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How to write your Pharmaceutical Product Sales Proposal

You can create your customized editable version of this document using Proposal Kit. Follow these steps to get started.


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Click the PDF View link above to see more. The complete sample is included in every Proposal Pack and the included Wizard software can build you an editable version in Word that will be in the design theme you purchased. You can purchase a different design theme than the sample is illustrated with.

Proposal Pack Healthcare #5 Title Page

Proposal Pack Healthcare #5 Body Page
Proposal Pack Healthcare #5 Body Page
Proposal Pack Healthcare #5 Back Page

1. Get a Proposal Pack such as Healthcare #5

This sample was created using the design theme Proposal Pack Healthcare #5. You can recreate this same sample using any of our Proposal Pack design themes and have it customized for your business.

We include this Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal in PDF and editable Word format chapters that can be customized using the included Wizard software.

To create your customized proposal using your logo and colors, get Proposal Pack for Any Business. We include this sample in every Proposal Pack.

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4. Import the Quick Start layout titled 'Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal'

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The Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch a product line to a distributor.

This is a good example to follow for anyone proposing product sales projects.

Anyone selling products to a distributor.

5. Customize the template with your information

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal - The Narrative

Distribution of BraneTeam Biolabs Pharmaceuticals

Please find enclosed a proposal offering your company the opportunity to distribute and sell two of our new supplement products, B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula. These two products have been developed especially for patients with incurable diseases and designed to complement specific prescription drugs that you already sell. You will find that recommending these two formulas in combination with your medicines will enhance patients’ health and physicians’ satisfaction with your drug products and your company.

After considering the enclosed proposal, please call to further discuss this opportunity. Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals has a successful business selling medications to hospitals and pharmacy outlets, and is in the business of marketing products to the medical profession. BraneTeam Biolabs has two products developed especially for patients with incurable diseases and designed to complement specific prescription drugs that you already sell. BraneTeam Biolabs would like to offer Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals the opportunity to distribute these products.

Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals has a successful business selling medications to hospitals and pharmacy outlets, and is in the business of marketing products to the medical profession. Many of the medications you sell have documented side effects, such as numbness, decreased circulation, dizziness, mental confusion, or digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. Most of these side effects are caused by insufficient levels of vitamins, especially vitamins, which are essential to the human body to regenerate cells and maintain normal functions. Our supplement products—B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula—are designed to be used in combination with prescription medications to restore and maintain healthy levels of essential vitamins for long-term patients.

Patients who experience significant side effects from their medications are likely to stop taking them or switch to different prescriptions. Alleviating side effects will enable patients to use your medications longer and with more satisfactory results for both patients and their physicians. Distributing our supplements along with your drugs is likely to result in more sales of those drugs and an improved reputation for your company.


Many of your drugs have known side effects. Many of these side effects are caused by vitamin deficiencies that can be remedied by our products. See the Products page for descriptions of our formulas.


Patients with long-term illnesses who must take medications for extended durations will benefit from a better quality of life by taking our supplements along with their medications. This represents a significant market opportunity for Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals.


Contract with BraneTeam BioLabs to distribute and sell B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula tablets. We offer a variety of purchasing options. See the Options page for details.

We offer two products for your consideration. B-All Recovery Formula – Vitamin Combination for Cell Regrowth and Healthy Metabolism. This product is a unique combination of the following ingredients.

Vitamin B1, which is crucial for forming healthy blood cells, metabolizing carbohydrates, and for the daily production of stomach acid for proper digestion. B1 helps the body convert sugar into usable energy. It is necessary for normal function of all body cells, but is especially important in regulating the function of the heart, muscles, and nervous system.

B1 enhances circulation and brain activity. Vitamin B2, which assists the body in metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and in maintaining healthy function of the digestive system and the nervous system. Vitamin B5, which is essential for the body to synthesize Coenzyme A CoA , which makes cells produce energy. B5 also aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

B5 is required to maintain a healthy nervous system and to produce steroid hormones and adrenal hormones, as well as for growth and development throughout the human body. Patients without a proper level of B5 often experience depression. Vitamin B6, which aids in the maintenance of the nervous system, and is needed to metabolize fats, acids, and carbohydrates and prevent skin problems and neurologic problems.

