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How to write your Records Management Taxonomy Topic Template

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Use the Records Management Taxonomy Topic Template as a stand-alone Records Management topic that can be incorporated into other business documents. This template can be used with the File Plan, Metadata and other templates to define all of the taxonomy elements of the organization.
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How to write my Records Management Taxonomy Topic Template document

Taxonomy is the hierarchical structuring of information. It is commonly used to classify living organisms, things and concepts. The example below is based on a records management taxonomy; however, you can replace the line items with anything related to your situation.

The classification of all documents and records using a controlled vocabulary allows the organization to organize content more accurately and consistently as well as to provide benefits for searching content and developing electronic records management systems.

The main reasons for classifying and developing this taxonomy are to:

Provide users an outline for organizing records and documents that are created or received in the course of business operations. Provide a consistent method for locating documents that are created or received. Support the development for a Records Management Program and the implementation of records management policies by creating a user guide to facilitate mapping records management actions to categories in the taxonomy.

The classification is created from the inventory worksheets and is to be used as a public facing document and supplement to the File Plan. This is the taxonomy for recordkeeping that maps to the File Plan's retention schedule. Successful business taxonomy must be designed for intuitive contribution of documents to records repositories, the ability for users to participate in in-place records management, and standardized searching by the end-user.

Classification Structure of Company Name: Level 1 (Function)

  • Administration
  • Asset and Facility Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Management
  • Legal Records
  • Professional Services
  • Sales and Marketing Management

Classification Structure of Company Name: Level 1 - 2 (Function and Activities)

  • Administration
  • Asset Management
  • Board and Board Committee Materials
  • Inventory
  • Operating Records
  • Emergency Documents
  • Operations Contracts
  • Leases Contracts
  • Business Planning
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Corporate Operations Policies and Procedures
  • Insurance Policies
  • Security
  • Codes
  • Surveillance Tapes
  • Asset and Facility Management
  • Building Equipment
  • Buildings
  • Grounds and Plant Materials
  • Infrastructure
  • Office Equipment
  • Property
  • Vehicles Legal Records
  • Financial Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budget Management
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Company's Minute Book
  • General Accounting Reports and Tax Records
  • General Banking Records
  • Lists, Registers and Logs
  • Procurement
  • Bids and Proposals
  • Successful
  • Failed
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employee File
  • Benefits
  • Regulations
  • Recruiting
  • Personnel On-boarding
  • Safety and Health Management
  • Information Systems Management
  • Application Management
  • Manuals
  • Software
  • Marketing Management
  • Design Elements
  • Trademark
  • Templates
  • Logo
  • Web Site Design
  • Sales Collateral
  • Event and Campaigns
  • Customer Feedback
  • Marketing Standards
  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Research
  • Knowledge About Customers
  • Knowledge About Competitors
  • Strategic
  • Communication
  • Bids and Proposals
  • Successful
  • Failed
  • Pricing
  • Price List
  • Price Work Sheets
  • Professional Services
  • Project Elements
  • Project Files
  • Preliminary Plans and Worksheets
  • Working Documents
  • Final Project Documents
  • Deliverables to Client

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