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Security Services Proposal
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The Security Services Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a security services firm to a client to help secure the clients physical facilities and improve security of information and personnel.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering services to clients.
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The Security Services Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of a security services firm to a client to help secure the clients physical facilities and improve security of information and personnel.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering services to clients.

Security services companies such as security guard services, facilities security, bodyguard, employee and information security service providers.
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Security Services Proposal

Svetner Security 2256 S. Mason Avenue Fresno CA PH 559.214.3279 FX 559.214.3280 www.SvetnerSecurity.com Facilities Personnel Security for Cascade BioChem Research

Prepared for. William J. Voth Operations Manager Prepared by. Michael Svetner Owner Cascade BioChem Research is in need of both improved facilities and personnel security. Svetner Security has made preliminary analysis of where improvements are needed and required and have included our analysis below. Svetner Security has the experience and personnel to provide all of your security needs. Proposal Number. 54 5454 Svetner Security has identified the following vulnerable areas in facilities technology and storage. We find your greatest vulnerabilities lie in your storage areas which is commonly the least secure of facilities. Some of the following needs must be addressed in order to comply with the new Homeland Security Act of but we suggest correcting all vulnerabilities in order to avoid legal complications information breaches and theft. Needs. All chemicals and controlled substances must be recorded in chemical survey assessment and submitted to DHS. Depending on the risk category you are assigned by DHS as result of your chemical survey you will be asked to comply with additional regulations. Access to your chemical storage area needs to be restricted to authorized personnel only. We suggest that you increase your restrictions to the facility by building 6 foot fence topped with barbed wire and having only one main gate with key card access that can track entries.

Advanced tracking of chemical use needs to be put in place. As of now research personnel are estimating their chemical usage which could lead not only to non compliance but also to theft. Access to your pharmaceutical storage area needs to be restricted to only few key personnel who are monitored. These key personnel will use advanced technology to track pharmaceuticals. Your policies to date do comply with federal guidelines but we find that drug theft by employees is becoming an increasing problem for many companies. All employees who have job descriptions that don’t necessitate access should be immediately restricted. While your technology facilities are protected very well electronically we find that the site itself has numerous vulnerabilities. As of now your personnel need key card only at the outside entrance. Secure data storage information is currently accessible to all technology personnel and needs to be restricted. Secure servers further need to be placed in separate locked area rather than in the main area and only authorized personnel should have access to that area. While the visitor parking area is fine your employee parking areas are not secure and are very dark. We suggest key card access to all employee parking areas because they border secure facilities. We further suggest you double the lighting in all employee parking areas. Your basement passageways lead to secure areas including one of your research labs but because of lack of use the passageways are not monitored by surveillance. This needs to be corrected immediately. Svetner Security has identified the following vulnerable areas in personnel. While we admire your respect for employee privacy we must point out that your company has some serious vulnerabilities and that theft from employees is by far more serious problem than most companies are willing to admit. Again we suggest correcting all vulnerabilities in order to avoid legal complications information breaches and theft. We further suggest that key personnel be given executive bodyguard services. Needs.

Employees and researchers leaving the facility are not monitored which could lead to significant loss from theft. We suggest employees leave by the main entrance where they can use their key card to exit and submit to searches by authorized officers. You employ some highly regarded and very well known bio chemical researchers. Their knowledge of developments makes them vulnerability because personal threat for their safety exists post 11. These researchers need to be given bodyguard services en route to and from work and while they travel. You employ large contingency of researchers and assistants who could be enticed to take their knowledge to competing companies. Right now no strategies for prevention exist except legal contract. It is our view that legal contracts can be fought in court at great expense to your company. In addition legal contract does no good once the information has been leaked. We need to implement policy and procedure for the way their research is stored and accessed. Your maintenance staff have access to some highly secure areas but have not gone through stringent enough background check. Further some of your maintenance personnel have worked here for almost decade but without continuing security checks. This needs to be remedied immediately. Production workers are not being searched for pharmaceuticals when they leave the production facility. We suggest that you implement policy and procedure that will allow these employees to be searched. Some of your chemical storage personnel have not had adequate emergency training and lack knowledge of post 11 handling and storage procedures. Security is always of primary importance. Listed below are the measures proposed to ensure security on this project and suggested schedule of implementation.

