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DOH Federal Government Grant Proposal
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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP.

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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP. This is an example of a Support for Innovative Activities to Housing and Economic Development in Rural Areas proposal.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual applying for government grants.

Companies and individuals responding to government grant RFPs.
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DOH Federal Government Grant Proposal


Application Pre application Construction Construction 3. DATE RECEIVED BY STATE State Application Identifier 4. DATE RECEIVED BY FEDERAL AGENCY Federal Identifier; RH 20022 Non Construction Non Construction 5. APPLICANT INFORMATION Legal Name. Microbusiness & Housing Development Company

Organizational Unit. Non profit Organization Address give city county state and zip code. Fort Lee Avenue Redmond WA Name and telephone number of the person to be contacted on matters involving this application give area code Joan Smith 000 000 0000 6. EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER EIN. 7. TYPE OF APPLICANT. enter appropriate letter in box A. State H. Independent School Dist. B. County I. State Controlled Institution of Higher Learning C. Municipal J. Private University

D. Township K. Indian Tribe E. Interstate L. Individual nter municipal M. Profit Organization G. Special District N. Other Specify. 8. TYPE OF APPLICATION. F. IContinuation Revision If Revision enter appropriate letter in box es. A. Increase Award B. Decrease Award C. Increase Duration D. Decrease Duration Other specify.




f. Program Income IS THE APPLICANT DELINQUENT ON ANY FEDERAL DEBT. g. TOTAL Yes If "Yes " attach an explanation. Table of Contents Program Summary Narrative Response to Factors for Award

Documentation Worksheet Federal Assistance Funding Matrix The applicant must provide the funding matrix shown below listing each program for which Federal funding is being requested and complete the certifications. Program Applicant Share Federal Share State Share

Local Other Program Income Total Rural Housing and Economic Development Grand Totals

For FHIPs show both initiative and component For illustrations purposes some actual proposal content was redacted from the original proposal. Date 00 Processing and Control Unit Room Attention. Office of Rural Housing and Economic Development Office of Community Planning and Development Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 Seventh Street SW Washington DC Subject. Rural Housing and Economic Development

Dear Mr. Horwath. Microbusiness and Housing Development Company non profit housing provider is pleased to submit its proposal in response to the SuperNOFA regarding the Rural Housing and Economic Development Program. Last year our agency was awarded $700 in RHED funds to establish construction load to building housing for low income families in rural Arizona. The contract with HUD was signed in 2006. These monies leveraged other funding for our program. For example we have received an additional $500 from local organizations and committed it to the project. The first funding allowed us to build housing units for low income families. The need is great in rural Arizona. Although the first award is for three years we have been able to commit these funds very fast in response to significant needs in our area. Therefore we are submitting second proposal to help us continue the work and other economic development activities. The availability of Rural Housing and economic development funds has made tremendous impact on rural areas in Arizona. Please call me if there are any questions about this proposal. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely John Smith Executive Director

Housing Department Worksheet Checklist of Forms and Certifications Page Number Transmittal Letter Checklist and Submission Table of Contents Standard Form for Application for Federal Assistance SF 424 Statement of Work including summary and responses to factors for award Budget in support of Rating Factor

Documentation of Funds In Kind Services pledged in support of Rating Factor Required Certifications signed Certification for Drug Free Workplace HUD 50070 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions HUD 50071 Disclosure of Lobbying Activities SF LLL Applicant Recipient Disclosure Update Report HUD 2880 Applicant Nondiscrimination Certifications Certification Regarding Debarment and Suspension HUD 2992 Acknowledgement of Application Receipt HUD 2993 For nonprofit organizations copy of the IRS ruling providing tax exempt status under section of the IRS Code of Worksheet

Budget Information – Non Construction Programs Section Budget Summary Grant Program Function or Activity Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number Estimated Unobligated Funds New or Revised Budget Federal Non Federal Federal

Non Federal Total Rural Housing & Economic Dev 14 250 Totals Section – Budget Categories Object Class Categories Grant Program Function or Activity Total Personnel

Fringe Benefits Travel Equipment Supplies Contractual Construction

Other Total Direct Charges sum Indirect Charges Totals sum Program Income SF 424A

