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Mining Safety Sample Proposal
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The Mining Safety Training Services Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal to offer services in the mining industry.

This is a good example to follow for anyone looking for mining project or training related services.
Length of Sample: 15 Pages

There are thousands of proposal topics to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack topics: Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Cost Summary, Goals and Objectives, Simulations, Classes, Regulations, Equipment, Environmental, Health and Wellness, Company History, Rights, Best Practices.
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The Mining Safety Training Services Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal to offer services in the mining industry.

This is a good example to follow for anyone looking for mining project or training related services.

Anyone proposing to sell training or safety related services or involved in the mining industry.
Sample business proposals are completed examples of business proposals, business plans and other business documents you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business document. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the document. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Mining Safety Sample Proposal

October 20xx Arthur Shepard President WindWest Mining Company 932 Custer Avenue Cheyenne WY Dear Mr. Shepard

Congratulations on the formation of your new mining company. As you know mining can be dangerous occupation. Each year many mining companies are fined for safety violations and—in the worst cases—have serious and even fatal accidents on their mining sites. To ensure the safety of all your personnel and the success of your mining enterprise training is absolutely crucial. We are one of the most experienced mine safety training companies in the west. With more than twelve years of teaching under our belts we have proven track record of training miners how to create successful safe mining business. After your employees and managers have passed our intensive week long course and put all their knowledge to daily use you can feel confident about passing all tests with flying colors when the MSA inspector comes calling at your site. I look forward to discussing your needs with you next week. Sincerely Georgia Kingmak Mine Safety Training Administrator Kingmak Safety Training

406 555 5555 georgia@KingmakSafetyTraining.com www.KingmakSafetyTraining.com Kingmak Safety Training 11 Mineral Road Whitefish MT PH 406 555 5555

FX 406 555 5556 www.KingmakSafetyTraining.com Mining Safety Training Program October 20xx Prepared for. Arthur Shepard President Prepared by. Georgia Kingmak Owner To ensure the safety of all your personnel and the success of your mining enterprise training is absolutely crucial. After your employees and managers have passed our intensive week long course you can feel confident about passing all tests with flying colors when your site is inspected. Proposal Number. 48 245B Goals and Objectives

Methodology Qualifications Our week long course seeks to meet the following goals and objectives. Goals and Objectives. Teach mining workers their rights under the law See the Rights page for more information. Teach miners about the regulations they must follow Mining is regulated by many different organizations. See the Regulations page for list of topics we will discuss. Teach miners how to protect themselves against variety of safety hazards Mining is inherently dangerous occupation. We will instruct participants in how to check for hazards and in the proper use of safety equipment.

Practice through simulations By participating in various simulations participants will learn what to look for to prevent hazardous situations and how to react should an emergency occur. Our Mining Safety course is five day forty hour course. Classes typically meet from 8. am to 5. pm with one hour break for lunch from noon to pm. Our week of classes will consist of the following. MONDAY. Introduction to Mining Work and Your Rights This class will be an overview of the types of jobs and issues found in the mining industry as well as the rights and responsibilities of miners and mining companies. See the Regulations and Rights pages in this proposal for more information. TUESDAY. General Health Wellness and Safety In this class we will discuss the common health and safety issues encountered by miners and how to protect against illness and injury. See the Health and Wellness and the Best Practices pages for more information. WEDNESDAY. Equipment Safety Many mining accidents are due to equipment failure or improper use of equipment. In this class we will learn how to inspect all types of equipment to prevent problems and how to safely use different types of equipment. See the Equipment page for more information. THURSDAY. Environmental Issues Miners must be aware of variety of environmental issues not only to ensure their own safety but to ensure that the mining site will be safe environment for the workers and the surrounding community. See the Environmental page for more information about topics we will cover. FRIDAY. Simulations & Testing On our final day of class all participants will interact in various simulations of possible emergency situations. We will also conduct written and oral testing to be sure that all participants fully understand what has been taught during the week. See the Simulations page for possible simulated situations. All participants will be given class notebook that is theirs to keep as well as certificate of course completion. The notebook contains nearly pages of valuable reference information. Mining activity is regulated by The Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of also known as the MINER Act which amended the Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977. The MINER Act spells out the regulations and responsibilities of miners and mining companies. The agency in charge of enforcement is the Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA.

Mining operations are also subject to other regulations such as those imposed by FDA EPA and OSHA as well as to regulations from local authorities. We will learn what all these regulations mean for miners. We will discuss the following requirements that are of interest to miners. Required Accident Preparedness and Emergency Response Plans Requirements for Rescue Teams Communications Requirements Incident Reporting Requirements Equipment and Technology Requirements

Scholarship and Grant Programs for Miners We will also discuss the roles and responsibilities of the many different governmental offices that oversee mining operations. See also the Rights page for list of the rights of miners established by the MSHA that will be discussed in class. All mining workers are entitled to certain rights under the Mining Act of 1977. Partipants will learn their rights and responsibilities in class as well as how to report incidents or complaints to the proper authorities. The following rights will be discussed. The right to testify assist or participate in any proceeding instituted under the Mining Act of 1977. The right to file complaint with the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. The right to refuse to work in unsafe or unhealthy conditions. The right to refuse to work at the mine if you do not have the required health and safety training. The right to have medical evaluation after exposure to hazardous substances and the right to be considered for transfer to different job if the medical evaluation indicates problems.

