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How to write your CD-ROM Development Proposal

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Proposal Pack Multimedia #6 Title Page

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Proposal Pack Multimedia #6 Body Page
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1. Get a Proposal Pack such as Multimedia #6.

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We include this CD-ROM Development Proposal in PDF and editable Word format chapters that can be customized using the included Wizard software when purchased with a Proposal Pack or the Professional Bundle.

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The CD-ROM Sample is an example of the use of the Proposal Kit documents for proposing a presentation on a CD-ROM. The estimate includes costs for replication and production.

The Paradise Hotel sample proposal is based on the average small hotel proposal created by Cyberi. Cyberi specializes in virtual hotel tours using video and IPIX photography on CD-ROM.

This sample proposal is for a CD-ROM business card with a 10 room virtual IPIX tour, creation of custom artwork for the card, link to a web site, 5 pages of brochure type information and built in tracking.

This project uses a tracking system to provide full featured tracking of paths taken through the CD-ROM by the user and detailed reporting of card usage.

This proposal sample for the Paradise Hotel has been updated to use the most up to date proposal materials. These types of proposal documents are used by Cyberi.

CD-ROM producers, business card CD developers, hotel and hospitality marketers, software developers.

5. Customize the template with your information.

You can customize the layout with different chapters, change the order of chapters, import your content and information, change the visual design, edit the text, and more. You have complete control over customizing this sample.

CD-ROM Development Proposal

The Objective

The Paradise Hotel is in need of new marketing piece to help the hotel sell more rooms and meeting spaces to business clientele which will be most cost effective than sending VHS cassettes. The Paradise Hotel needs cutting edge marketing piece. The Paradise Hotel needs to know how effective their marketing is.

The Opportunity

The Paradise Hotel has the opportunity to put cutting edge multimedia presentation in front of prospective clients. The goals of this multimedia presentation are. Sell more room and meeting spaces to business clients. Reduce costs of mailing marketing materials.

Incorporate more hotel information and virtual imagery than previously possible.

The Solution

Cyber Inc. specializes in trackable virtual hotel presentations on CD ROM. We have created virtual hotel tours for hotels ranging from modest Days Inn’s to the most prestigious resort in the country. We will create multimedia CD ROM for Paradise incorporating full room virtual IPIX tour and incorporate the existing promo video on 45mb business card CD ROM for use with Windows operating systems. The CD ROM will include the APT tracking system allowing Paradise to track the results of how their CD ROM is being used by prospects including real time usage reports and extensive monthly statistics reports.

The CD ROM will include creation of cover artwork replication of copies inserted in to vinyl sleeves work on all Windows operating systems second animated Flash animation introduction Enterprise Tracking feature custom background and graphics room virtual tour shot by our staff on location clients existing video pages of brochure type information built in mail contact form link to hotel web site printable map to hotel with directions. The products and services provided by Cyberi Inc. to be used in this project include many useful and innovative features. Following is brief synopsis of the major features which you will benefit from. Enterprise Marketing ROI Tracking Capture more information about how your cards are used to determine how effective your presentation and marketing efforts are working.

Desktop Installation The installer effectively multiplies the number of actual business card presentations by leaving it behind on the user’s computer. Contact Followup Our CyberiCards are programmed with contact forms that gather visitor information when they fill out request form on your card. Your users are immediately sent an automated thank you mail and you are sent their information request. Artwork Advertising Free Our CyberiCards are designed for you to market yourself and your business.

Unlike most other multimedia companies we do not put our logos or marks on the face of your business card CD ROM. Custom Background We will create custom graphic background of your choice which will match your corporate look and feel. Background Music Your presentation will also include background music track of your choice.

We have large selection of stock selections and custom tracks can be licensed or created. Trade Show Autoplay Mode Let your presentation play by itself while letting your viewer take over at any time. Our presentations can be setup to guide your viewers page by page through your message.

Perfect for trade shows kiosks and sales demonstrations. IPIX Virtual Tour We specialize in degree IPIX Virtual Reality Tours. An IPIX photograph is single picture that shows an entire view of room or location from floor to ceiling all the way around. IPIX is unique type of photography only available on web sites and multimedia presentations.

