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How to write your Records Management Topic Template

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Use the Records Management Topic Template as a stand-alone Records Management topic that can be incorporated into other business documents. A version of this template is already included in the Records Management Program and Analysis Document. This stand-alone template can also be found in the Proposal Pack template library.
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Records Management Topic Template

How to write my Records Management Topic Template document

Records Management

Company Name's primary focus is on functional areas within the organization that generate high volumes of content and meet the goals of the Records Management Program. An up-to-date inventory of the organization's documents and records is recommended to define the as-is state and identify departments or business units that have gaps in standards and procedures for Records Management. As part of the formal program assessment, a review of all content in the context of the Records Management Program will help Company Name develop policies and procedures for the new program. The policies and procedures should be authorized and adopted though change management and distributed with training.

The goal of the Records Management Program is to develop a concise policy that clearly defines the record type, appropriate retention period, and the source of the retention requirement (whether business, statutory, or regulatory). See the File Plan and Taxonomy templates for additional Records Management Program details to include.

Content Sources

Network File Share

File Cabinets

Line of Business Application

Policy and Procedure List

Electronic Records and Email Policy. Business Computer Equipment Policy. File System and Temporary File Shares Policy. File Naming and Versioning Procedure.

Accounting Policy and Procedure. Logo Use and Guidelines Policy and Procedure. Secure FTP Server Policy and Procedure.

Expense Accounts, Diaries, Log Books, and Other Records. For the purposes of the Records Management Program, Company Name will perform a records inventory and catalog all content to create a file plan and retention schedule for the development and maintenance of the Records Management Program. The ongoing roles and responsibilities for Records Management and the adherence to records policies and compliance will need to be monitored for the long term success of the storage of physical and electronic records.

Evidence shows that Company Name is not following existing Records Management policies and documents should be consolidated and organized.

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