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How to write your own Organic Farming Product Sales Proposal

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Organic Farming Product Sales Sample Proposal
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Organic Farming Product Sales Sample Proposal

March 20xx James and Natalie Crayson Owners Starcreek Restaurants LLC 1345 Overlake Drive Suite Shane OR Dear Mr. and Ms. Crayson

We love the Starcreek Restaurant in Eco Oregon and we’ve visited two of the other four in Jensen county too. The homey atmosphere and emphasis on healthy foods in your restaurants fits perfectly into our community values in this region. However we noticed that you buy products from as far away as California. Perhaps you’ve never realized that our 100% organic family owned VidaBuena Farm can supply many of your meat and produce needs and we’re only few miles away just across the county border. The partnership of VidaBuena Farm and Starcreek Restaurants seems to us like natural pairing. We’re sure that after reading this proposal you’ll agree. Please call to schedule face to face meeting to discuss more details and set up relationship that will benefit Starcreek Restaurants VidaBuena Farm and all your customers. We can’t wait to meet you in person. Sincerely Devon Ramos Product Sales VidaBuena Farm LLC 555 555 5555

devon@VidaBuenaFarm.com www.VidaBuenaFarm.com VidaBuena Farm LLC 539 Longview Drive Medford OR PH 555 555 5555 FX 555 555 5556 www.VidaBuenaFarm.com

The 100% organic meat and produce available from VidaBuena Farm LLC would be great pairing with the Starcreek Restaurant. We can decrease your food costs while also increasing the quality of food presented to your customers. Proposal Number. 390 www.VidaBuenaFarm.com Prepared for. James and Natalie Crayson Owners Prepared by. Devon Ramos Product Sales Supplying Organic Products to Starcreek Restaurants March 20xx

The Starcreek Restaurants chain has number of opportunities to benefit from purchasing products and forming relationship with VidaBuena Farm. We’re neighbors. Like you we take pride in our community and in promoting local businesses. We know that right now Starcreek has produce shipped in from as far away as central California. But you should know that most of the items you currently use are available from VidaBuena Farm can be supplied more cheaply and will arrive in the freshest condition possible. The "Buy Local" trend is big with the patrons of your restaurants and so is the attraction of organic foods. We meet both those criteria and you would benefit from cashing in on that. Your customers value healthy food and we are 100% organic farm. See Certifications and Awards and Achievements for more information about what that means. Your customers value buying local and we are local family owned business. You won’t find more wholesome community minded company than VidaBuena Farm. Our reputation will help promote your restaurants. It’s natural relationship. The money you spend with us stays in our community. See the Community page for more information. Your customers value protecting the environment and we can help you reduce your carbon imprint. By buying locally not only do you save money in transportation costs and guarantee fresher produce but you’ll be helping to protect the environment. See the Stewardship page to learn about how we care for our land and our animals. We are committed to running sustainable business. Summary We believe that all of the points cited above are marketing themes that your customers will appreciate. Contracting with VidaBuena Farm for your produce needs is win win proposition. VidaBuena Farms is proud to offer StarCreek Restaurants the following products.

Organic beef Our herd of Angus Hereford cross breed cattle is grass fed thriving in our own organic pastures. Our animals have pleasant cruelty free lives. We can provide all cuts of naturally lean antibiotic free beef. We contract with Ranklen Brothers and Stein Packing kosher butchery for processing services. Organic pork Our piggery includes spotless birthing sheds and large clean outdoor pens where our hogs and pigs have room to wander and interact naturally. Hogs raised in this fashion are healthier and have stress free lives and are naturally leaner. We can provide all cuts of fresh antibiotic free pork. We contract with Smith Valley Smokehouse to produce healthy hams and bacon. Organic poultry and eggs VidaBuena Farm raises large flocks of chickens turkeys and ducks. All these birds are allowed to wander freely in large pens leading healthy lives in open air environments and feeding on organic grains proteins and greens. As well as providing all cuts of fresh free range antibiotic free poultry we regularly package and supply fresh chicken eggs to our many customers. We can also supply turkey and duck eggs on request. If desired we can add quail and pheasant to our poultry stock. Garden fresh produce In season we can supply the following fresh produce to your restaurants. butter lettuce romaine lettuce arugula spinach kale chard dill peppers tomatoes corn tomatillos artichokes green beans string beans butter beans scallions green onions garlic zucchini acorn squash butternut squash spaghetti squash pumpkin strawberries blueberries raspberries marionberries peaches plums pluots and apricots. We can also supply fresh flowers in the summer if desired. Summary We frequently add new varieties to our list of produce so this list may change from year to year. We can grow crops on demand as well so if you do not see an item on our list that you’d like to have just ask. Both VidaBuena Farm and Starcreek Restaurants place high value on the freshness of produce. So you’ll be happy to know that we can provide delivery service directly to your restaurants. The VidaBuena Delivery Fleet We have two refrigerated trucks and several non refrigerated vehicles that we use to deliver orders to our local customers. Our drivers normally pack the trucks early on Monday and Friday mornings and make all deliveries in the afternoon of the same day. Special deliveries on other days can also be arranged or may be picked up at local farmers markets on Saturdays.