Video Short video clips can also be included in your CD ROM presentation. Video clips can be advertorials location tours etc. For mini CD ROMs size and space is limited to few minutes. We will work with your to determine how much video can be included.

User Controllable Our presentations are designed for ease of use by beginners to experienced computer users. Audio feedback on buttons and clickable text visual feedback on buttons and clickable text navigation schemes consistent across presentation pop up help screens animated visual buttons clues on each initial page view. The following is our projected production schedule for the project. The projected project schedule is expected to take approximately 5 weeks of calendar time.

The schedule allows time for gathering and creating media multiple rounds of proofs testing and change requests. You will realize the following benefits provided by this project.

  • Reduce printing costs
  • Reduce bulky mailers
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase your response rates
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Help close more business deals
  • Combine existing marketing material
  • Improve customer service
  • Track your marketing effectiveness
  • Leave your information on customer’s desktop

Increase the leverage of your existing marketing campaigns with the new and powerful tool you can track. Printed brochures are frequently tossed in the trash CD ROM presentations are more likely to be kept and passed around. In order to complete the project Cyberi Inc. will complete the following development tasks. Assign development team to the project.

Your primary contact will be Joel King. Joel will oversee the project and communicate between your company and our development team. Tom Granger will provide the CD ROM cover art Flash animation sequences and will assist in the graphic design.

Ian Lauder will be in charge of the development of the CD ROM presentation. Start the planning process after receiving all client supplied material required. Joel King will work with you to design the layout and visual style of the presentation. Once the design is created mockups will be created.

Once you approve the mockups and all collateral material has been received the project development will start. Develop the project based on the milestones in the production schedule. First draft of the presentation will be created within weeks of all collateral material being received.

You are allowed one round of change requests for the second draft not to exceed the project specifications after the first draft is presented. Change requests that are outside the scope of the original estimate and change requests after the second draft will be billed separately. Test the project through both Alpha and Beta testing cycles. The CD ROM presentation will be tested after each round of proofs.

You are also responsible for proofing the entire presentation to check for missing features misspellings etc. Once we have tested the presentation and you have tested and approved the presentation it will be ready for mass duplication. Deliver and install the final project deliverables.

Once approved the final presentation will be sent to replication to be mass produced. Once complete the final CD ROMs will be delivered inserted into clear vinyl sleeves. Train staff based on the training plan. Joel King will provide up to one afternoon of training to your staff at your location on the usage of the presentation.

The following is complete list of all project deliverables as stated in the contract and proposal. 5000 45 mb CD ROM’s – Mass produced screened artwork inserted into vinyl sleeves. Interactive Presentation – Creation of Windows based interactive presentation. IPIX Virtual Tour – We will create IPIX images of your location for use on the CD ROM.

Tracking Reports – You will have access to on line reports showing CD ROM tracking results. On Site training – We will provide up to half day of on site training. The following is an estimate and summary of the costs associated with your project.

These numbers are only to be used as an estimate which has been based on the information provided to our company concerning this project to date. Standard Disclaimer. The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed.

The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by binding contract. Based on our staff resumes and your project needs we have put together the following proposed project management team. Client Project team contact.

Joel King The team contact person is responsible for managing all contact between our development team and your staff. To keep the project on schedule and avoid communication problems all project related issues must be managed through your contact person. Project manager & Team Leader.

Ian Lauder The project manager is responsible for internally managing the project to meet the production schedule and budget constraints. Media manager. Tom Granger The media manager is responsible for creating and researching required Flash animation graphics audio and video files. The media manager will work directly with the Project manager. The contact person will be your main contact point to the project development team.

All decisions must be cleared through the team contact person and project manager. Subordinate team members should not be contacted directly unless cleared by the team contact project manager and team leader. For detailed resumes of each project team member see the individual team resume section of the proposal. Once the project is complete our staff will provide training.

