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Franchise Selling Sample Proposal
This sample is included in Proposal Pack Bubbles #1
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Read this article for more ideas on how to write this type of proposal: How to Write a Franchise Business Proposal

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The Franchise Selling Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch prospective franchisees on purchasing a franchise business.

This is a good example to follow for anyone proposing to sell a business opportunity.
Length of Sample: 8 Pages

There are thousands of proposal topics to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack topics: Cover Letter (Business Plan), Title Page, Training Plan, Requirements, Case Study, Services Provided, Business Development.
There are 165 complete sample proposals including this one in Proposal Pack.

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  • Franchising, vending proposal
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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Bubbles #1

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The Franchise Selling Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch prospective franchisees on purchasing a franchise business.

This is a good example to follow for anyone proposing to sell a business opportunity.

Anyone selling a franchise or a business opportunity.
Sample business proposals are completed proposal examples you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business proposal. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of proposal templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the proposal. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Franchise Selling Sample Proposal

KleenRiteNow Maid Services 4933 West Valley Road Suite New York NY PH 555 555 9453 FX 555 555 9454 www.KleenRiteNow.com Starting Your KleenRiteNow Maid Service Business

Prepared for. Prospective Franchise Owners Prepared by. Lawrencia Summers CEO A KleenRiteNow franchise is perfect for married couples families business partners and established entrepreneurs. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire staff you can do the work yourself. After your efforts have made you wealthy you can hire cleaners and sit back and collect the profits. With most new businesses you have to start from scratch. But with KleenRiteNow Maid Services you start with an established name with great branding. There’s little need for you to advertise; just hang out your sign and watch your business grow. Established Branding Our name is known throughout Canada and the northern United States as the biggest and best in home cleaning services. Our logo with its distinctive mop symbol is recognized everywhere. You can print pre formatted flyers brochures and business cards to take advantage of our proven layouts while providing your contact information. Widely Distributed Advertisements KleenRiteNow runs periodic advertisements on radio and television as well as in print magazines. We have new internet ad campaign that will pop up on computer screens everywhere beginning on May 5. Every time you see one of our ads you’ll also see the address and contact information for your business included at no extra charge. Yearly Analysis Once year an expert from our head office will visit your business and analyze your operation with you. Our expert can help you smooth out any rough spots and make recommendations that will quickly increase your profits.

The following KleenRiteNow case studies show how our franchise businesses can fulfill an entrepreneur’s dreams. Marla Suzanne Francine and James Bronwin – Toronto Ontario Marla and James Bronwin and their two grown daughters Suzanne and Francine wanted to start business but without college degrees or special knowledge and with only $30 to invest they needed service they could provide themselves. In the Bronwins purchased KleenRiteNow franchise the third in Toronto. After going through the KleenRiteNow training they divided their family into teams of two and set to work. Today the Bronwins employ cleaners have client list of more than regular customers and enjoy salaries of more than $100K apiece. Kyle and BeeBee Nguyen – Portland ME Kyle and BeeBee Nguyen brother and sister wanted to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of their restaurant owning parents but wanted no part of the food business. In Kyle and BeeBee purchased KleenRiteNow franchise. They and four Nguyen cousins went through the KleenRiteNow training and then started cleaning houses in Portland. In Kyle and BeeBee expanded their KleenRiteNow franchise. They are doing so well that they have hired managers to run the businesses for them and are carefree in their thirties. Jean Luis Renault – Montreal Quebec Mr. Renault is well respected real estate expert in Montreal. He specializes in selling luxury homes. Mr. Renault purchased KleenRiteNow franchise sent eight employees to our training and began by utilizing his cleaning company to make his clients’ homes sparkle prior to putting them up for sale. Today Mr. Renault’s KleenRiteNow business brings in nearly as much as his real estate company. As KleenRiteNow Maid Services franchise owner you will be expected to offer the following cleaning services. One Time Whole House Cleaning This service is generally utilized when homeowner is selling house or before or after party or other event at home. All carpets must be vacuumed; all tile or wood floors mopped all toilets and sinks cleaned all counters and cabinet fronts wiped down; and all furniture appliances and window sills dusted. Regularly Scheduled Whole House Cleaning Cleaning services can be regularly scheduled on weekly bi weekly or monthly basis. During each visit all carpets must be vacuumed; all tile or wood floors mopped all toilets and sinks cleaned all counters and cabinet fronts wiped down; and all furniture appliances and window sills dusted.

