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How to write your own EPA Federal Government Grant Proposal #2

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EPA Federal Government Grant Proposal #2
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The US Department of Environmental Protection Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP. This is an example of a Pollution Prevention Incentives for States Project proposal.

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Companies and individuals responding to government grant RFPs.

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EPA Federal Government Grant Proposal #2


Construction 3. DATE RECEIVED BY STATE State Application Identifier 4.DATERECEIVEDBYFEDERAL FederalIdentifier CttiNon Construction Non Construction

5. APPLICANT INFORMATION Legal Name. Arizona Department of Environmental Protection Organizational Unit. Waste Programs Address give city county state and zip code. North Washington Avenue Phoenix AZ Sheraton County Name and telephone number of the person to be contacted on matters involving this application give area code John Smith 000 0000

6. EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER EIN 7. TYPE OF APPLICANT. enter appropriate letter in box A. State H. Independent School Dist. B. County I. State Controlled Institution of Higher Learning C. Municipal J. Private University D. Township K. Indian Tribe . Interstate L. Individual F. Inter municipal M. Profit Organization G. Special DistrictN. Other Specify. 8. TYPE OF APPLICATION.

EContinuation Revision If Revision enter appropriate letter in box es. A. Increase Award B. Decrease Award C. Increase Duration D. Decrease Duration Other specify. Revised Application 9. NAME OF FEDERAL AGENCY. U.S. E.P.A.– Pollution Prevention 10. CATALOG OF FEDERAL DOMESTIC

11. DESCRIPTIVE TITLE OF APPLICANT’S PROJECT. Pollution PreventionGrant TITLE. Pollution Prevention Iti 12. AREAS AFFECTED BY PROJECT cities counties states etc.. Statewide 13. PROPOSED PROJECT. 14. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS OF. Start Date 00 Ending Date 00 a. Applicant b. Project 4 15. ESTIMATED FUNDING.


c. State $85.00 Table of Contents Project Narrative Budget Measurement Methodologies National Criteria Budget Information

BUDGET INFORMATION – Non Construction Programs Section – BUDGET SUMMARY Estimated Unobligated Funds New Or Revised Budget Grant Program Function Or Activity Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number

Federal Non Federal Federal Non Federal Total 66.708


Personnel Fringe Benefits $9297 Travel $2300 Equipment Supplies

Contractual Construction Other Total Direct Charges sum 6a+6h Indirect Charges Totals sum of 6i and 6j

Program Income Standard Form 424A 88 Prescribed by OMB Circular 102 Project Budget Arizona Pollution Prevention Grant Cooperative Agreement

Third Year 00 thru 00 State Match Total Personnel Costs Fringe Benefits. Fringe Benefits are computed at 24% for Federal Funds and 24% for State Match Funds for the DEP Travel. Out of State see separate travel list In State. In State travel cost based on State authorized mileage and per diem rates Equipment

Supplies Other. Training – Travel and Registration Fees Contractual see separate Contractual List Indirect Total Federal Grant Personnel

BUDGET CATEGORIES INFORMATION FROM SF 424 SECTION TOTALS ARIZONA POLLUTION PREVENTION GRANT Federal Grant Personnel FY Include and Indicate Vacant Positions Position Title Section Annual Salary Work Years

decimal Personnel Costs Environmental Health Specialist II Environmental Health Specialist II Personnel Category Totals 1.18 $37 Additional Personnel Costs – Pay Raise $ Fringe Benefits Total. 0.2400 297

Indirect Totals 0.4994 $23 Grand Total Personnel Costs $72 Federal Out of State Travel BUDGET CATEGORIES INFORMATION FROM SF 424A SECTION TOTALS ARIZONA POLLUTION PREVENTION GRANT Federal Out of State Travel FY Destination Purpose

Section Price Number of Trips Number Of People Kansas City KS

Pollution Seminar Pollution Seminar Exact locations are to be determined. Total Out of State Travel $1400 Federal In State Travel BUDGET CATEGORIES INFORMATION FROM SF 424A SECTION TOTALS ARIZONA POLLUTION PREVENTION GRANTS Federal In State Travel FY