We are staffed and equipped to handle variety of training needs. Your customer contact Joel King will provide training for your CD ROM presentation. On site training will be provided at your local location. We will arrive with laptop computer and copies of your CD ROM for use by your staff.

You are not required to supply any equipment. Future on site or remote training can be provided for nominal charge. If you require on site training at location other than locally travel costs may be incurred. Phone and mail support will be provided as needed.

On site training – Up to half day of training will be provided on site once the final presentation is approved. On site training is only provided locally. Ongoing training – Phone and mail support will be provided as needed after the on site training. The following Cyberi Inc. case studies show how we have helped other companies with similar needs.

Cyber Sea Inc. needed large commerce and affiliate marketing enabled web site to promote multiple hard good and digitally delivered products and services. Cyber Sea Inc. also wanted to use CD ROM presentation to market itself and tie in with their web site. We broke down the Cyber Sea Inc. business into its primary products and services and created company site that focused primarily on the photography products and services with links off to other company sites. Cyber Sea Inc. is actually collection of web sites each focusing on separate product line or service.

By splitting up the Cyber Sea Inc. company into multiple sites we greatly increased sales due to less confusion among site visitors. Each site has specific goals that were met beyond expectations. The Cyber site has been responsible for landing many book and magazine publications. and related sites gross hundreds of thousands of dollars year in sales. and related sites have helped position Cyber Sea Inc. and partner company Cyberi Inc. as leader in the CD ROM presentation industry. Creation of our CD ROM’s for Cyber Sea Inc. helps market all of the companies products and services and has responsible for making initial contact with new business partners and clients. Florentine Design Group needed smaller scale commerce enabled web site to promote multiple hard good and digitally delivered products and services. Florentine Design Group also wanted to use CD ROM presentation to market itself and tie in with their web site.

Cyberi Inc. developers also working with Florentine created the Florentine Design Group site which has links off to other sites to market products and services created by Florentine. We also created CD ROM business card for Florentine to market itself and tie the CD ROM to the web site. Florentine has increased sales for its products generated more leads for design work and has become resource for other multimedia developers.

Cyberi Inc. needed medium scale business and affiliate marketing enabled web site to promote CD ROM production and replication services. Cyberi Inc. also needed full featured CD ROM presentation to market it’s features and tie in with their web site. Cyberi Inc. staff developed the Cyberi web site to showcase their large portfolio of commercial CD ROM’s. A CD ROM was also developed that highlights all of the features incorporated into client projects.

The web site and CD ROM are tightly integrated and work just as well as separate marketing pieces. An affiliate program was designed to help promote the site and generate leads. Cyberi Inc. adds members to its affiliate program and opt in mailing lists daily from the marketing pieces and generates numerous project leads from the web site and CD ROM. About us - Cyberi Inc. staff combines years of on line and off line sales marketing and software development to provide our customers with high quality and effective business solutions.

Cyberi Inc. staffs have been providing web site development photography virtual reality IPIX multimedia and custom software solutions since 1997. Cyberi Inc. staff have created award winning web sites been published in numerous books and magazines photographed the homes up to $45 million dollars and created CD ROM’s for the most prestigious resorts. We also specialize in affordable multimedia solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Products We specialize in interactive multimedia development. Our premier product is the CyberiCard. Custom cut interactive CD ROM business card containing multimedia presentations tied to your web site. Services We are full service business provider of web site and related multimedia services. How to Contact Cyberi Inc. If you need to contact us for any reason you can reach us at.

The following are testimonials from some of our clients. Cyberi Inc. is dedicated to customer service and producing high quality work that meets the needs of our clients. For more details see our web site testimonial page at.

This is letter to commend the production team of Joel King Ian Lauder and Tom Granger for the development of the Lindblad Expeditions Marine Stewardship Council CD ROM project. The project itself was somewhat unorthodox and complex posing some particular challenges. The project was collaboration between three loosely connected organizations.

Lindblad Expeditions the Marine Stewardship Council and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. The target audience was not the people who would be the primary recipients of the card. Therefore the design required that the card effectively encourage transfer of the card from the initial recipient on to the target audience.

