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Franchise Purchasing Sample Proposal
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The Franchise Business Study Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to write a feasibility study and financial plan for a proposal for purchasing a fast food franchise.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual opening a franchise business.
Length of Sample: 8 Pages

There are thousands of proposal topics to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack topics: Cover Letter (Business Plan), Title Page, Location Analysis, Financial Information, Income Projection, Future Potential, Feasibility Study.
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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Contemporary #13

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The Franchise Business Study Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to write a feasibility study and financial plan for a proposal for purchasing a fast food franchise.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual opening a franchise business.

Used by individuals and businesses applying to purchase a franchise business.
Sample business proposals are completed examples of business proposals, business plans and other business documents you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business document. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the document. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

Franchise Purchasing Sample Proposal

Whitmore Lahti LLC 9294 Market Street Boise ID PH 555 555 3402 FX 555 555 3403 www.WLLLC.com Opening New Selena’s Subs Franchise

October 20xx Prepared for. Vincente Selena CEO Prepared by. Miranda Lahti Partner Feasibility study and financial information for application for Selena’s Subs franchise in Boise Idaho. Proposal Number. rev 2b We believe that Selena’s Subs restaurant located at Maple St Boise Idaho would be profitable enterprise. We Whitmore Lahti LLC have secured the funding for franchise educated ourselves about the regulations involved in owning restaurant and done the local market research necessary to prove that we would be good franchise owners. See the documents below for more details. Related Documents. . Location Analysis . Income Projection

. Future Potential . Financial Information Whitmore Lahti LLC has performed thorough business location analysis prior to purchasing Selena’s Subs franchise. Following are the results. Primary Location Location. Maple St Boise Idaho – Space This empty 800 square foot space is located within small mall directly across from multiplex cinema. Security. The mall’s security is provided by private security force which patrols and responds to calls during mall hours 9 Monday – Saturday 12 Sundays.

Demographics. The mall is surrounded by mixed use area of middle class residences and small businesses. This is ideal for our purposes as we are likely to attract employees from these businesses during the lunch hour as well as community members who come to the mall for entertainment and shopping. Access. The mall has parking spaces with adequate handicapped spaces and other facilities such as ramps and restrooms outfitted for wheelchair access. The close availability of restrooms means that we would not need to build restrooms for our restaurant. Competition. There is teriyaki outlet and hamburger vendor in close proximity forming small ‘food court.’ While these two restaurants provide alternative eating opportunities for the public we believe that our salads and sandwiches will be welcome addition to the mix. Many families and other groups will come to the area specifically because it offers choice in foods that can be consumed in the same area. Marketing. Our subs and salads offer lower calorie and lower carbohydrate menu items for the public and we intend to aggressively advertise that aspect. The mall offers sign space within the building on outdoor billboards and in regular publications and we will take advantage of all those opportunities. Alternate Location Location. Crestwood Drive Boise Idaho

Security. This is busy location sandwiched between gas station convenience store and mailbox shipping store. The area is well lit at all times and is generally considered safe but no security personnel are continually present. Demographics. This area is mix of residential neighborhoods and small businesses and fast food outlet would be welcomed here. Access. The small parking lot shared with the mailbox outlet contains eight parking spaces one of which is handicapped access space. ramp leads from the parking lot into the sidewalk that fronts both establishments. Some foot traffic from the surrounding community does come to the mailbox outlet but most customers come by car and stay for only short period of time. Competition. There is only one other fast food vendor within mile. fried chicken restaurant approximately half mile away. Marketing. Most residents in the area get their news from local newspaper in which we would be able to advertise; or from Spanish language radio station where we could also place audio ads. Virtual Location Location. www.selenassubs.com\boise Competition. Although there are many other Selena’s Subs around the country we would be the first in Boise. Our main purpose with website is to make ourselves known and allow customers to check our menu and to print any coupons or other special offers we may have. Marketing. We would take full advantage of the Selena’s Subs marketing plans offered to all franchisees.

