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How to write your own Risk Mitigation Plan

This editable document is included in Proposal Kit Professional. Order and download for $199. Follow these steps to get started.


Use the Risk Mitigation Plan to document actions taken to alleviate project risk. The Risk Mitigation Plan demonstrates your understanding of potential risks and how to deal with them.
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1. Get Proposal Kit Professional that includes this business document.

This Risk Mitigation Plan is included in an editable format that can be customized for your own needs.

2. Download and install after ordering.

Once you have ordered and downloaded your Proposal Kit Professional you will have all the content you need to get started with your project management.

3. Customize the project template with your own information.

You can customize the project document as much as you need. You can also use the included Wizard software to automate merging in name/address data.

Business Asset Casualty or Loss Worksheet

Writing the Risk Mitigation Plan document

A Document from Proposal Kit Professional

The editable Risk Mitigation Plan document - complete with the actual formatting and layout is available in the retail Proposal Kit Professional.
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