Given the variety of organizations and audiences involved the specific tracking arrangements to determine effectiveness with differing audiences and differing targets was especially complex. The material that we wished to communicate was text heavy and did not fit cleanly into their existing format. Given these challenges Joel Ian and Tom displayed extraordinary creativity adaptability and commitment in accommodating our desires and making the project success. They took the time to get to know the organizations involved and the issues to be presented and their creative input was absolutely in line with the project vision.

As result of the success of our project and the enjoyment and shared commitments that we experienced during the project heartily endorse the work and professionalism of this team. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Sincerely, Tom O'Brien Director of Environmental Affairs Lindblad Expeditions

I just have to tell you LOVE THE LITTLE CD ROM of our property. What is even better is that our clients love it too. Everyone we've sent it to or given it to has raved about it.

We've had such great response. So far it has been instrumental in closing four new accounts in Europe two in Canada and two in the USA. That's pretty good return on investment in my book. I know we were not the easiest company to work with but your patience and particularly your insight and ability to understand what we were trying to convey made working with you pleasure.

I hope you are as proud of the Days Inn CD ROM as we are. Thank you all so much for all your efforts. Will recommend you without hesitation because you are wonderfully creative follow through with your projects in timely manner and deliver superior product. Thank you all so much. Warm Regards, Anita D.

Dear Joel King, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team of Ian Lauder and Tom Granger for the outstanding effort in the production of our CD Rom Virtual business card. We appreciate your team's creativeness and hard work which pleased us way beyond our expectations. Working with contacts throughout the country we rarely see such professionalism as your team demonstrated on our project.

I will be showing everyone our new marketing tool and will be passing your names on for recommendations. Thanks again it was pleasure.

Best regards, Andrew Kalmbach Project Manager Valentini's Fine Wine Line

The following are some of our clients who have agreed to be references. Feel free to contact any of our references about their experience with Cyberi Inc. Cyberi Inc. staff has created numerous projects for other companies. Our portfolio contains many similar projects as we will develop with you.

For more details and listings of over CD ROMs developed for hotels schools and other businesses see our web site portfolio page at. Marine Stewardship Council Features large amount of information about MSC links to PDF documents and trackable links to various web sites. MSC needed CD ROM designed to teach viewers about sustainable fish resources on very tight production schedule.

Hyatt Gainey Ranch Features complete 30 location guest room meeting room and amenity virtual IPIX tour. Full sized CD ROM also includes 10 minute video. Gainey Ranch one of the most prestigious resorts in the country needed promotional CD ROM to replace bulky and costly VHS cassettes that also incorporated brochure type and interactive material to present to prospective customers. Days Inn Scottsdale Features guest room and meeting room IPIX tour of the hotel.

Anita the General Manager was able to land number of international business clients after sending them their new CD ROM presentation. She was previously unable to land them as clients with traditional marketing. Hydrofoil Inc. Features complete copy of the Hydrofoil Inc. web site. The ski school was looking for new marketing piece for tradeshows and giveaways to generate new business.

Cyberi Inc. staff already had created the Hydrofoil Inc. web site and used their extensive extreme hydrofoil water sport photography library to create both marketing pieces. Fine Wine Line Features promo video IPIX virtual of custom wine cellars and catalog. Fine Wine Line needed presentation to showcase their custom cellars photographers photographed locations in Phoenix and Seattle and incorporated existing media from Fine Wine Line. Seattle Christian School Includes complete 16 room IPIX tour of the school and many still photos of school events.