In State Travel Purpose Section Number of People Day Trip Per Diem Training Overnight Per Diem

Training Overnight Lodging Training Motor Pool Charges Training Total In State Travel Federal Supplies BUDGET CATEGORIES INFORMATION FROM SF 424A SECTION TOTALS ARIZONA POLLUTION PREVENTION GRANT

Federal Supplies FY Supply Item Section Unit Price Quantity Office Supplies. Labels name tags paper toner folders binders

Printing of Fact Sheets & Reports Workshop Supplies Workshop Facilities Registration Fees for Training Registration Fees for Out of State Meetings Total Supplies Federal Contractual BUDGET CATEGORIES INFORMATION FROM SF 424A SECTION TOTALS

ARIZONA POLLUTION PREVENTION GRANT FEDERAL CONTRACTUAL FY Contract Purpose Section Unit Cost Pollution Prevention Showcase $4000 Total Contractual $4000


Personnel Costs Position Title Environmental Program Specialist Environmental Program Specialist II Environmental Health Specialists Environmental Health Engineer Environmental Engineer Personnel Totals Additional Personnel Costs – Pay Raise $1 Fringe Benefits $10

Indirect Total $27 Grand Total Personnel Costs $82 Background The Arizona Department of Environmental Protection desires to create an Arizona Green Business Program as part of collaborative effort to help business and government operations come into full compliance with current environmental regulations make progress toward preventing pollution and conserve vital resources. Through this program "green establishment" can receive logo to display on its premises for the public. It can also use the logo in advertising. The logo is intended to help consumers identify environmentally responsible facilities in both business and government. The program organizers want to use the public’s awareness of environmental issues to help foster – through consumer buying power—additional business advocates. Abstract The Arizona Department of Environmental Protection seeks to create the Arizona Green Business Program as collaborative effort to help business and government operations come into full compliance with environmental regulations become active in preventing pollution and conserving resources. Through this program green business will receive logo which they can display on their premises or advertise across multiple media. For example companies can use the logo in their advertisement campaigns. By using this logo consumers are alerted to the establishment’s commitment to the environment. This strategy was selected based on the perception that the public has become fully aware of the environmental movement and will "buy" with businesses that demonstrate the commitment to become "green".

Production Schedule Activity Recruit Orientation & Train AZ Green Program Field Staff Name Partners and Targeted Areas Create and Distribute Information Packets Green Business Development Program Launch Pilots Execute Full Program Disseminate Information Measure Performance Report Results Recycle with Lessons Learned

Activities The Department plans to target four areas for training and promotion to prevent pollution. automotive industry boating and marina establishments manufacturing and schools. The key activities of the program are. " Hands on sessions with owners of automotive maintenance shops serving individuals and fleet customers; issemination of outreach materials and programs to members of this sector; Focus program and training on the boating industry because of Arizona’s limited water and sensitivity to environmental damage as well as the importance of this sector to the well being of all its citizens; Manufacturing plants for control of wastes;

Schools because of the importance of educating the next generation on the responsibilities associated with sound environmental practices; Activities include the same organization format. Needs assessment Goal setting with constituents Program content creation Establish measurements for performance tracking

Deliver program Evaluate the results Project Deliverables The following is complete list of all project deliverables as stated in the proposal. Complete training date meeting dates survey summaries of similar programs in other states; track and report on correspondence and deliver program mission vision facility inspection checklists program logo and recognition procedures at all sites; Create outreach fliers Agenda attendance checklists facility reports verification documentation and recognition formats to all sites; Ensure that total program measurement is completed yearly e.g Number of meetings

Number of locations Number of participants at each site and in total Number of facilities applying to program Number of logos distributed Number of establishments receiving awards; Estimated cost and energy savings by target industry.

