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DOE Federal Government Grant Proposal
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The US Department of Education Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP.

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The US Department of Education Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP. This is an example of a Fund for the Improvement of PostSecondary Education proposal.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual applying for government grants.

Companies and individuals responding to government grant RFPs.
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DOE Federal Government Grant Proposal

APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL ASSISTANCE 2. DATE SUBMITTED Applicant Identifier 1. TYPE OF SUBMISSION. Application Pre application Construction Construction 3. DATE RECEIVED BY STATE

State Application Identifier 4. DATE RECEIVED BY FEDERAL AGENCY Federal Identifier Non Construction Non Construction 5. APPLICANT INFORMATION Legal Name. John Simpson Organizational Unit. Non Profit Foundation Address give city county state and zip code. Money Street Redmond WA Name and telephone number of the person to be contacted on matters involving this application give area code

6. EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER EIN. 7. TYPE OF APPLICANT. enter appropriate letter in box A. State H. Independent School Dist. B. County I. State Controlled Institution of Higher Learning C. Municipal J. Private University D. Township K. Indian Tribe E. Interstate L. Individual

nter municipal M. Non Profit Organization G. Special District N. Other Specify. 8. TYPE OF APPLICATION. F. IContinuation Revision If Revision enter appropriate letter in box es. A. Increase Award B. Decrease Award C. Increase Duration

D. Decrease Duration Other specify. 9. NAME OF FEDERAL AGENCY. U.S. Department of Education 10. CATALOG OF FEDERAL DOMESTIC ASSISTANCE NUMBER. 11. DESCRIPTIVE TITLE OF APPLICANT’S PROJECT. TITLE. Criteria for Resources Used by People With Disabilities 12. AREAS AFFECTED BY PROJECT cities counties states etc. Boston MA 13. PROPOSED PROJECT. 14. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS OF. MA

Start Date 00 Ending Date 00 a. Applicant Non Profit Foundation b. Project 15. ESTIMATED FUNDING. 16. IS APPLICATION SUBJECT TO REVIEW BY STATE EXECUTIVE ORDER PROCESS. a. Federal Year One $500 000.00

a. YES. THIS PREAPPLICATION APPLICATION WAS MADE AVAILABLE TO THE STATE EXECUTIVE ORDER PROCESS FOR REVIEW ON. b. Federal Year Two $500 000.00 c. Federal Year Three $500 000.00 d. Federal Year Four $500 000.00

E Total Federal $2 000.00 F Total Cost Share $3 000.00 IS THE APPLICANT DELINQUENT ON ANY FEDERAL DEBT. g. TOTAL $5 000.00


e. Date Signed Table of Contents Project Overview Needs Project Design Appendices Date. 00 0000 Name. John Simpson

Title. Vice President for Finance & Administration Organization Non Profit Foundation Address. 5 Money Street

Redmond WA Telephone. 000 0000 000 0000 Project Purpose. To develop and promote open access specifications and support the execution models that assist people with disabilities seeking access to learning resources. Grant Request. $2 000.00 Cost Sharing.

$3 000.00 Total Request. $5 000.00 Project Timeline. 00 0000 to 00 Partners. Blackboard.com; JZZ Learning Company Educational Testing Service IBM Oracle Pearson Learning Resources Microsoft Corporation Virtual Schools. Non Profit Foundation 5 Money Street Redmond WA

PH 000 0000 FX 000 0000 Project Criteria for Learning Resources Used by People with Disabilities Prepared for. U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education FIPSE Prepared by. John Simpson Vice President for Finance & Admnistration Description

Our partnership seeks to create develop and support open access specifications and execute models which people with disabilities will have access to distributed learning. The specifications will involve the entire community of payers and providers of learning resources. Project activities are designed to impact learning environments and demonstrate impact on accessibility for the disabled. CFDA #. 00.000 Abstract The partnership created among nonprofits corporations schools colleges universities social service agencies hospitals and technologists involves four year initiative focused on distributed learning. The collaborative worked to develop promote and evaluate open access specifications and encourage the execution of models which enabled people with disabilities to access distributed learning resources. The entire community is affected by this work and project activities are focused on demonstrating results with the online learning resources available at multiple locations around the community. The Non Profit Foundation JZZ Learning Corporation IBM Microsoft Blackboard.com the Library of Congress and others will lead the project. Guided is also being given by industry partners focused on providing learning solutions for the disabled. The Educational Testing Service ETS will serve ad an advisor along with Pearson Learning Solutions Sun Microsystems Oracle and Virtual University. Plans are for the solutions developed to serve the online learning industry especially technologists developers curriculum developers and platform designers. Solutions are aimed at providing benefit to the nation’s million disabled persons. Project Background Criteria for Learning Resources Used by People with Disabilities