SEO. Selena’s Subs is already an established presence on the internet and we plan to build on their success. We would also make sure to advertise our own web page through appropriate keywords on the site and through the inclusion of the URL on local flyers. The following table outlines our Selena’s Subs franchise’s projected income for the next three years. Income Projection by Year Sales Forecast Cost of Goods Sold COGS Gross Profit General Operating Expenses

Remodel Maintenance Expenses Depreciation Payroll Franchise Purchase Royalties Net Profit Before Interest & Tax Interest Expense Net Profit Before Taxes Taxes

Net Profit After Taxes Whitmore Lahti LLC envisions the following future potential for this project. We believe that our primary choice of location Maple St Boise Idaho – Space offers the greatest future potential as it is located in rapidly growing area of the city. The number of residential units within two miles is projected to grow by 25% within the next five years with the population predicted to increase by 30% and the number of businesses within two miles is projected to grow by 13% within five years. Being located across from multiplex movie outlet is ideal for capturing customers during all afternoon and evening hours. The cinema offers an attraction that pulls in customers from wider area than fast food restaurant typically does so we believe we will draw customers from larger area than most eating franchises would. Also the location guarantees that we will be noticed even without advertising as people attending the cinema will see our restaurant when arriving and leaving the cinema. We’ve already spoken to the multiplex owners and managers and have agreed in principle to joint promotion programs such as meal and movie ticket offers and handing out each other’s coupons. Our second choice of location Crestwood Drive Boise Idaho is in somewhat depressed neighborhood that is rapidly undergoing gentrification. While we believe that location offers good opportunity for future growth as well we believe the growth there will probably be slower as the neighborhood changes character and more residents with larger disposable incomes move in. If the primary location on Maple Street is as successful as we believe it will be we may consider opening second restaurant at this location in the future. As the first Selena’s Subs franchise within the Boise area we are guaranteed to attract attention especially from those who have moved to Boise from other cities that already host Selena’s Subs restaurants. Following is summary of Whitmore Lahti LLC’s financial information. Whitmore Lahti LLC is partnership of four individuals. Tom Whitmore Christine Whitmore Joe Lahti and Miranda Lahti. The four of us will share management of our Selena’s Subs restaurant.

Funding. We have secured loan of $200 for startup costs from BuenaSuerte Bank. Out of this we intend to purchase our fast food franchise lease and remodel our restaurant site hire and train our staff and purchase supplies during our first year. Reserves. In the unlikely event that our startup loan does not cover our expenses each partner has agreed to contribute $25 to the project for an additional total of $100 if that money is needed within the first two years. Project Budget. We anticipate the following expenses in the first year.

Franchise Purchase Price 000 1 Year Property Lease 000 Remodeling Expense 000 Startup Supplies 000 Staff Salaries for One Year 000 Licenses 500 An additional 5% royalties would be paid from gross profits. We expect to at least break even the first year and to make substantial profit in the second year. October 20xx Vincente Selena Selena’s Subs Franchises

4500 Highe Street Suite Chicago IL Dear Mr. Selena Please find enclosed our feasibility study in application for Selena’s Subs franchise in Boise Idaho. We want to be the first to introduce Selena’s Subs to Idaho. We are new Limited Liability Corporation LLC formed by two couples who plan to co manage the restaurant. We are well funded and well versed in business as you will see by the enclosed documents. We hope to finalize the franchise contract with you soon and look forward to working with you in the future for our mutual benefit.

Sincerely Miranda Lahti Partner Whitmore Lahti LLC 555 555 3402 mirla@WLLLC.com www.WLLLC.com

How to write my Financial Information document (template originally used to create this sample)

Following is summary of Company names financial information. Federal Tax Id. Your companys tax id DUNS Number. If you have Dun & Bradstreet DUNS Number enter it here DBA. If your company does business under different name enter it here Financial information can cover lot of different types of information. Additional templates can be used as required to expand on the financial information after the summary. Additional templates are Budget Balance Sheet Income Projection Funding Request Breakeven Analysis Profit and Loss Statement Sources of Funds etc.

Profit and Loss Statement. Include the details of your profit and loss statement also known as an income For more extensive details provide summary here and also include the Profit and Loss Statement template. Company Budget. Include the details of your companys budget. For more extensive details provide summary here and also include the Budget template. Project Budget. Include the details of your proposed projects budget. For more extensive details provide summary here and also include the Cost Summary template. Sources of Funds.

Include the details of your sources of funds. For more extensive details provide summary here and also include the Sources of Funds template.

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