How do you write a Web Development Worksheet Overview document?

Worksheet Overview Welcome to the Web Development Worksheet Package The purpose of this document is to clarify our capabilities and your needs. The better project’s requirements are defined the less time it takes and the more efficient it is. Building website is complex and difficult to easily picture so these worksheets provide framework inside which you can describe your site. The first few sheets are called “site wide reference sheets”. They ask you to define things that all the pages on your site should contain or things that your site should do overall. Once you have listed these things you can if you choose refer to them in later worksheets instead of having to describe common functionality over and over again. The next set of worksheets asks you to define templates or the basic types of page your site will contain. You may refer to the site wide reference sheets when constructing the templates if you wish. The templates will provide basic idea of what your site should look like. Once these sheets are complete you can use further sheets in this set to define individual pages or relationships between them. This set of sheets is tool and not an assignment. We have designed it because we feel it aids everybody involved with the process. Use it however you feel is appropriate.