Vitamin B12, which is necessary for development of red blood cells, for cell growth and reproduction, and for synthesis of myelin and nucleoprotein. B12 prevents anemia, aids in retarding the progression of neurologic disorders, and helps the digestive process.

Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula

Unlike many multivitamins, these tablets are small and coated with a slick covering to make them easy to swallow and digest. We recommend selling Swallow-EZ in combination with the B-All Recovery Formula for complete body system support. Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula is a unique combination of the following vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Sodium
  • Echinacea Extract
  • Goldenseal root
  • Angelica root
  • Bioflavonoids

Our B-All Recovery Formula is formulated to relieve many symptoms caused by long-term illness and to alleviate the side effects of certain prescription drugs. Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula is designed to complement B-All Recovery Formula for a complete immune system boost. Patients taking B-All Recovery and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formulas will realize the following benefits. Improved mental acuity and memory A lack of B1 causes cognitive problems in patients suffering from HIV AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Korsakoff’s Syndrome and Wernicke’s Encephalopathy.

B-All Recovery Formula restores B1 concentrations to appropriate levels. Improved circulation and heart function B-vitamin deficiencies often cause poor circulation or slow heartbeat. B-All Recovery Formula will improve overall circulatory system health for many patients. Improvement in sensation and muscle strength in limbs Fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and other diseases can result in numbness and muscle weakness in the limbs.

Some prescription drugs also carry known side effects of numbness. The combination of vitamins found in our B-All Recovery Formula can greatly improve blood flow, alleviate symptoms of numbness and muscle weakness, and assist in regenerating healthy nerves. Improved digestion Loss of appetite, poor digestion, chronic constipation, and loss of weight are common symptoms of many diseases. Restoring vitamins to the proper level will help patients experience better nutrient absorption and energy conversion.

Improved moods, energy levels, and restoration of restful sleep Depression, lack of energy, and insomnia are frequent complaints of patients with incurable diseases. B-All Recovery Formula will restore the proper functioning of the nervous system. Improved resistance to disease and infection Our Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula can boost any immune system, especially if taken in combination with the B-All Recovery Formula.

Patients on certain drug regimes and with incurable illnesses will benefit from incorporating B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula into their regular drug regimen. XXX Pharmaceuticals will benefit from patients suffering fewer side effects while taking their drugs, which may result in more sales and longer dosage periods. BraneTeam Biolabs has obtained patents that give us a competitive edge for these products. Patent # 97855000 Unique B-Vitamin formula for nerve and cell regeneration.

This is the formula found in B-All Recovery Formula. Patent # 97855001 High-concentrate vitamin and herbal extract formula for general wellness supplement. This is the formula found in Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula.

Patent # 97855002 Digestible coating for time-release tablets. This is the formula for the slick coating that promotes predictable timed release of ingredients and makes B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Formula tablets easy to swallow. BraneTeam Biolabs currently holds 36 patents for its unique supplement formulas and delivery devices. BraneTeam Biolabs can offer Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals the following methods for purchasing our B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula products.

Purchase pre-packaged products labeled as BraneTeam Biolabs B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula. These products are available in packages of 100 tablets for the following retail prices. $9.00 USD for B-All Recovery Formula, $6.00 USD for Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula. Volume discounts are also available on orders of $1000 or more.

Purchase manufactured tablets only for repackaging by Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals. Prices vary based on volumes ordered and shipping details. Purchase license to manufacture tablets using our patented formulas.

Please call to discuss this option and receive a copy of our licensing agreement. Please call 555-555-5555 to discuss any of the options described above. Samples of B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula are available for your examination.

Pre-packaged sample packs may also be purchased for distribution to customers by Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals. Sample packs include a one-week dosage of tablets in a blister pack, with instructions for usage printed on the back. Please contact us if you would like to receive samples or purchase sample packs for distribution.

BraneTeam BioLabs currently contracts with Chem5 Industries in Austin, Texas to produce and package our products, including the B-All Recovery Formula and Swallow-EZ Wellness Formula tablets. Chem5 Industries has been in the business of producing and shipping pharmaceutical and supplement products for more than 25 years. Their state-of-the-art factory is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and conforms to all current Good Manufacturing Practices cGMPs required by that authority.

