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How to write your own Describe Your Web Site Functions Worksheet (R03)

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Use the Describe Your Web Site Functions Worksheet to give to your client to be filled out. This document is used with other related worksheets for your client to give you information about their web site development project.
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This Describe Your Web Site Functions Worksheet (R03) is included in an editable format that can be customized for your own needs.

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How do you write a Describe Your Web Site Functions Worksheet (R03) document?

Describe Your Functions Site-Wide Reference Document. This document is meant for a description of the services your site will provide, broken down into individual functions. This is not an exact science, but we ask that you divide your services into individual routines that the programming can carry out. When creating your site, our developers do the same thing by bundling portions of code and arranging them by function.

A simple framework for your ideas will speed us along. Many functions adhere to some simple archetypes. Please check off all that apply, if any do.

What functions are included in this site? Users upload their own content/profiles/subsections of the site. Users can search databases for multimedia.

Users can contribute to a general content area (e.g. blogs, forums). Users can create content using the site’s specialized tools. Aggregates content from other sources, e.g. websites, TV shows.

How can we itemize functions and use them as building blocks? In the following worksheets, you will refer to these sets of content by their letters in this list. You may want to keep this document in front of you.

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The editable Describe Your Web Site Functions Worksheet (R03) document - complete with the actual formatting and layout is available in the retail Proposal Kit Professional.
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