The Non Profit Foundation and its partners project four year integrated initiative which involves major stakeholders from every facet of the distributed learning. This Partnership will develop and promote open access specifications and support execution models which enable people with disabilities to access distributed learning resources. Provisions will involve and serve the entire community of public and private companies organizations and individuals developing learning resources. Project activities and their outcomes are expected to impact the accessibility of online resources in every conceivable learning environment. including Pre 12 vocational and post secondary education the government the military nonprofit social services in faculty development and workplace training. The Public Broadcasting Foundation’s Center for Accessible Media NCAM and the JZZ Learning Consortium will co lead the Project. Committed industry partners include Blackboard Inc. Educational Testing Service ETS Pearson Education Sun Microsystems PeopleSoft Saba Software and the Virtual University. Advisors include the leadership of membership organizations in education and disability. Disabled end users will contribute to identification of barriers and evaluation of proposed solutions. Fabricated solutions will serve the online learning industry technology developers content providers and platform providers and the ninety percent of the nation's postsecondary institutions which enroll students with disabilities. Solutions will benefit the nation's estimated million deaf or hard of hearing people million blind or visually impaired people and the people with motor impairments. Partnerships Project Partners and letters of commitment are found in the Appendix. Partners include. Blackboard Inc. Educational Testing Service ETS Pearson Education Sun Microsystems Oracle Saba Software

Educational Testing Service ETS The Public Television Educational Foundation pioneered captioning and video description on television and on the Web and is founding member of the Web Accessibility Initiative WAI of the World Wide Web Consortium W3C. It has directed and participated in standards setting activities related to built in television closed caption decoders delivering captions and video descriptions through digital broadcasting multimedia delivery of captions for the Web and CD ROMs and Website navigation for users with disabilities. Our staff has served on the Texas Education Agency's Task Force on Electronic Textbook Accessibility the NY State Task Force on Post Secondary Education and Students with Disabilities the American Foundation for the Blind's Textbooks and Instructional Materials Solutions Forum and the Federal Access Board's Electronic and Information Technology Access Advisory Committee. The JZZ Global Learning Consortium is world wide coalition supported by members representing all stakeholder constituencies in the distributed learning industry. More than companies education and training concerns are members of the Developers Network. Over organizations including colleges and universities the Department of Defense the Department of Labor and companies such as Pearson Education Microsoft Sun Microsystems Apple IBM Blackboard Saba PeopleSoft WebCT and Eduprise are Contributing Members. IMS' mission is to facilitate the delivery of internet based distributed learning technology to all users and all use environments world wide. Significance Advantages for learners and professionals with disabilities. This Project will have pervasive impact on access by people with disabilities in every conceivable learning environment 12 vocational and post secondary education the government and the military and in faculty development and workplace training. The development of Partnership Working Group on Access will impact the accessibility of online resources nationally and world wide by actively engaging leading companies involved in product development institutions implementing distributed learning environments and international standards organizations Advantages for all learners. This Project will enrich the overall learning experience by proliferating presentation methods and the exploitation of alternative devices which correspond to students' various learning styles. All learners will benefit from this initiative whether they are physically disabled learning disabled or simply prefer reading text which accompanies audio employing speech output or utilizing hands free access. There is general agreement among educators that offering multiple methods of presentation and multiple avenues for exploration of concepts offers the best solution for all learners. Impact on institutions publishers and Web developers using partners' content and technology. The commitment of project partners to develop and implement solutions which serve students with disabilities will set standard of performance within the online education industry. Thousands of instructors administrators institutions and publishers currently using Project partners' technology platforms will benefit from specifications and resources that enable alternate access methods. The commitment from project partners major platform providers technology developers educational publishers and assessment services to implementing access specifications will contribute to the accessibility of electronic content in every educational arena. Needs Assessment According to the National Center for Education Statistics NCES 54% percent of higher

education institutions offered distance learning courses in 2005 06. NCES also reports steady rise in the number of students with disabilities entering post secondary education. Seventy nine percent of the nation's postsecondary institutions reported enrolling students with disabilities. Once students with disabilities do obtain degree the NCES analysis suggests that they experience employment and professional outcomes similar to those of students without disabilities. Equal percentages of college graduates with and without disabilities were employed either full or part time were compensated at similar rates of pay and were likely to enroll in graduate school. However postsecondary students with disabilities are less likely to obtain degree than their nondisabled peers. Many factors contribute to this lower enrollment and higher attrition but clearly easy and equal access to online learning environments can help level the playing field by removing barriers to resources. Increasingly all students in class utilize institution wide learning platforms and Web based resources that enable both distance learning and online educational support. Half of all college students own personal computers making on campus online education as pervasive as distance learning. Teachers post resources which include Web page addresses PDF documents or streaming media presentations; they conduct online classes and tutorials and many offer virtual office hours via mail. Educational publishers provide online resources to supplement and in some cases to replace classroom texts. Yet most of the learning platforms and almost all of the content used by these institutions present serious and pervasive barriers for students with sensory disabilities. The picture is equally grim for instructors and administrators. Design The Non Profit Foundation has long and successful history of developing and proliferating technologies and standards which address the needs of industry while serving the interests of people with disabilities. However resolution of technical barriers and development of recommended practices is only half the battle. Integration and implementation of the specifications and solutions into the budgets practices and products of developers is an ongoing and serious challenge. his Project encompasses the key components needed to effect major change including detailing industry specifications technical solutions evaluated by end users and industry implementations all of which will occur in highly visible forum.

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