The Order Process Orders for produce should be placed minimum of hours before delivery. Orders for beef pork or poultry products should be placed one week before delivery. At times we can accommodate last minute orders if products are already harvested and sorted so feel free to call if you have an urgent need for something. However we cannot guarantee availability because we typically harvest only crops that are ripe and on order at the time. Benefits of Our Service The biggest benefit of our service is farm to table freshness. Although we can freeze meat products if you desire we typically deliver fresh beef pork and poultry products in our refrigerated trucks so you can advertise that your meals contain ingredients that have "never been frozen." Costs The cost of delivery varies by the amount of produce ordered and should you want special delivery on days other than Monday or Friday we must charge extra for that. If you typically order variety of products on our regular delivery days we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive our delivery service is. Call us for details. We are confident in our ability to work out an arrangement that will suit every budget and meet every establishment’s needs. We take great pride in picking crops only when they are ripe and ready for harvest. Farming has its seasons and not all products are available at all times of year. Although our seasons fluctuate somewhat each year due to variable weather conditions the following list indicates the usual times of year our products are available. Salad Greens We offer wide variety of salad greens lettuces kale and spinach and our climate typically allows us to harvest them from April through November.

Peppers tomatoes corn tomatillos green beans string beans butter beans scallions green onions garlic zucchini strawberries blueberries raspberries marionberries Our harvest of these crops typically begins in June and continues through August with the greatest abundance occurring from mid July to late August with the exception of strawberries which typically achieve maximum yield during the month of June. We often have some beans corn tomatoes and peppers coming ripe during the month of September as well. Ripeness and yields are weather dependent of course. That’s the nature of farming. Acorn squash butternut squash spaghetti squash pumpkin Depending on size of fruit these squashes typically ripen between July and October 31. Peaches plums pluots and apricots Our typical harvest season for these warm weather fruits is from late July through the end of September. Fresh cut flowers From May through October we can supply variety of fresh flowers for your restaurant tables. Beef pork and poultry We can supply fresh organic beef pork and poultry all year round. Summary As you can see by the list above we can supply farm fresh organic foods for your customers’ enjoyment throughout most months of the year. Prices vary depending on abundance and local market conditions. Contact us for current prices.

VidaBuena Farm strongly believes in being responsible steward of the community trust our land and our planet. We use only organic practices on our farm and raise our livestock in healthy cruelty free environment. At VidaBuena Farm we share our beliefs and showcase our farming practices on scheduled visitor days where the community is welcome to come to our farm interact with our animals hand pick few samples of whichever crops are ripe at the time ask questions and watch our workers in action. We believe it’s important to participate in our community and to show people of all ages that organic farming can be wonderful profitable business that benefits both farmers and food consumers. Starcreek Restaurants emphasize healthy ingredients in their meals and advertise their environmental practices in food preparation storage and recycling practices. Starcreek Restaurants and VidaBuena Farm share concerns for stewardship. Partnering will demonstrate our solidarity of promoting healthy diet and clean environment for future generations. VidaBuena Farm is an important part of our community and Starcreek Restaurants can benefit from our popularity and excellent public relations. Community Involvement Community Supported Agriculture CSA program Local citizens sign up for monthly deliveries of fresh produce from VidaBuena Farm. Numbers of participating families vary by year but we typically have between and families subscribing to this service each year.

Farmers Markets VidaBuena Farm sells produce weekly in five local farmers markets. Through these venues we reach thousands of people. Visitor Days at the Farm We have regularly scheduled days where we open up our farm to visitors so that families can see for themselves our green farming practices and our healthy livestock. Community Benefits Consumers learn the benefits of "buying local." These days people are becoming more interested in learning where their food comes from and how it is processed. Families learn about farming. Unless we want our food system to be controlled by massive corporations we need family farms for the future and that means interesting young people in the farming life. Money spent in the community stays in the community. VidaBuena Farm hires local workers and supplies local establishments with our products and we spend our profits locally too. The money we generate benefits our community not handful of tycoons in distant city. Summary The "Buy Local" movement is hugely popular in our area and VidaBuena Farm routinely posts lists of local farmers markers where our produce can be purchased as well as local restaurants and other producers who purchase from us. VidaBuena Farm would be proud to add Starcreek Restaurants to that list and Starcreek Restaurants would also benefit from advertising that they use our organic products in their meals. VidaBuena Farm is proud to announce that we hold National Organic Program NOP certificate from the United States Department of Agriculture USDA. To earn this certificate farm must be regularly inspected and must continue to meet the standards described below.

Generally speaking organic farms must demonstrate that they are conserving biodiversity protecting natural resources and using only approved natural substances. Organic crops standards Our USDA organic seal tells the world that we do not use prohibited pesticides radiation synthetic fertilizers sewage sludge or genetically modified organisms. Organic livestock standards To earn an organic seal from the USDA for livestock the producer must verify that the farm provided animals with access to the outdoors fed them 100% organic feed met animal health and welfare standards and did not use antibiotics or growth hormones. Notes We believe that the patrons of Starcreek Restaurants would be happy to know their food comes from NOP certified farm. VidaBuena Farm has received number of awards and achievements for outstanding performance in our industry.

Recent Awards Humane Ranching Certificate For five years in row VidaBuena Farm has earned score of 100% from the Humane Ranching Society for the treatment of the animals in our care. Sustainable Business Award 20xx Last year VidaBuena was recognized for its stewardship of the land and its care for our community with this award from the Oregon Board of Sustainable Businesses. Business of the Year 20xx Award 50 100 Employees category Thanks to votes from our happy employees VidaBuena Farm was thrilled to receive this award. VidaBuena Farm provides good jobs with benefits for all our hard working employees. Achievement Award for Pollution Prevention 20xx Award Medium Size Business category We’re proud to show the world our "green" side with this award from the Oregon Pollution Prevention Board. Eco County Community Leadership Award 20xx big "thank you. " goes out to our neighbors and business associates for honoring us with this award. Summary The VidaBuena Farm owners and staff are proud to be recognized as advocates for the environment humane treatment of animals responsible business owners and good community citizens.

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