Employee Regulation Implement policy and procedure whereby all employees enter and exit by main entrance with keycards and submit to standard searches by December 31. Provide key personnel and top level researchers with executive bodyguard services while traveling. Implement immediately. Implement policy and procedure for accessing and storing secure data and research by December 31. Perform background and security clearance checks on all maintenance personnel and for any employee who has access to secure information or controlled substances. Begin immediately. Facilities Security Implement suggested facilities security upgrades fencing key card access restrictions parking improvements data storage security increased surveillance immediately. Implement tracking of all chemicals controlled substances and pharmaceuticals by January 31. Train facilities personnel for emergency situations. Training should be complete by December 31. Improve security by placing full time on site guards throughout the campus. Some guards will patrol other guards will be stationary at key points such as the visitor’s entrance the main employee entrance and the access point to the chemical storage facility.

Department of Homeland Security Compliance Complete Chemical Survey and submit to DHS immediately. Comply with all regulations based on DHS risk category. This will be ongoing. About us – Svetner Security has provided advanced security for biological chemical and pharmaceutical companies for the past ten years. Our goal is to provide you with security options that meet DHS compliance and protect your company from threat and theft. We employ only highly trained officers who have obtained their CPSO Chemical Security Officer designation. Our security officers are often military trained. All our officers are able to handle security threats and are trained in conflict resolution anti terrorism and safety. We can provide you with your choice of security officers in uniform or low profile business casual officers. Our most recent services reflect the policies of the Department of Homeland Security Act of which outlines regulations for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. You can be assured that we will work with you on compliance of these regulations. Svetner Security is headquartered in Fresno CA but contracts out security throughout the state of California. Services – Site Vulnerability Assessments Security Plans Executive Bodyguard Services Coordination of Technology Security Upgrades Physical and Perimeter Security Services and DHS Compliance. How to Contact Svetner Security If you need to contact us for any reason you can reach us at. Svetner Security 2256 S. Mason Avenue Fresno CA 559.214.3279 office

800.891.5474 toll free info@svetnersecuirty.com www.svetnersecurity.com William J. Voth Operations Manager Cascade BioChem Research 891 Canyon Road Fresno CA Dear Mr. Voth I’d like to thank you for taking the time to meet with Svetner Security to formulate security plan for your company. understand that you have not previously contracted out for security services but do have state of the art surveillance system already in place. However with new federal regulations requirements your facilities and staff will have to answer to much higher standards than ever required before for chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

We can supply you with both on site security services and executive bodyguard services to meet your needs and to ensure that all federal guidelines are continually met. We have spent considerable time this past week performing site vulnerability assessments the results of which you will find on our Needs Assessment Forms. We do prefer that we start on site at Cascade BioChem next week so that over the course of the continuing month we can refine our assessments and goals as we further evaluate your staff. We can take care of all your security needs and provide you with officers specifically trained with the CPSO designation Chemical Security Officer. In addition for your executive bodyguard services we have highly trained officers who can assume low profile while protecting your executives. We have successfully served many high tech companies in the California area and have helped many of the same companies meet and exceed federal guidelines. Please do not hesitate to let us know any further needs you may have. will be on site at your facilities conducting further analysis next week and will need to meet with you in person late next week to finalize plans costs and contracts. Thanks again for your call. Svetner Security will provide you with the best possible services. look forward to meeting with you. Sincerely Michael Svetner Owner Svetner Security

2256 S. Mason Avenue Fresno CA 559.214.3279 office 559.256.5178 cell michael@svetnersecuirty.com www.svetnersecurity.com

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