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HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal
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The US Department of Health and Human Services Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP.

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The US Department of Health and Human Services Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP. This is an example of an ACF / OCS Community Economic Development Awards Grant proposal.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual applying for government grants.

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HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal

FEDERAL ASSISTANCE 2 DATES 00 0000 Applicant Identifier 1. TYPE OF SUBMISSION Pre application 3 DATE BY STATE State Application Identifier DATE RECEIVED BY FEDERAL AGENCY Federal Identifier

Non Construction APPLICANT INFORMATION AL LOCAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Unit. Development Office 1426 West 30th Street Indianapolis Indiana John Smith Director 7.TYPEOFAPPUCANT. Nonprofit Corporation TYPE OF APPLICATION NEW

E3U ~t .. NAME OF FEDERAI AGENCY. DHHS ACF OCS 10. CATALOG Isqft IS. ESTIMATED FUNDING. a. Federal b. Applicant C. Sta1e d. Local Other

Program Income Total $ 192 ATTACHED ASSURANCES AS$STANCE iS AWARDED. John Smith Director 00 0000

Budget Information BUDGET INFORMATION – Non Construction Programs Section – BUDGET SUMMARY Estimated Unobligated Funds New Or Revised Budget Grant Program Function Or Activity Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Number Federal

Non Federal Federal Non Federal Total CSBG Grant 93.570 $1 000 Totals


Total Personnel Fringe Benefits Travel Equipment Supplies Contractual Construction Other Total Direct Charges sum 6a+6h

Indirect Charges Totals sum of 6i and 6j Program Income Standard Form 424A 88 Prescribed by OMB Circular 102 Table of Contents Need for Assistance Criterion Organizational Profiles & Responsibilities Criterion II Project Approach Business Plan Criterion III

Results or Benefits Expected Criterion IV Public Private Partnerships Criterion Project Evaluation Criterion VI Budget and Budget Justification Criterion VII Appendices Narrative Budget Justification The Local Development Corporation seeks $435 OCS grant as part of $1 000 cost for developing the Happy Park Retail Center and $3 for travel to OCS meetings. The funds will cover the construction of 000 square foot project. The remaining funds needed to complete the project are provided by the Local Support Corporation LSC loans GE Capital Loan and or loan from another lender plus equity contributions from project owners. The Happy Park Retail Center will be owned by the Local Development Corporation and will partner with other retailers to manage the project. The Center will become an attractive asset to declining neighborhood. It will also offer retail services and jobs to low income residents.

The OCS requires that applicants include travel costs in their request for funding. The President and Evaluator on the project plan to attend two day meetings to be held in Washington D.C. after the grant award. In addition the President will travel to annual meetings during the period of the grant. The summary below details the travel costs. Travel for John Smith President Two trips to Washington D.C. $480 roundtrip airfare per trip one trip after the award of the grant and one trip after two of project Three days in Washington D.C. $180 allowance per day hotel cost $150 per day and food allowance of $30 per day Total $1500 Two trips to Washington D.C. $480 per roundtrip airfare per trip

Three days in Washington D.C. $180 per day Total $1500 Abstract The Local Development Corporation plans to offer 000 square feet of affordable retail space in new building which will developed by its local partners as collaborative effort to renew declining neighborhood. It is anticipated that the space will be leased by businesses offering to create new jobs for low income residents. Grant funds will be used for construction hard costs to develop and lease new 000 sq. ft. retail building that will be owned by Local Development Corporation and John Jones successful business owner and neighborhood property owner. Please see Attachment for Memorandum of Understanding between LDC and Sam Thomas. This project will create new permanent full time jobs. At least 70% of the jobs created by this project will be targeted for low income neighborhood residents. LDC will seek to insure that area residents who are TANF recipients; low income residents including displaced workers; at risk teenagers; custodial and non custodial parents particularly those of children receiving TANF assistance; individuals residing in public housing; individuals who are homeless and individuals with development disabilities are the primary beneficiaries of project employment and career development opportunities. Construction of the building for the neighborhood retail center is expected to begin in September and be completed by March 0000. Construction for the tenant build out or tenant improvements will be done in accordance with lease agreements. It is expected that all construction will be completed space leased and jobs filled by December 0000.