For illustrations purposes some actual proposal content was redacted from the original proposal. Worksheet Assurances – Non Construction The Worksheet template is typically used only for government grant proposals that require using very specific worksheet. These required worksheets are typically forms provided by the government agency you are submitting the proposal to. There are many different agencies and also different RFPs for each agency. If you are submitting proposals to different agencies or RFPs make sure to use the forms supplied by the agency for the specific RFP you are responding to. Forms may be titled the same and appear similar between different agencies and RFPs; however there could be differences. Make sure to get the most up to date form you are required to use from the government agency web site from which you got the original RFP instructions. Remove this instructional text and replace it all with the government agency supplied worksheet. This template is to be replaced with copy of the government agency Assurances – Non Construction Programs document. This document is supplied by the government agency. Abstract The Microbusiness and Housing Development Company seeks $500 of Rural Housing and Economic Development funds to support the Innovation in Housing Program. RHED funds are to be used to offer direct economic development assistance to retain and expand existing small businesses and micro enterprises in need of growth or guidance in their technologies and communications capabilities thus helping to bridge the digital divide.

Businesses engaged by the project will be located in the Tempe AZ area and other towns located on the US Mexico border. The project has several phases the first months of the project will provide low interest micro loans to small businesses and the micro enterprise borrower. These loans are often used for working capital equipment or inventory improvement. SBA loan funds will be coordinated with our effort which offers zero interest loans funded by RHED. Technical assistance will also be offered to help these businesses assess their technology needs identify new business opportunities stabilize their organizations and sustain the expansion of their businesses. Initial funds will help small businesses effect jobs and offer the opportunity for compliant residents to obtain living wage. Buy leveraging funds from RHED we are able to assist small businesses located in the EC EZ region. We project that the impact over five years will result in economic stabilization increased technology application and capabilities and assistance provided to over small and micro enterprise businesses. Capabilities NARRATIVE RESPONSE TO FACTORS FOR AWARD The Microbusiness and Housing Development Company is certified development financial institution CDFI incorporated in as nonprofit. Our mission is to facilitate "self sustaining rural communities" in which economic opportunity exists for all. We are an affiliate of larger educational consortium that has long history of providing services in rural Arizona. Our company has adequate resources e.g. staff procedures methodologies and experience to execute the work plan described in Rating Factor 3. We have six regional offices across the state which have lent in excess of $30 million in rural Arizona. We also provide full range of financial tools products and counseling to our clients. These products will compliment the grant as follows. Providing small business loans up to $5 000 to finance business and community development projects in rural areas often to expand businesses create employment opportunities or save existing jobs; First time micro loans to be used as working capital inventory or equipment;

Compliment USDA Intermediary Relending Program; Fixed asset loans; Blended mortgage loans and; Loans for redevelopment of community facilities owned by other nonprofits that are social educational or health care oriented for low income families. Qualifications Staff. community development officers; four loan packagers one loan underwriter processor and an asset recover manager.

Experience. worked closely with community based organizations and logged over years experience in technical assistance to housing & economic development projects Loan Package Experience. for full range of housing projects e.g. scattered sites multi unit housing subdivisions and economic development projects Financial Management and Compliance with Federal Accounting Standards. experience with federal accounting standards Program Design and Development Assembling Teams for Housing Projects and Operating Budget Expertise. Needs Assessment RATING FACTOR #2. NEED AND EXTENT OF THE PROBLEM Our region of Arizona includes small and isolated cities and are known as one of the poorest rural regions in the United States. Sometimes called "third world" by residents the area is blending of American and Mexican cultures. The population is predominantly Hispanic over 70% and the communities we serve include several of Arizona’s most crucial border crossings. With the collapse of the Mexican economy in the mid 1990’s there was an unprecedented migration to our area. The decline of the peso and the growth of the North American Free Trade Act contributed to economic devastation on both sides of the border. The target area we have combined population of 000.

The area is strongly tied to Mexico vulnerable to its economic eccentricities and must respond to mandates from the federal government. Unemployment rates are substantially higher then the nation as whole. It is currently about 5%. We also experience seasonal employment directly related to farm labor. According to the Arizona Department of Commerce major issue is the fact that the average weekly wage in the State is $600 while in our area it is $200. One hundred percent of the children in our area are eligible for the Federal free lunch program. Approach The Microbusiness and Housing Development Company anticipates using the RHED funds to stimulate number of economic development activities in the rural communities in the Arizona Border Region. RHED funds in amounts up to $6 will be used to provide zero interest loans to qualified small and micro enterprise businesses to help them acquire or upgrade their equipment management information systems or communications facilities. The load can be blended with low interest SBA loan funds to use toward the purchase of additional inventory equipment or working capital. Our approach is to blend the two sources of funding and create substantial source of very low interest rate loans available to stimulate the economy. The infusion of $500 into the local economy will strengthen the programs ability to meet the needs and build stronger capacity for small and Microbusiness enterprises in the area.

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