Final report is delivered to the State Legislature on progress made over the three years and the defined results as well as opportunities for continued improvement. Budget Insert detailed budget for the company. You can also use the Cost Summary template at the beginning of the proposal to show just the overall costs then detail them further in the Budget. Small proposals may only use one template or the other as you see fit. Annual Budgets Assets Insert Insert Insert Accounts Receivable

Insert Insert Insert List all other financial income. Insert Insert

Insert TOTAL ASSETS. A. Sum A. Sum A. Sum Expenses Accounts Payable Insert Insert Insert

Taxes Payable Insert Insert Insert Line of Credit Insert

Insert Insert Accrued Payroll Insert Insert Insert List all other expenses.

Insert Insert Insert TOTAL EXPENSES. E. Sum E. Sum E. Sum Surplus Deficit. Sum E

Sum E Sum E Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate. The above Budget does in no way constitute warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if specifications are changed cost of doing business changes or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by binding contract. This template was not required for the final proposal submitted to the government agency so it was not filled in. It is included in the sample as an optional template the proposal writer could have added. The final proposal submitted to the agency deleted this page from the framework. Evaluation In order to track the effectiveness of the project and to judge the outcome the following evaluation plan will be used.

The evaluation plan will be approached from both internal and external constituencies. We will use independent evaluators from environmental pollution agencies to assist in our field work. team will be tasked with the summative evaluation including the writing of report for the State Legislature. This will be the start of longitudinal studies to measure the ongoing effectiveness of our educational outreach on site programs and results of the logo program statewide. Data Collection. A data collection tool will be designed and executed for the Department at the beginning of the project and yearly thereafter. At the end of each year outreach efforts will be followed by outcomes reporting. The outcomes will be measured as follows. 100% of Arizona students are aware of the basic elements of pollution prevention; 95% of the automotive maintenance shops have been contacted and interviewed regarding pollution prevention over the three years of the project; 95% of our states’ residents will believe that pollution prevention is worthwhile; Residents attitudes toward pollution prevention efforts are statistically significant as "positive"; 95% of each category targeted e.g. automotive marine education and manufacturing establishments have been contacted regarding the program and their responses captured in new state wide data bank. Expected Results

Arizona Department of Environmental Protection expects to know the following at the end of the project. Financial Benefits How much money was saved or efficiencies gained by applying new pollution prevention tactics in each of the targeted business and public sector programs. Where do we need to place more effort in pollution prevention and how much should it cost. We anticipate 15% response to the surveys distributed each year and anticipate the number to rise each year subsequently; Technical Benefits

New technologies used in pollution prevention should have been showcased for the business and government communities to assist with our goals. Significance Because we plan to use outcome data that is empirical we project impact on the community as result of this project. There will be impact on each facility and organization that participates in our outreach programming. As result negative environmental impacts that have been ignored recently may be explored remedies put in place and people acknowledged for their efforts on behalf of the communities. The impact of the data collected could not be reported by miles traveled or by individual job repair as the factors vary significantly and we did not have the budget to do that type of assessment. However we have undercovered other significant factors that can be measured in the future and we anticipate applying for new funding to help us strengthen our estimation process as result of this grant. Partnerships The Department has formed strategic partnerships with the following companies and organizations. Leveraging our relationships with these leading resources will ensure that the end result of the project is more successful.

For example The Green Business Program is partnership among the Arizona Department of Environmental Protection Maricopa County Sheraton County Yucca County Siemens the Arizona State University and small companies located around the state. See complete list in Appendix A. The results of the Program will be shared across the U.S. Pollution Prevention Network Western Regional Pollution Network and the National Compliance Assistance Forum. Environmental The Green Business Program helps to advance the following goals. . The Arizona State policy set forth in the Omnibus Hazardous Waste Act as. "In the interest of protecting the public health and safety and the environment the legislature declare that it is the policy of the state to. 1. Encourage pollution prevention whenever technically and economically practicable without shifting risks from one part of process environmental medium or product to another and Reduce the amount of hazardous substances used and reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated in this state. . The environmental goals established in the Division’s performance partnership with the EPA include the following goals. Implement Source Water Protection such as wellhead protection protective local ordinances protective local use plans sources assesses as non susceptible and SWAP void of selected adjacent land uses. By reduce total pollutant loading point of source and non point source by 30% for 30% of the watersheds by developing baseline through monitoring by performing compliance assistance measures in accordance with the watershed plan and by increasing public involvement and partnership with stakeholders." Geographic Information Use the Geographic Information template to show information about the physical location of something such as your company building or the project job site. If you want or need to include additional information about the value of location also see the Location Analysis template. Insert description of the geographic location and any information related to why it is being included in the proposal. Primary Location

