in charge of the visuals.

We promise to supply all the photos you request but we reserve the right to suggest different locations different arrangement of elements or alternative times of day for specific photos. We will position models and objects to make the most interesting shots. We may suggest specific clothing makeup or hairstyles for people included in photos. We will take multiple photos of each set up and then sort through our results and present the best photos for you to choose from.

Together we will create spectacular array of photos for your use. Our fees are shown below. Your total investment in this photography project will be determined when we reach agreement during our initial visit.

We have an established track record of helping clients succeed in their marketing efforts. We guarantee that you will be happy with this investment in your business. Standard Disclaimer. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for services change before being locked in by binding contract.

Lakeshore Photography uses only top of the line digital cameras. This allows us to take hundreds of shots quickly and inexpensively and to store and sort through these photos using computer. We will send you the best photos in digital form for you to select from.

Then after your selection is complete we will deliver the still photos in digital high resolution format on hard drive media your choice of flash drive or DVDs. Each photograph will be suitable for use on web sites in print media or even as enlargements up to poster size. We’re eager to begin working with you to create the perfect marketing materials for Long Pine Ranch.

After you’ve reviewed the information enclosed in this proposal it’s time to take the next steps. Call us to schedule an appointment. Keeping in mind the aspects of your ranch that you most want to advertise make preliminary list of photos you’d like us to take. Include suggestions of backgrounds animals objects and people you’d like to include in the shot.

At our preliminary appointment our professional photographer will do the following. Go over your list with you and visit the sites then make suggestions for changes or additions. Present you with list of photos to take and contract for you to sign. If conditions are right on that day for some photos we’ll take those shots at that time.

Arrange schedule to complete your photography project. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Lakeshore Photography has been serving North Central Washington’s business commercial and personal photography needs for years. Terri Olsen owner has been professional photographer for years starting her career as wedding photographer in Oregon.

Terri has keen sense of creative vision bringing life to her portraits and art to her photographs.

"More services at substantially lower prices."

Erin Olsen photographer is Terri’s daughter and shares in her creativity. After graduating from the University of Oregon with degree in the visual arts Erin chose to join her mother’s business venture. Erin brings to the table unique ideas and talent to capture the emotion and abstract qualities in images.

Both Terri and Erin are members of Washington State Professional Photographers Association. They frequently travel to ranches throughout Washington Idaho and Montana for shoots and specialize in outdoor photography. Terri has won awards for her work both in Oregon and Washington. Lakeshore Photography offers many services including wedding photography landscape and scenery photography product shots action photography portraiture aerial photography and commercial photography.

Digital and traditional media are available for all shots. How to Contact Lakeshore Photography, 240 Lakeshore Drive, Chelan WA. Lakeshore Photography has created numerous projects for other companies.

Our portfolio contains many projects similar to yours. For more details see our web site portfolio page. Okanagan Adventures This folder includes landscape and outdoor activities photos including many shots taken on behalf of but not purchased by Okanagan Adventure Company LLC. Ready Set Action.

This folder contains stop action shots of sporting events and other activities. Lakeshore Photography is often hired to document various events in our area. Special Moments This is collection of photos taken at various events including award ceremonies dances parties theatre performances and of course.

Paws and Claws This folder displays our love for all animals of both wildlife and pet varieties. Getting High Lakeshore Photography shows off its aerial photos in this folder. If you see photo in our portfolio folders that you’d like to purchase just ask any of our staff members about prices and available usage rights. Below is list of some of the most important clients served by Lakeshore Photography.

Okanagan Adventure Company LLC Lakeshore Photography took all the photos used on this outdoor adventure company’s web site and in their brochures. We are honored to be hired again each year to document the company’s new horse packing and fly fishing trips. Stehekin Hideaway Resort This new resort wanted photos of their facility for their brochure and online slide show as well as several aerial photos to show the surrounding area in which their guests can ride and hike.

Lakeshore Photography expertly delivered every shot on their list including action shots of guests horseback riding kayaking and mountain biking. North Cascades Tourist Bureau Lakeshore Photography delivered all the photos used in the slide show in this organization’s tourist center as well as all the shots in their brochures and handouts distributed to thousands of tourists each year. Cold Mountain Animal Adoption Center The Lakeshore Photography staff loves animals so we donate our services on weekly basis to this local animal shelter.

We take photos of each animal for display online to prospective owners. Being able to see each animal greatly increases the chance of pet adoptions from the center. Mountainvue Technical Institute Lakeshore Photography is responsible for the photos in all brochures advertising the certificate programs offered by this small educational institution as well as all the photos shown on their web site and in associated marketing materials. The names shown above represent only handful of our satisfied clients.

You can see more client names and peruse our portfolio of stellar photography on our web site. The following comparison chart outlines the differences between Lakeshore Photography and competing businesses. As you can see Lakeshore Photography offers more services at substantially lower prices.

We can do this because we have chosen to remain small business with low overhead thus giving us the ability to work closely with clients and offer personalized service. Lakeshore Photography’s philosophy is to spend time working with you and your business so that we can get feel for what you want. We believe this shows in the quality of our work. We are happy to provide references upon request.

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