How to write your own HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal #2

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HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal #2
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The US Department of Health and Human Services Federal Government Grant Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to respond to a government RFP. This is an example of a Division of Minority Health, Multi-Year Grant proposal.

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HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal #2

Community Programs to Improve Minority Health

Attached you will find Public Health Impact Statement for the grant proposal "Wilshire Woman to Woman Project targeted at African American community in Sheraton County Florida submitted to the Office of Minority Health Department of Health and Human Services as well as copy of the face page of the application. Evidence of Governing Board of applicant organization being composed of 51% or more racial ethnic minority members. Memorandum of Understanding that indicates the Coalition includes at least organizations at least one health facility. Healthy People focus areas addressed in project.

Maternal Infant and Child Health; Access to Quality Health Services. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Minority Health.

Community Programs to Improve Minority Health. Describe the background information regarding the proposal. This can be your restatement of the purpose behind the grant or RFP being applied for. Show your understanding of the reason for submitting your proposal.

This is typically used for grant proposal. Restate the need that has not been fulfilled. Restate the reason for the need not being fulfilled yet. For example it could be due to new federal mandate.

Restate the opportunity now present for qualified applicants such as yourself and relate it to what you have to offer. Describe how your mission statement and philosophy are in line with the needs of the project. This template was not required for the final proposal submitted to the government agency so it was not filled in.

It is included in the sample as an optional template the proposal writer could have added. The final proposal submitted to the agency deleted this page from the framework.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the project is to focus on African American women of childbearing age their children and their families in the following areas.

  • Maternal
  • Infant and Child Health
  • Access to quality health services
  • The overall purpose will be achieved through these objectives
  • Reduce racial disparity in perinatal health
  • Decrease poor birth outcomes experienced by African American women


To reduce the Black White racial disparity gaps in infant mortality from 3.88 1996 98 to 2.0 low birthweight from 1.99 1996 98 to 1.5 very low birthweight from 2.7 1996 98 to 1.6 and preterm delivery from 1.67 1996 98 to 1.3 by 3104. By 31 reduce the infant mortality rate for black infants from 16.07 to less than 11.5 per live births. The infant mortality rate for black infants will be less than 15.0 per live births.

Aggressive case finding outreach workers 10104. By 31 reduce the singleton LBW rate from 13.7% to less than 12.2%. Less than 13.2% of singleton infants will be LBW. Health education and training.

Health Education staff 10104. By 13 reduce the singleton VLBW rate from 3.0% to less than 1.8%. Less than 2.6% of singleton infants will be VLBW.

See detailed activities under each strategy.

By 31 reduce the singleton prematurity rate from 20% to less than 12.5%

Less than 17.5% of singleton infants will be preterm.


Infant deaths of 16.07% singleton births to CMBW were LBW of 3% births were VLBW and of 20% births were preterm in Source.

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Richard Guadalupe McDonald
Global Health Science Institute
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