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How to write your Ranching Supply Proposal

You can create your customized editable version of this document using Proposal Kit. Follow these steps to get started.


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Proposal Pack Ranching #1 Body Page
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We include this Ranching Supply Sample Proposal in PDF and editable Word format chapters that can be customized using the included Wizard software.

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The Ranching Supply Sample Proposal is an example of an internal company proposal to supply product to the government/military.

This is a good example to follow for anyone proposing ranching or supply related projects.

Anyone pitching product sales in the ranching industry or writing internal company proposals.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Ranching Supply Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Opportunity to Sell Meat to the Military

It has come to my attention that we may have an opportunity to sell meat to the local military warehouse. This could mean a substantial increase in our production and sales, and also offer a more stable and predictable future. I’ve discussed this opportunity in the following pages.

I’d like to pursue the matter further as soon as I have your approval to do so. WKC Meat Packers should be getting into the military meat-supply market to offer our company greater sales and greater stability. There is a large military warehouse and distribution center less than 50 miles away from our plant.

This facility warehouses and ships mostly food items, including beef, pork, and chicken products. The military has recently asked for proposals to supply more meat to their distribution centers. This represents a substantial opportunity for our company. Process and Sell Our Current Surplus of Beef and Pork We have offers of more livestock than we can currently process.

Selling to the military would benefit our company and our local farmers. Establish a Long-Term Relationship with the Military We know that our current surplus of supply will not last indefinitely. By establishing a long-term contract with the military, we can more effectively plan for future processing and have greater stability within our company, keeping our valued employees busy and avoiding the costs of layoffs and rehires. Gain a share of the new military jerky replacement market.

The military has partnered with one of our local companies, Dryz Food Products, to create a new, healthier, long-lasting meat product to replace jerky. They plan to use this new product in their MREs supplied to troops on the move. Dryz is currently developing recipes and processes to produce rolled-up dried beef, pork, turkey, and fish.

We should look into forming a partnership with Dryz to supply meat for their new process. Getting into the military meat-supply market will offer our company greater sales and greater stability. As you know, local ranchers are currently selling more livestock than usual due to several years of drought and low feed situations. Because of this, there is a surplus of beef in particular in our area, and we are actually turning away beef and pork suppliers because we don’t have sufficient orders from stores.

In summary, at the current time, supply is greater than demand among the American public. We can process and ship excess supplies to commercial freezers, but we also have a large market in the nearby military warehouse that we have not yet tapped for both fresh and frozen meats. Selling beef and pork to the military would benefit not only our company and our employees, but also local farmers and the military. WKC Meat Packers will realize the following benefits provided by selling meat to the military.

Increase production

We currently operate at only about 75% of capacity because we don’t have sufficient orders to fill. Selling to the military could increase our production to full capacity.

Increase jobs

Jobs are in short supply in our area. If we operated at full capacity, we would need to hire 25% more workers. Create a stable and dependable number of monthly orders. Our current grocery store clients tend to order seasonally and sporadically.

The military needs a steady of supply of all sorts of meats. Doing business with them could smooth out the ups and downs of our current production cycle. Increase sales for local ranchers.

Our ranchers are currently offering us more beef and pork than we have customers for. The military would absorb this current surplus and create a bigger market for the future. Provide our servicemen and women with quality meat products. Our military deserves only the finest and we can supply fresh, quality beef and pork.

There seems to be no downside to doing business with the military. The meat cuts wanted by the military fall into the following categories. Steaks, ribs, roasts, and ground beef and pork. The military also has very strict guidelines on packaging in specific numbers and weights with appropriate labels and documentation.

We would need to adapt our current process to meet the military specifications as follows. Separate different cuts into group packages—for example, 25 steaks in one package—instead of packaging each cut separately as we now do. Wrap group packages in heavy duty plastic wrap.

Label packages as dictated on the military supply site. Note that they use bar codes on labels that we would have to incorporate into our label printing system. Maintain records of origin, processing dates, storage dates, temperature, etc.

Store fresh packages in the meat locker at 39 degrees until pickup by transport; and frozen packages at 30 degrees. If not frozen, storage must be less than 36 hours. If frozen, storage can be up to 60 hours.

Ship all records of origin, processing, and transport along with packaged meat to the military warehouse. Our normal shipper, Ice Cold Transport Inc., does not typically include the military warehouse on its standard delivery route. However, we could pay ICTI to add the military warehouse to their route, or look into using one of the following two trucking companies.

Tuxon Transport This company trucks produce for the military warehouse from wholesalers in our area, passing very close to our plant. Their fleet includes refrigerated trucks that could be used to transport meat. Jon Frost Trucking This is a brand-new company in our area. Jon owns three trucks, two of which are refrigerated.

If we contract with him, we would be supporting our neighbor in his new business venture. We do not currently have a plan for shipping meat to the military warehouse and distribution center. However, we have several options and could no doubt come to a satisfactory arrangement with one of the three companies mentioned above.

Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

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Length of Sample

9 Pages

There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Opportunities, Present Situation, Benefits, Processing, Shipping, Back Page.

There are 200 complete sample proposals including this one in each Proposal Pack

The following related samples are also included in Proposal Pack:

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  • General business proposal
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  • Many other types of proposals

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Key Takeaways

  • The Ranching Supply Sample Proposal is a fully written sample included in every Proposal Pack and the Professional Bundle.
  • You can create custom variations of this sample using the included software and template library.
  • The Wizard software automates quotes and other financial pages with a line-item database.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal to fit my specific project or business?

If you buy a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle, you can build a more customized editable Word document version of the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal using the included Wizard software. You can replace the sample information with your own, adjust the text to match your company's tone and style, and modify sections to include project-specific details.

Can I use multiple sample proposals for different types of projects?

You can purchase multiple samples as individual Word templates or all 200 samples are included in every Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional, which is a much better deal. The Proposal Kit offers sample proposals for various industries and project types. You can select and customize different sample proposals to suit each unique project. This flexibility allows you to create tailored proposals for other clients or projects.

How can I integrate my branding into the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal?

While the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal is built as an editable Word document, depending on the level of custom branding needed, consider the Proposal Kit Professional, which includes the branding features in the Wizard software that let you create custom-branded design themes more effectively. Start by incorporating your company's logo on the cover page, as well as in the headers and footers of the document. Next, adjust the color scheme of the proposal to match your brand colors. Change the fonts in the proposal to align with your brand's standard fonts. Including branded graphics that reflect your brand's style will further enhance the proposal. Additionally, ensure that the text within the proposal maintains a tone and voice consistent with your brand's communication style. By integrating these elements, your proposal will reinforce your brand identity.

How do I ensure my proposal stands out and wins the client?

To ensure your proposal stands out:

  • Personalize the content: Address the client's needs, challenges, and goals to make the proposal unique.
  • Highlight your value proposition: Communicate what sets your business apart and how to deliver superior results.
  • Use professional design elements: Incorporate visuals, charts, and graphs to enhance the presentation and make it more engaging.
  • Proofread and edit: Ensure the proposal is error-free and well-organized. A polished, professional document reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.

What should I do if I need help understanding or modifying a section of the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal?

If you need help understanding or modifying a section of the Ranching Supply Sample Proposal, refer to the detailed instructions provided. Additionally, Proposal Kit includes customer support and resources such as tutorials and videos to assist you. Consulting with a colleague or a professional in your industry can also be beneficial if further clarification is needed. Asking an AI tool can also provide valuable insights for immediate needs.

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