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How to write your own Graphic Designer Proposal

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Graphic Designer Sample Proposal
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Graphic Designer Sample Proposal

Graphic Design for Brite Environmental Consulting

Thank you for your query about the process and costs involved in creating a corporate logo and associated print materials for your company. I’m pleased to present our proposal here. Nu-Gen Graphic Design specializes in developing distinctive logos and designs for organizations of all kinds—from nonprofits to giant corporations with dozens of subsidiaries.

More than 140 of our logos are currently in use around the globe. We are confident that we can design a logo that will represent your company and boost your image, too. After reviewing the enclosed proposal, please call with any revisions you may have for the project.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your consideration and for putting your trust in Nu-Gen Graphic Design. Brite Environmental Consulting is in need of a unique corporate logo and associated collateral materials.

Nu-Gen Graphic Design specializes in developing distinctive logos and designs and can create a design that will best represent Brite Environmental Consulting. Nu-Gen Graphic Design has identified the following needs for Brite Environmental Consulting. Brite Environmental Consulting needs a unique logo to represent its state-of-the-art business identity, and new brochures, stationery, and business cards for use in its correspondence.

Having a unique and easily recognizable logo and associated graphic elements will make Brite Environmental Consulting services easier to find and identify within their marketing niche. A distinctive logo can also elicit a positive "feel" from potential customers and attract new business. Nu-Gen Graphic Design has a decade of expertise in developing logos and identities for all types of businesses. We want to be your partner in branding your company.

Working in consultation with you, we will design a unique logo as well as designing and printing business cards, stationery, and advertising brochures. In addition, we can provide consultation on web site design and on future projects such as printed advertising fliers or online ads. The following is a complete list of all project deliverables identified by Nu-Gen Graphic Design. Corporate Logo Because all other branding elements company colors, stationery headers, website design, etc. stem from the logo, it is our foremost goal to work with you to deliver a distinctive logo to represent your organization.

We will share with you the final graphic file of your logo so that you can easily use it on web sites or wherever you wish. Business Card Design and Printed Cards After the logo is finalized, we will design distinctive business cards for your employees, and have them printed and delivered to you. Brochure Design and Printed Copies Working with copy writers you designate, Nu-Gen Graphic Design will design and layout a general advertising brochure. We will oversee the printing and delivery of brochure copies to your corporate headquarters.

Website Consultation Design Our designers are also available to consult with your programmers IT team to design and implement a new company web site. Brite Environmental Consulting and Nu-Gen Graphic Design are equal partners in this endeavor. Our goal is to create a corporate identity that works for you.

Please see the Process Summary and Responsibilities page to understand the process we propose to use. The following is our projected schedule.

  • Schedule for Design Services
  • Contract Signed, Schedule Determined, Initial Payment to Nu-Gen Graphic Design
  • Initial Meeting and Brainstorm Session
  • Development of Logo Ideas
  • Presentation and Selection of Logo Ideas
  • Design and Layout of Business Cards and Brochures
  • Final Approval of Business Cards and Brochures
  • Printing Business Cards and Brochures
  • Delivery of Business Cards and Brochures and Logo File
  • Final Payment to Nu-Gen Design Services

This timely completion of this schedule requires the participation of both Nu-Gen and Brite Environmental Consulting. Please review the Responsibilities page to ensure that we accurately coordinate our personnel schedules. The following are the responsibilities and duties of Nu-Gen Design Services and Brite Environmental Consulting in our graphic design project. Efficient completion of the project requires the coordination and interaction of both parties.

The items below are the same steps shown on the Schedule page of this proposal. Contract Signed, Schedule Determined, Initial Payment to Nu-Gen Graphic Design – September 15. Nu-Gen has already delivered a proposed contract and schedule and payment terms to Brite Environmental Consulting for approval. Brite Environmental Consulting should review the contract, schedule, and payment terms, and approve or suggest changes for approval by September 15.

Initial Meeting and Brainstorm Session – October 1. Nu-Gen designers will attend this meeting with several directions in mind, make suggestions, and listen to Brite Environmental Consulting personnel’s ideas and concerns, taking notes to be followed during the logo design process. Brite Environmental Consulting personnel should bring samples of logo styles the organization likes to give Nu-Gen designers a definite direction.

Samples of logos that are actively disliked are also welcome. Development of Logo Ideas – 2 Weeks. Nu-Gen designers will work to produce three distinctive logo designs from which Brite Environmental personnel can choose. Presentation of Ideas and Selection of Logo – October 17.

Nu-Gen designers will present three logo designs to Brite Environmental Consulting and take notes on any changes needed to finalize the design. Brite Environmental Consulting personnel should be prepared to select a final logo at this time. Our contract terms and schedule allows for only minimal changes at this point. Design and Layout of Business Cards and Brochures - October 18 3 weeks.

In consultation with Brite Environmental Consulting writers or other designated personnel, Nu-Gen designers will design and lay out business card templates and a general six-panel advertising brochure. Brite Environmental Consulting personnel or their subcontractors must deliver the final content text and graphics for business cards and brochure on October 18, and work with Nu-Gen personnel to finalize layout of these products. Final Approval of Business Cards and Brochures – November 9.

Nu-Gen designers will make any final changes needed prior to November 9. Brite Environmental Consulting personnel should be prepared to sign off on business card and brochure layouts at this time. Printing Business Cards and Brochures – November 10-20.

Nu-Gen designers will make arrangements for and oversee the printing of these materials. Delivery of Business Cards and Brochures – November 21. Nu-Gen personnel will check print results and after all printing has been completed and approved, deliver products and logo files to Brite Environmental Consulting. Brite Environmental Consulting personnel will accept delivery and sign off on final payment to Nu-Gen.

