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Use the Simulations template to describe simulations that you are planning. A simulation is an imitation of a situation or a process, and is usually done to test assumptions and improve a situation or process by collecting data from the simulation.
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Writing the Simulations document

To test our assumptions we plan to conduct the following simulations. Use the Simulations template to describe simulations that you are planning. simulation is an imitation of situation or process and is usually done to test assumptions and improve situation or process by collecting data from the simulation. For example pilots often train in flight simulators which are computerized machines designed to simulate the behavior of plane and allow pilots to learn by experience without the risk of real crash. Emergency responders such as fire and police departments often conduct simulations to study how their personnel respond in certain scenarios and then adapt their training and procedures based on what they learned. You can also adapt this document to describe simulations that have already taken place and then discuss the observations made during those simulations. In that case you may also want to use other templates such as Analysis Lessons Learned and Recommendations. Situation to Be Simulated Describe what you will attempt to simulate. For example you might simulate shooting within crowded sports stadium to test how security personnel will react to such an event or simulate flash flood within narrow canyon. Purpose Describe what you hope to prove or learn from the simulation

Description of Simulation Describe what you will do to simulate the real situation or process. For example you might build scale model to test flood scenario or employ actors to simulate terrorist attack or to act as accident victims. Assumptions Describe the assumptions you are making prior to the simulation For example you might assume certain level of training among personnel certain environmental conditions etc. Preparations Describe the preparations that need to take place before the simulation For example events may need to be scheduled with other parties scale models may need to be built assistants may need to be hired etc. Schedule Describe the schedule for the simulation This might be an hourly schedule for the day of simulation or schedule that stretches over days or weeks beginning with preparations and ending with analysis and dissemination of results.

Data Collection Describe how and by whom data from the simulation will be collected. For example you might use electronic measuring devices employ witnesses to take notes or you might videotape simulation. Analysis Describe how when and by whom analysis of this simulation will be performed and how when and to whom observations and recommendations will be disseminated.

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