The manufacturing facilities are inspected on a regular basis, and random testing is routinely performed for all products produced there to ensure consistent quality. Should Carter Clarice Pharmaceuticals decide to purchase manufactured or pre-packaged products, manufacturing and shipping schedules would need to be coordinated with Chem5 Industries. Chem5 Industries can also handle a variety of packaging options, and contract with shipping carriers as needed to move products around North America or the world.

BraneTeam Biolabs was formed in 2005 by Dr. Alexandra Brane, an M.D. with specialties in diseases of nerve disorders and nutritional therapies. It is the mission of BraneTeam Biolabs to create nutrition supplements that improve the overall health and quality of life for those suffering from chronic ailments. Joining Dr. Brane for this endeavor are the following experts.

Ajay Gupta, Ph.D. Biochemist, with more than 12 years of pharmaceutical research experience. Dr. Michael Sensine, a naturopath and biochemist with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in deriving vitamins and essential oils from herbs. Drs. Brane, Gupta, and Sensine supervise a talented staff of scientist and lab technicians who work at developing and testing new products.

Business proposal example What Our Clients Say

Earlier this year I submitted my first RFP bid and was very excited to find this wonderful product. The professional quality of the Contemporary Proposal Kit along with the Wizard helped win my current contract. Both were very intuitive and made writing a snappy proposal much easier."

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Length of Sample

14 Pages

There are thousands of chapters to choose from in Proposal Pack. This sample uses the following set of Proposal Pack chapter templates: Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Needs Assessment, Benefits, Options, Samples, Manufacturing, About Us, Products, Patents, Back Page.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal is a fully written sample included in every Proposal Pack and the Professional Bundle.
  • You can create custom variations of this sample using the included software and template library.
  • The Wizard software automates quotes and other financial pages with a line-item database.
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  • Proposal Kit is made for freelancers, small businesses, and non-profits.
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How to Write a Healthcare or Medical Proposal

This video shows how to write a healthcare or medical related proposal such as for medical services, healthcare product sales, starting a clinic, funding a healthcare mission or any other healthcare type of situation. Not only proposals can be created but also business plans, RFP submissions, grants, reports, studies, plans, etc. Proposal Kit includes healthcare and medical design themes, samples, templates and layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal to fit my specific project or business?

If you buy a Proposal Pack or the Professional bundle, you can build a more customized editable Word document version of the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal using the included Wizard software. You can replace the sample information with your own, adjust the text to match your company's tone and style, and modify sections to include project-specific details.

Can I use multiple sample proposals for different types of projects?

You can purchase multiple samples as individual Word templates or all 200 samples are included in every Proposal Pack and Proposal Kit Professional, which is a much better deal. The Proposal Kit offers sample proposals for various industries and project types. You can select and customize different sample proposals to suit each unique project. This flexibility allows you to create tailored proposals for other clients or projects.

How can I integrate my branding into the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal?

While the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal is built as an editable Word document, depending on the level of custom branding needed, consider the Proposal Kit Professional, which includes the branding features in the Wizard software that let you create custom-branded design themes more effectively. Start by incorporating your company's logo on the cover page, as well as in the headers and footers of the document. Next, adjust the color scheme of the proposal to match your brand colors. Change the fonts in the proposal to align with your brand's standard fonts. Including branded graphics that reflect your brand's style will further enhance the proposal. Additionally, ensure that the text within the proposal maintains a tone and voice consistent with your brand's communication style. By integrating these elements, your proposal will reinforce your brand identity.

How do I ensure my proposal stands out and wins the client?

To ensure your proposal stands out:

  • Personalize the content: Address the client's needs, challenges, and goals to make the proposal unique.
  • Highlight your value proposition: Communicate what sets your business apart and how to deliver superior results.
  • Use professional design elements: Incorporate visuals, charts, and graphs to enhance the presentation and make it more engaging.
  • Proofread and edit: Ensure the proposal is error-free and well-organized. A polished, professional document reflects your attention to detail and professionalism.

What should I do if I need help understanding or modifying a section of the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal?

If you need help understanding or modifying a section of the Pharmaceutical Product Sales Sample Proposal, refer to the detailed instructions provided. Additionally, Proposal Kit includes customer support and resources such as tutorials and videos to assist you. Consulting with a colleague or a professional in your industry can also be beneficial if further clarification is needed. Asking an AI tool can also provide valuable insights for immediate needs.

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