Final Payment to Nu-Gen Design Services – December 1. Brite Environmental Consulting delivers payment to Nu-Gen Graphic Design on or before December 1 to complete the project. Style is important. The style and design of corporate logos and associated materials sets the tone for business discussions and often has an effect on public opinion.

We’d like to call your attention to the following style elements you should consider. Color. The most obvious color scheme for an environmental consulting firm would probably be green. But while green inspires trust and is considered a soothing color, it’s not the most dynamic choice for a corporate design. We suggest that you check out the logos of your competitors and partners and see which color combinations suggest the feel you want for your logo.

Also, please consider whether you will want to print your new logo on a variety of background colors or always display it on a neutral background. Shape. Do you want a confined shape, such as a tight circle, square, or triangle. Or would you prefer a "looser" shape, with waves or irregular lines that can suggest movement and "flow".

A confined shape can convey an image of stability and trustworthiness, but a looser image can seem more modern and versatile. Images. Do you need a specific image incorporated into your logo. For example, do you need a tree, a bird, an ocean wave.

Text. What words need to be incorporated into your logo. For example, do you want your complete company name. Do you want a tag line to always appear with your logo. What style of font do you prefer.

Feel. What sort of "feel" do you want for your logo. Whimsical. Soothing. Serious.

We suggest that you come up with three adjectives you’d like your clients to use when describing your organization.


Nu-Gen has designed logos for organizations that run the gamut from law firms to rock bands. We value your input because we want to design the perfect logo to represent your unique organization.

  • Logo Design Service meetings + 3 unique designs to choose from
  • Design and Layout of Business Cards 20 employees
  • Design and Layout of Six-Panel Advertising Brochure
  • Print 250 business cards for 20 employees 5000 cards total
  • Print and fold 500 Six-Panel Advertising Brochures
  • Design or consultation work not specified in this proposal

Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by a binding contract.

The following paragraphs describe the process we plan to use with Brite Environmental Consulting to achieve the results both organizations seek. Initial Meeting and Brainstorm Session Here we will get to know each other and swap ideas. If you have examples of logos or other designs you particularly like or dislike, please bring them to this meeting so we can understand the graphic style s you prefer. After this meeting, our designers will develop several logos for you to choose from.

Presentation and Selection of Logo Our designers will present three different unique logos from which you can select. Please note that logo styles you do not choose may be used in future projects for other customers. Design and Layout of Business Cards and Brochures Working with writers or other personnel you designate, we will design and lay out the business cards and brochures using your new colors and logo.

Upon approval of our work by Brite Environmental Consulting, we will send these materials off for printing, and will check the results for quality control. Delivery of Business Cards and Brochures and Logo File After checking to be sure that the printer fulfilled all our expectations, a representative from Nu-Gen Graphic Design will deliver your final printed products as well as a computer disk containing several graphic formats of your logo design. Should you decide to also employ Nu-Gen to design a website for your company, that work could take place simultaneously with Step 3.

The efficient completion of this proposed process within schedule and budget requires the on-time participation of both our organizations. We have outlined each party’s responsibilities on the Responsibilities page of this proposal. Nu-Gen Graphic Design is an innovative design firm that has created more than 140 unique corporate designs now in use around the world.

We can design the look that is perfect for your organization, whether you are a nonprofit health care group, a plastics manufacturing firm, or an international media corporation. From logos to web sites, our designs can help you mold your public image. For three years in a row, Nu-Gen has earned the Twenty-First Century Design Council’s Award for Excellence.

Nu-Gen Graphic Design was founded in 2002 and employs 43 creative artists and dedicated support staff. Nu-Gen is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Nu-Gen Graphic Design has created numerous designs for other companies.

Our portfolio contains many projects similar to yours, and we’ve selected a few of these to describe below. For more details or to see the range of our creativity, see our web site portfolio page. JR Janten Engineering Consultants. This long-established company needed a makeover to bring their business image into the 21st Century.

We designed a new hi-tech logo, created a new tag line, and printed brochures and business cards, as well as large hanging banners and signs to post on and in front of their building projects. RGR Recycling. This brand-new company needed a visible introduction into the communities they serve. The logo we designed for them is now printed on more than 200 recycling trucks, as well as on all the company’s print and online materials. Marksen Celebration of the Environment. When the community of Marksen, Idaho wanted to create an annual event to celebrate their dedication to environmental responsibility and protecting the natural beauty of their mountain town, they came to us for graphic inspiration.

We designed and printed banners, fliers, and brochures that are used each year in the town’s celebration. WaterWaze. This nonprofit group consults on projects to preserve and restore healthy wild fish habitats in rivers and streams. We designed their distinctive wavy logo, and we have an ongoing relationship with them to print new information campaign materials each year, as well as educational materials for classrooms that are used throughout the United States. The following are testimonials from some of our clients.

Janine Janten CEO, JR Janten Engineering Services, Inc. "With a new modern style for our logo and corporate image designed by Nu-Gen Design Services, our business immediately increased by 10%." Brant Walsh Business Development Manager, RGR Recycling "Some people think "Ugh" when they think of a recycling company.

The friendly logo designed for us by Nu-Gen Design makes people say "Ahh" instead." Brenda Sturdevant Chair, Marksen Environmental Celebration Committee "Who could combine a fish, a mountain, a tree and a river into one clever emblem. Nu-Gen Graphic Design, that’s who. The design is perfect for our annual celebration."

Cecelia Vega-Smith President, WaterWaze "Nu-Gen managed to invent a design theme for us that appeals to corporate CEOs and schoolchildren alike.

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