SUMMARY The Local Local Development Corporation LDC a CDC in Indianapolis Indiana is seeking grant from the Office of Community Services OCS Community Economic Development Program under Priority Area 2A. Incremental Development Projects IDP. Incorporated in the mission of LDC is to promote economic and physical development within the Local UNWA. As part of this mission LDC is undertaking the development of the Happy Park Retail Center 000 sq. ft. structure that will be leased to provide neighborhood retail services and employment opportunities. This project creates permanent full time jobs for low income residents and will serve as an important catalyst for future retail development on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MLK Street primary neighborhood artery that has experienced significant disinvestment. The Local is an economically distressed area with high unemployment and poverty. The area is designated Enterprise Community and local Urban Redevelopment Area. UNWA is composed of five neighborhoods governed by five neighborhood associations. Northwest Neighborhood Planning and Development Corporation Neighbors Helping Neighbors Northwest Way Civic Association Riverside Civil League and Crown Hill Neighborhood Association. UNWA is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis and extends from 16th Street on the south to 38th Street on the north and from the White River on the west to Interstate and Meridian Street on the east. UNWA includes residential neighborhoods that were platted before the turn of the century. Most of the houses were constructed in the early part of the century. The Indianapolis Central Canal which opened in was once major source of industrial residential and economic growth for the neighborhood and the city. Some of the city's wealthiest residents lived in the Golden Hill residential section of the area. UNWA became home to several major businesses industrial locations as well as public and private facilities including the city's first community center to serve African American families and the nation's largest children's museum. In the 1950's UNWA like many of the nation's urban communities began to experience blight and deterioration due to economic disinvestment and residential decline. While historically the Local has been one of Indianapolis' most economically distressed areas it is now beginning to attract significant development interest. Due to its close proximity to the downtown business district central location access to Interstate and availability of large parcels of vacant land the neighborhood is experiencing substantial increase in housing development. An increase in area residents is fueling demand for additional neighborhood retail services. Presently the UNWA community has under representation of retail services. The Happy Retail Center will address this deficiency by attracting new businesses to provide retail services and jobs for low income area residents. LDC embodies consolidated community leadership and is playing prominent role in facilitating neighborhood redevelopment.

Project Summary The Local Development Corporation community development corporation located in Indianapolis Indiana seeks grant loan from the Office of Community Services OCS FY0000 Community Economic Development Program under Priority Area 2A. Incremental Development Projects IDP. Founded in the mission of the Local Development Corporation is to promote economic and physical development in the northwest sector of our region. This effort is aligned to the mission and will provide an opportunity for new structure to arise in declining areas local businesses to expand and jobs to be provided to low income individuals. The project creates full time permanent jobs for low income residents and will serve as the catalyst for future retail establishments in the area. The area is economically depressed with high unemployment and residents who are living 200% below the national poverty level. The target area is composed of different neighborhoods governed by independent neighborhood associations. The Local Development Corporation is located in the center of the neighborhoods. The area includes residential neighborhoods that were built at the beginning of the 20th century. The Indianapolis Central Canal which started in was once the key source of industrial residential and economic growth. typical story of declining neighborhood once home to some of the city’s wealthiest residents now has great needs for revitalization. Recently the neighborhoods have been showing signs of attracting development interest. They are close to the downtown area and busy Interstate and also located near available large parcels of land. The area is also experiencing population growth. All these factors are fueling the demand for more local retail services. Previously the Local Development Corporation focused its efforts on development agenda which included the construction of unit multi family development for low income seniors Jason’s House. This work was done with the cooperation of the local Baptist Church. Next we worked to develop unit market rate and affordable home ownership project called the River’s Edge. This project represents the first mass production of housing in the area in over years. Our track record includes working with local partners to develop and sell affordable homes with average sale price of $85 000; finishing market rate units in Phase of the River’s Edge for sale at $125 000; and growing the home owner buyer development program for low income families. Although we have made solid progress we have also experienced the frustrations that accompany slow economic growth and cultural changes over the years. The community represents very important link to downtown Indianapolis. Its main street runs through the Indiana University campus and Purdue University campus.

Our project emphasizes balanced financing plan ensuring that good portion of the project’s construction hard cost comes from local sources that are committed to the long term revitalization of our area. Executive Summary The Local Development Corporation represents the combined community leadership and plays key role in motivating neighborhood revitalization. The Objective The Local Development Corporation is committed to transforming the decaying and declining housing units boarded up units and turning them into safe and sanitary homes. The effort will focus on home ownership for low and moderate income families by. onstructing compatible in fill housing where needed; einvesting in and developing area commercial and retail businesses to revitalize the neighborhoods economic base; oordinate infrastructure improvements and plan development in an orderly manner and; Grow participation of local families in order to involve them in the decision making processes that lead to low term improvements that can be maintained. The project offers employment career development business ownership and self sufficiency opportunities to low income residents who also receive government subsidies. The goal is to provide them with opportunities to remove themselves for dependence on government subsidies and become self sufficient.

The proposed development is located along busy commercial corridor that can be turned into an opportunity for economic growth for the neighborhood. Local Local Development Corporation Inc. LDC is non profit corporation. For confirmation of our non profit status please see Proof of Non Profit Status. Our Board of Directors is comprised of residents business and civic leaders. LDC's principal purpose is to promote economic development and physical development in the Local UNWA. This application is for only one project and responds to Priority Area 2A. Incremental Development Projects IDP. LDC is requesting $435 OCS grant for Happy Park Retail Center development and travel for required OCS meetings. Legal Eligibility The Local Development Corporation is nonprofit corporation. To confirm this please view Proof of Non Profit Status. Our Board of Directors is made up of local residents business owners and civic leaders.

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