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Business Growth Services Sample Proposal
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The Business Growth Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a business consulting company which provides services to help other businesses grow and expand.

This is a good example to follow for anyone offering business consulting services.
Length of Sample: 6 Pages

There are thousands of proposal topics to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack topics: Cover Letter, Title Page, Needs Assessment, Client Background, Case Study, Services Provided.
There are 200 complete sample proposals including this one in Proposal Pack.

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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Artsy #4

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The Business Growth Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a business consulting company which provides services to help other businesses grow and expand.

This is a good example to follow for anyone offering business consulting services.

Anyone writing a proposal for business consulting services.
Sample business proposals are completed examples of business proposals, business plans and other business documents you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business document. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the document. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Business Growth Services Sample Proposal

Business Forward Inc. 539 43rd Street Suite Jackson Hole WY PH 555 555 1212 FX 555 555 1213 www.BusinessForwardInc.com Growing KJ Home Décor’s Business

May 20XX Prepared for. Kenneth Jung President Prepared by. Annabeth Szabo Consumer Relations In our analysis of KJ Home Decor it has come to our attention that you may not be aware how popular Western designs are in Europe and Asia. We’d like to help you realize your full potential. We at Business Forward are experts in helping small businesses grow to achieve their full potential. Please review the consulting services we have to offer and make an appointment to let us launch KJ Home Décor on growth path into the future. Proposal Number. 430 34 We know that KJ Home Decor was established in in Cheyenne Wyoming and that you currently have employees. Your business currently focuses on selling small furniture pieces and home décor items such as paintings vases mirrors statues coat racks and rugs all with uniquely Western flair. We understand that you’re doing well in your home town of Cheyenne but we believe you could be positioned to make much more money if you took advantage of the global market.

We are your neighbors in Jackson Hole and we have track record of helping Western businesses grow. We know we can help you too. In our analysis of KJ Home Decor it has come to our attention that you may not be aware how popular Western designs are in Europe and Asia. We’d like to help you realize your full potential. Business Forward Inc. has identified the following needs for KJ Home Decor which are not being met. Your company is doing well in your local market but that market is very small and offers zero potential for expansion. The best way for you to grow your company is through global business model that relies heavily on internet advertising and sales. Just as our name implies we at Business Forward know how to move businesses forward into the era of global enterprise and internet solutions. And our experts are close enough to meet with you and develop personalized plan that meets your specific needs. Needs. Like any store you need to sell your merchandise. Why not sell it worldwide. You already ship across the states of Wyoming Colorado and Montana. By using our established relationships with import export companies around the globe we can show you how easy and profitable it is to ship your merchandise around the world. You also need to let the world know you exist through the medium of the internet. Sure you have web page but it doesn’t feature photos and descriptions of your merchandise or allow customers to place orders. We can help you set up your hi tech global businesses from your current location in Cheyenne Wyoming. Market.

Did you know that many wealthy Asians and Europeans are devoted fans of Western décor and art. They’d love to shop with you. Our targeted marketing efforts can put you in touch with these eager global customers as well as those within the U.S. and Canada. Solution. Are you ready to grow your business. Then let’s schedule series of meetings in which you show us your current business model and we create customized plan for you to convert to new global model. There’s no need to worry about painful transition. We can provide all the information technology and training your employees might need. There’s no long term contract. after KJ Home Décor has joined the global marketplace we’re gone until you call us again. Sources. Don’t take our word for it. Check out this article from Major Business News magazine on the growth of global business. www.MajorBusinessNews GlobalBusinessIncrease. And check out the Case Studies we’ve included with this packet. You’ll see the names of few specialty businesses like yours that with our help started out small and grew to incomes beyond their owners’ wildest dreams. The following Business Forward case studies show how we have helped other companies with needs similar to yours. Franklen Stein Ceramics This small company which makes specialty beer mugs believed they had expanded as much as possible in their local region of Whitefish Montana. Their client base consisted of Montana colleges hotels lodges and specialty tourist shops. We showed Franklen Stein that the world was waiting for them. Today Franklen Stein Ceramics has contracts with institutions worldwide and exports specialty mugs to Germany China and Argentina just to name few global customers. After implementing our plan Franklen Stein Ceramics sales grew from gross of $450K in to their current gross of nearly $2 million today. Seemour Custom Woodworks This company located in Coeur d’Alene Idaho specializes in matching and producing specialty wood trims for antiques and for historic houses especially Victorian ‘gingerbread’ and unusually shaped window frames. They did small but reliable business shipping their products across the United States. Seemour had never considered all the possibilities of contracts in Europe Australia and New Zealand. We opened up the world for them. Seemour Custom Woodworks had employees in 2003. Today the company employs more than people tremendously benefiting the local community.