Multiple photography sessions were scheduled around construction and we acquired background music sung and played by the school choir to accent the presentation. Seattle Christian School uses the card to promote their school to various businesses in the community. Our staff have also consulted and worked on software for companies such as Nike Toys Us Service Merchandise Lillian Vernon Swiss Tommy Hilfiger Skyway Paris Presents Applause Butler Bradlee P&O Nedloyd Chase Manhattan VMX Fisons Image Consulting Group Vitro Kvinko Harland Simon NDS Rockwell Fidelity Investments Thomson Financial Networks Intellicom Solutions WheelBase Visa Sterling Winthrop Pharmacuticals US Coast Infosel Silveco MSG Lundy Financials Comdisco Scanning Management Systems Versyss E.F. Haskell Magnavox ADT Security Systems Document Automation Corp. GTE IBM De La Rue Printrak Applied Systems Technologies XILINX Chief Data Cybermedix Inc. Lincoln National Information Services Coulter Electronics Bull Information Systems Pacer Corp. GSA Goodwill Games Scientific Columbus XYTRON. Created web sites for companies such as.

Cyber Sea Inc. Florentine Design Group Sky Ski LOGNET RS Sports Hydrofoil Inc. Flight Magazine Mike Macks Ski School Air Boom Noice Studio and Gallery Foray Camera Cases Gonnason Boats. Created retail products such as. Cyber Sea Stock Photo CD ROMs Wildlife Screensavers Multimedia Proposal Kits CyberTrakker Commerce & Affiliate Tracking System APTLauncher APTTrakker Template Kit and HTML Mail Pack.

And have created multimedia CD ROM’s for companies such as. Hyatt Marriott Days Inn Renaissance Westcoast Inn of Chicago Four Seasons Embassy Suites Holiday Inn Hilton Sheraton Summerfield Suites Doubletree University Inn Last Frontier Guest Ranch Wellesley Hydrofoil Inc. Linblad Expeditions Fine Wine Line Advanced Laser Clinics Delta Dental Diamond Communications New World Network Hot Air Expeditions Biltmore Fashion Park Seattle Christian School Andover College Burr & Temkin

The following Cyberi Inc. team members will be working with you during the course of your project. We have included their resumes below so you can get to know your team’s skills and backgrounds. Ian Lauder has been professional software engineer since has been developing multimedia solutions since and has been professional photographer since 1998.

He has been published in numerous books and magazines developed award winning web sites and has built number of high tech companies. B.S. in computer science with minor in math and graduate of New York Institute of Photography PADI certified Master Diver. Member of NANPA North American Nature Photographers Association. President of Cyber Sea Inc. Senior photographer for Flight Magazine. Former Director of Engineering for Global Technology Services Ltd. Former DBMS consultant for Vista Development Corp. Former software engineer for Raima Corp.

Developer of the ProposalKit system for web developers ODBC drivers for the db Vista DBMS the CyberTrakker commerce and affiliate tracking system the APTTrakker multimedia tracking system and the Cyberi Inc. CD ROM development infrastructure. Thomas Granger has been fine tuning the Art Direction & Marketing efforts of clients for over years. He has built numerous profitable commerce & marketing driven websites and directs much of the multimedia you see from storyboard to script; concept to creation. He has been published in number of journals & CRM marketplaces.

B.A. in Pre Law & Communications Associates in Computer Science, Regular Web & Email Marketing columnist for President of Florentine Design Group. CRM Technical Consultant for Xchange Applications Inc. Former Web Marketing & Production Manager for AIS of WA AON Services Group. Former Marketing Coordinator for Northern Lights Casino. Mr. Granger is the developer of self sustaining commerce site for web & multimedia design templates and Florentine Design Group multimedia production house who specialize in affordable multimedia solutions for businesses of all size. Regularly consults on HTML & Rich Media marketing for Ameritrade IBM Expedia and more.

Joel King has been developing CD ROM presentations since 1999. He acts as the primary liaison between clients and production staff and manages your project from start to finish. He has worked extensively in Office Management Sales Marketing and Operations in numerous fields. Degrees in Engineering and Business Management. Senior IPIX photographer for Cyberi Inc. Former Office Manager for Gulkana Air Service. Former Director of Sales Marketing for Global Concepts. Former Director of Operations for competing CD ROM marketing company. Joel has photographed virtual tours for some of the most prestigious Resorts and Hotels in the United States.

Properties include the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch Grand Hyatt San Francisco and Renaissance Parc 55. He is also involved in the day to day creation and client facing aspects of the CD ROM presentations.

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Glenn Rathke
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