Miners and mining companies have responsibilities as well as rights. See the Regulations page to learn more. Miners are subject to variety of potential health hazards. The following will be discussed in class. How to Protect Against Back Injuries and Other Muscle Injuries Many mining jobs are physically stressful particularly on the back. We'll discuss the general fitness required of miners as well as how to protect against various common injuries with special emphasis on repetitive motion injuries. How to Protect Your Lungs Miners are frequently subjected to dusty conditions and sometimes to conditions in which hazardous gasses may be present or other breathing hazards such as silica or asbestos. They may also work in areas in which diseases such as hantavirus are risks. We will learn about different types of masks and respirators the conditions in which each is warranted and their proper use. How to Avoid Heat Stress Many mines are hot environments and miners need to protect themselves against heat exhaustion and heat stroke. We will cover how to protect against these problems as well as how to recognize and treat these conditions. How to Deal with Noise Issues Whether they are working in surface mines or underground tunnels miners are subject to hearing damage from excessive noise levels. We'll learn how to protect against hearing damage.

Assorted Environmental Health Issues Miners must constantly look for potential safety hazards in their environment. These might be structural like ensuring that walls and ceilings are sufficiently shored up invisible problems like the presence of radon or asbestos water leakage that could indicate possible flood potential or electrical hazards combinations of hazardous chemicals potential for fires and so forth. See the Environmental pages for more information. Our classes will focus on teaching the following best practices of mining. Inspect the work environment for safety hazards before beginning your shift. Inspect equipment and correct problems before beginning operation. Wear fall protection when there is any risk of falling. Sound an audible warning before starting equipment. Wear seat belts and other required safety gear while operating equipment. Set brakes safely position wheels and power down before leaving equipment. Before approaching any piece of equipment make visual contact with the operator and receive acknowledgment from the operator.

Never pass under work under or allow others to work under suspended loads. Barricade off hazardous areas. Use all metering devices as instructed. Use all safety gear as instructed. Promptly report any safety concerns violations or incidents to supervisor. A big part of mining safety is learning how to safely operate and work around heavy equipment. Many injuries occur each year due to equipment failures or due to faulty use of equipment. Although we cannot teach participants how to use all types of equipment we will discuss how to perform routine safety checks on equipment how to find out the safety equipment and training required for operators and discuss how to safely work around heavy equipment. Our instruction will include the following types of equipment. Front end loaders and dump trucks

Tunnel boring and drilling machines Backhoes and trackhoes Cranes Conveyor belts Scissor lifts and forklifts Jackhammers and various drills Jacks and other support equipment Measuring devices such as oxygen meters pressure gauges radiation monitors etc. Fire suppression equipment Ventilation equipment

Elevators of various types Scaffolding Ladders Pulley systems Fall protection gear Note. Instructors may add to or subtract from the list above as needed to address the needs of particular mining site or company. Mining activities can have major impacts on the surrounding areas and communities. We teach our participants to recognize and prevent problems that may affect not only the health of workers at the mine site but those that could affect the local ecosystem well into the future. Some environmental protection activities are mandated by law; others are simply part of being good neighbor and heading off potential legal challenges against the mining company. Some of the issues we will discuss in class are.

Release of noxious gasses and fumes into the air Dumping of mine tailings that create slide hazards and or may wash into local water systems Noise issues created by operations of heavy machinery and use of explosives Use of toxic chemicals to extract minerals Transportation issues Leakage of toxic chemicals into aquifers and other groundwater systems Requirements for sealing inactive areas to protect the public Restoration of mined areas

Classroom learning can only go so far. Students need to practice what they have learned through hands on drills so the last day of class focuses on the following simulations. Simulation 1. Equipment Inspection One of the safety aspects we stress is to do an inspection of equipment to be used prior to operating it. Participants will learn to look for potential hazards such as worn or cracked pressure hoses and clamps leaky valves loose fittings frayed electrical wires cracked conduits and lack of proper grounding for electrical connections and so forth. Purpose We want participants to recognize potential hazards before they develop into emergency situations and to recognize what types of safety equipment are required for operation of different pieces of equipment. Description of Simulation In order to give participants practice we will either transport participants to an appropriate location or bring few pieces of equipment to the classroom site. Students will learn to inspect not only heavy machinery but smaller items such as testing and measuring equipment water hoses and nozzles fire suppression equipment and so forth. Instructors will ensure that some equipment problems are present and students will use checklist to inspect equipment. Students must also indicate the safety equipment required for use with various pieces of equipment. Instructors will correct and add to the discussions as needed.

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