Special Cleaning Services You will offer cleaning of windows window blinds and curtains and steam cleaning of furniture at our established rates. Sales of KleenRiteNow Cleaning Products After providing cleaning service you will leave brochure and order form for our eco friendly cleaning products. Whenever possible you will deliver products and collect monies within one week of receiving the order. As specified by our franchise contract the following requirements must be met to the satisfaction of the KleenRiteNow Maid Services corporate office. Your personnel must pass background checks. Description. You must submit an application with social security number and accurate information and signature for each employee to our head office which will do criminal and credit history background check and give you the results. KleenRiteNow has always advertised that our employees have all passed background checks. Our company guarantees that our clients’ homes and valuables will be safe. Your personnel must wear KleenRiteNow uniforms. Description. The KleenRiteNow uniform consists of KleenRiteNow shirt black jeans or trousers and black athletic shoes. Uniform shirts may be purchased from the head office at wholesale prices. Your company vehicle must be in good condition and must bear KleenRiteNow magnetic signs. Description. The vehicle—generally van or station wagon—in which cleaning personnel arrive at clients’ homes must be in good condition with no major dents scratches cracked or broken windows or uneven paint coverage. Our magnetic signs which will be provided free of cost to your franchise must be posted on both passenger and driver sides of the vehicle during all business usage of the vehicle. Magnetic signs maximum of with KleenRiteNow logo and your contact number will be provided for you free of charge when your franchise is approved. Replacement signs will be at your cost. Your personnel must use only KleenRiteNow products. Description. Our cleaning products are hypoallergenic and eco friendly and must be used at all times. The use of non scented earth friendly cleaning products is major selling point with our clients. Using our products exclusively also helps to sell our products to our clients and their associates. Your personnel must not smoke or drink on clients’ premises. Description. KleenRiteNow guarantees that no smoking or alcohol of any kind will be allowed anywhere on clients’ premises. Your personnel may never smoke in home may not stand in yard or driveway for ‘smoke break ’ and no alcohol may be consumed during lunch or at any other time while on client’s premises. KleenRiteNow provides training for all our new franchisees and their employees. Our two day training sessions are held in New York Toronto and Minneapolis and are only $399 per person. As our franchises expand we may offer training at additional sites. All franchisees must attend training sessions before opening their business.

We also offer free ongoing lessons and tips on our internet site. Of special interest to you will be our instructions on how to create your own local marketing plan. On site training – Day Cleaning Methods and Products; Day Reporting and Other Business Practices for Franchisees. Web based training – As we develop new products and new methods we add lessons to our internet site. You will receive an email alert when new lesson or tip has been added. DVD training – All attendees will leave with DVDs of our methods and tips about product usage to review at their leisure. An owner or employee who has trained at one of our hands on sessions may use the DVD to train new employee. Printed manuals – Every KleenRiteNow franchise will receive printed manual of procedures and requirements. Ready to Really Clean Up in Business. Become KleenRiteNow Maid Services Owner.

Contrary to popular opinion you don’t need to be rich or have an MBA to get rich in business. For as little as $30 you can purchase KleenRiteNow Maid Services franchise. We’ve already established the brand the products and the services and we’ll teach you what you need to know to go out there and mop up the competition. KleenRiteNow franchise is perfect for married couples families business partners and established entrepreneurs. If you’re just starting out and can’t afford to hire staff you can do the work yourself. After your efforts have made you wealthy you can hire cleaners and sit back and collect the profits. KleenRiteNow Maid Services started in in New York City. Now we are known as leaders in residential cleaning services throughout the northern United States and across Canada. Interested in being your own boss. Review the enclosed information fill out our application and let’s get down to business. Lawrencia Summers KleenRiteNow Maid Services Franchise Selling Sample Proposal This sample was written using these Proposal Pack templates.

Cover Letter Business Plan Title Page Training Plan Requirements Case Study Services Provided Business Development This sample proposal was created using Proposal Pack Bubbles #1. Purchase and download Proposal Pack Bubbles #1 IMPORTANT NOTE. You can use any of the Proposal Pack design themes to create your proposal with different accent graphics than this sample uses. For example you could use different Proposal Pack style and recreate this sample with different visual look. Proposal Kit also offers services to create custom design themes such as creating new page header graphics altering colors of existing designs changing font styles or incorporating your own logo into every template. This sample is intended for use as guide for you to get ideas on how to create your own proposal. Most proposals will start with Cover Letter Title Page Executive or Client Summary and Cost Summary or Estimate then will include additional material as needed. Use the Proposal Pack editable templates to assemble your own framework and then fill in the blanks with the content just as this sample was created from Proposal Pack set of templates. Your proposal and quote could be just couple pages long or over hundred pages long depending on your needs all created with one affordable Proposal Pack. PDF samples are not editable. You MUST buy retail Proposal Pack for the editable templates. Sample proposals are included for illustration purposes to show how Proposal Packs can be used to create wide variety of business proposals and other complex business documents.

Proposal Pack templates and samples may not be distributed as is or made publically available including but not limited to posting online. For example our sample proposals and stock editable templates may not be redistributed as is. You can use these samples and templates to create your own unique proposals to send to your recipients. Make sure to read the full license agreement included with your Proposal Kit product if you have any questions about how the materials can and cannot be used. The license agreement is also available on our web site at. http. www.proposalkit.com htm license.htm All Proposal Kit materials are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

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