Location. Describe the geographic location. GPS Coordinates. Insert GPS location if applicable. Company Address1 Address2 City State PostalCode Country Map and Directions Mapping URL. Insert URL to mapping web site. Insert driving directions and map here.

This template was not required for the final proposal submitted to the government agency so it was not filled in. It is included in the sample as an optional template the proposal writer could have added. The final proposal submitted to the agency deleted this page from the framework. Capabilities John Smith has been funded by the Pollution Prevention Grant Program as an environmental health specialist in the Pollution Prevention Unit since 2000. His duty includes outreach under this grant and is an experienced public speaker networker and training manager. He holds master’s degree in environmental technology from California State University and master’s degree in psychology for Auburn University. He also holds certification as an auto mechanics teacher in the State of Arizona. Other staff members include. May Withers an environmental health specialist with the Pollution Prevention Unit. She has experience in business environmental assistance regulatory guidance and compliance. She holds bachelors degree in environmental studies from Rutgers University and has received numerous environmental awards. John O’Reilly is an environmental engineer and one of the experts in the Pollution Prevention Unit. He earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering and has several years experience as an engineer in the nuclear industry. In addition he is well known writer on environmental pollution issues. Jason Scott Lee is an environmental health specialist with the Pollution Prevention Unit. His expertise is in training and database management. He holds master’s degree in forest biometrics form Arizona State University and has worked with the Arizona Emergency Response Commission.

Qualifications When searching for high quality guaranteed product service Company has continually proven to be leader in this industry. This is demonstrated in the following ways. Insert your unique selling proposition USP here; what sets your company apart from your competition. List some specific points below Insert Unique Point #1 Insert Unique Point #2 Insert Unique Point #3

Specify the strengths of your company that are desired characteristics for this project Company has specialized in Insert major related field of expertise here since Insert year We have been cited by Insert independent reference here as leader in the Insert industry name industry. Our staff is comprised of over Insert count members who specialize in Insert major related field of expertise here and devote ourselves to continual improvement to maintain our leadership. State the specific need and identify exactly how you can meet or exceed the requirements Need #1 Insert statement about how you are qualified to meet this need Need #2 Insert statement about how you are qualified to meet this need Need #3 Insert statement about how you are qualified to meet this need Show your understanding of the benefits the client can expect. Show what might be lost if appropriate action is not taken. Identify or create areas of concern for which the client must be particularly careful. These "worry items" may be fundamental issues that other proposals may feel are too trivial to mention

This template was not required for the final proposal submitted to the government agency so it was not filled in. It is included in the sample as an optional template the proposal writer could have added. The final proposal submitted to the agency deleted this page from the framework. Letter of Transmittal Date. 00 Mr. Leif Magnuson Pollution Prevention Team Office of Policy & Management

U.S. EPA Region 75 Hawthorne Street San Francisco CA Re. Pollution Prevention Incentives for States PPIS Grant Assistance ID #.00000000 Dear Mr. Magnuson. Enclosed for your review is the Arizona Department of Enviromental Protection’s PPIS Grant Application for FY 0000. The application requests total of $170 which consists of $85 in federal monies and $85 in state match. Also enclosed are the detailed budget and narrative to justify the request our plans and statements of qualification. If you or any member of your staff has questions please contact me at 000 0000.

Sincerely John Smith Director Enclosure. Application

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