Maggie’s Folk Costumes Margaret Brown who lives in Billings Montana started small business sewing folk dance costumes for individuals and groups across the United States. Folk dance is by nature international but Margaret did not know how to connect with customers overseas. We helped her develop website and online order system so that international customers can select from catalogs and enter their measurements via the internet. We also showed Margaret how to efficiently ship around the globe. Maggie’s Folk Costumes was just home business when it started in employing Margaret and her mother. Today Maggie’s Folk Costumes employs teams of contract workers in five countries around the globe and Margaret and her mother are highly paid administrators rather than seamstresses. Business Forward offers the following consulting services. Analysis of Your Computer Needs Are you technologically prepared for increased orders and speedy growth. We’ll study your current computer system and make recommendations for the future. Analysis of Your Specific Market We are in touch with global market trends. We’ll tell you how your business fits into worldwide demands. Targeted Marketing Plans We will deliver targeted customer lists and customized plans for efficient internet and mail marketing campaigns that will let your clients know just how wonderful you are. Analysis of Your Current Business Model Our efficiency experts will study the flow of your processes from start to finish and make recommendations to speed up or smooth out any rough spots. We can also help you with acquiring any new staff or specialized equipment you may need. Coordination with Import Export Services Business Forward has partners worldwide that specialize in moving all kinds of merchandise from country to country. Training Converting local business into global business often entails learning new systems and working with partners in other countries. We can provide any training and coordination services you may need. May 20XX

Kenneth Jung President KJ Home Decor 1945 Warhorse Avenue Cheyenne WY Dear Mr. Jung Do you realize that you are missing opportunities to expand your business and increase your profits. We do. We at Business Forward are experts in helping small businesses grow to achieve their full potential. Please review the consulting services we have to offer and make an appointment to let us launch KJ Home Décor on growth path into the future. Sincerely Annabeth Szabo

Consumer Relations Business Forward Inc. 555 555 1212 annasz@BusinessForwardInc.com www.BusinessForwardInc.com Business Growth Services Sample Proposal This sample was written using these Proposal Pack templates. Cover Letter Title Page Needs Assessment Client Background Case Study Services Provided This sample proposal was created using Proposal Pack Artsy #4. Purchase and download Proposal Pack Artsy #4

IMPORTANT NOTE. You can use any of the Proposal Pack design themes to create your proposal with different accent graphics than this sample uses. For example you could use different Proposal Pack style and recreate this sample with different visual look. Proposal Kit also offers services to create custom design themes such as creating new page header graphics altering colors of existing designs changing font styles or incorporating your own logo into every template. This sample is intended for use as guide for you to get ideas on how to create your own proposal. Most proposals will start with Cover Letter Title Page Executive or Client Summary and Cost Summary or Estimate then will include additional material as needed. Use the Proposal Pack editable templates to assemble your own framework and then fill in the blanks with the content just as this sample was created from Proposal Pack set of templates. Your proposal and quote could be just couple pages long or over hundred pages long depending on your needs all created with one affordable Proposal Pack. PDF samples are not editable. You MUST buy retail Proposal Pack for the editable templates.

Sample proposals are included for illustration purposes to show how Proposal Packs can be used to create wide variety of business proposals and other complex business documents. Proposal Pack templates and samples may not be distributed as is or made publically available including but not limited to posting online. For example our sample proposals and stock editable templates may not be redistributed as is. You can use these samples and templates to create your own unique proposals to send to your recipients. Make sure to read the full license agreement included with your Proposal Kit product if you have any questions about how the materials can and cannot be used. The license agreement is also available on our web site at. http. www.proposalkit.com htm license.htm All Proposal Kit materials are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

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