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How to write your own Woodworking Contractor Services Proposal

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Woodworking Contractor Services Sample Proposal
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Woodworking Contractor Services Sample Proposal

Custom Woodwork Projects for the Offices of Diaz Warshaw Martin, Attorneys at Law

Thank you for your inquiry about custom woodworking for your new law offices in the historic Victorian home originally built by timber magnate H.L. Smith. We understand that you want custom-built cabinetry and shelving that is functional for your law services but fits into the historic theme of the building. You have come to the right place—Winner Woodworks, LLC is the local expert in matching historic styles and building custom furniture and fittings of all kinds. We can match the exterior window trims and shingles to repair the damaged areas you have indicated, and we can easily craft both interior and exterior wood forms to complement the overall design of this beautiful property.

There’s no need to sacrifice functionality for style; we are experts at building modern touches into offices with historic themes. We strongly believe our proposal has been thoroughly outlined and will meet or exceed all of your expectations and requirements. We will call you to schedule a meeting approximately a week from today, but can make ourselves available earlier if you desire. Thank you for your consideration and for putting your trust in Winner Woodworks, LLC.

This proposal highlights the abilities of Winner Woodworks, LLC and describes custom woodwork services that will be provided for Joseph Diaz of Diaz Warshaw Martin, Attorneys at Law. Winner Woodworks, LLC has more than thirty years of experience creating custom wood pieces of every imaginable kind. We can match historic items or craft completely new custom-made pieces.

But each process requires slightly different steps and participation from our clients, so we want to be sure that you understand the way our partnership in a project will work. We can match historic items or craft completely new custom-made pieces. Here's what to expect and what you need to do.

Repairs to interior molding and stair railings and exterior trims and columns We will take photographs of pieces and designs that need to be replicated, but in some cases our crew will remove a piece of trim or a shingle so that we can precisely copy it, so at times pieces will be temporarily missing from the exterior or interior. Custom built-in shelving and cabinets Our consultants will work with you to precisely measure and sketch out the items you want to build in. If you have photos or sketches of features or design details that you want, please share them with us in the initial discussions. Our consultants will offer you exterior style options and interior fitting options for you to choose from.

Then we’ll create a blueprint that you will approve before construction begins. We will do as much construction as possible in our workshop, but of course final installation must take place in your building. The amount of time our crews will need to occupy your space will depend on the final design. And of course, we will attach shelving, file cabinets, and tall office furnishings to the walls as required for earthquake protection.

Offices, meeting rooms, and reception room furniture Winner Woodworks, LLC crafts custom-made furniture in all sorts of styles to specific measurements of our clients and their workspaces. We also have an extensive network of furniture suppliers we work with. To order furniture for your offices, our consultants will offer you catalogs of options from our suppliers. There’s nothing more comfortable than a chair and desk made to fit one specific person.

We understand you want custom-made chairs and desks to perfectly match the dimensions of your partners. At our initial onsite consultation, we will take measurements and notes to create exactly what you need. You may also desire furniture pieces of special sizes to fit into a specific nook or cupola in your Victorian surroundings, too. We can make those for you.

At Winner Woodworks, LLC, we don’t turn out truckloads of the same design of any wood piece. We are not a manufacturing company. We like to describe our business as creating functional art from wood. Here are a few notes about how we take pride in our craftsmanship.

We use only the most finely grained woods Generally speaking, the denser wood is, the harder it is to work with. But that density makes our pieces extremely durable, too. Soft woods and those from young, quickly grown trees are much more susceptible to rot and splitting.

We will never use those materials in our products. We use only woods harvested with sustainable practices Some companies purchase their wood from just any supplier, which can contribute to deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat in many locales. Winner Woodworks, LLC purchases our wood supplies only from companies who are part of the Worldwide Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

We use the least toxic, most durable stains and finishes Our staff will consult with you about exactly how you want your pieces to look. Then we will polish them to a satin-smooth finish, using high-quality durable varnishes or oils as appropriate, and we will teach you how to care for these surfaces. Our woodworkers are artists Our employees are both male and female, and all are masters of their craft with years of experience. Some are experts at creating exact replicas of historic designs for repairs and upkeep of historic buildings, and some are experts at crafting new pieces that have subtle modern touches but will fit perfectly with their surroundings.

We are award-winners in our industry Winner Woodworks, LLC is appropriately named. Many of our employees have won awards for their abilities, and the company as a whole has, too. We proudly display our trophies and certificates for Champion Woodworking Team in OR, Best Woodworker in Pacific Northwest, and Leader in Sustainable Woodworking.

Many of our restoration projects have won awards as well. See the Awards page on our website for a complete list of the accolades we have received. In this modern world of mass market merchandise, there is nothing more luxurious than having something crafted just for you. Why not surround yourself with furniture and design that fits you perfectly.

This is not only a style issue, it can also be a quality of life issue, both at home and in the workplace. Winner Woodworks, LLC specializes in the personal touch. What does this mean for you.

Your employees will be so comfortable in their custom-made chairs and desks that they’ll never want to leave Imagine how amazing it would be to have a chair and desk that precisely fit your dimensions. Any ergonomics study will show that making your staff comfortable is the best way to improve productivity and reduce the possibility of workplace injury. Built-in cabinetry and shelving will exactly fit the space and decor Most consumers make do with mass-produced furniture and shelving that "sort of" fits the space and their tastes.

Winner Woodworks, LLC will craft pieces that precisely fit the space and perfectly match the décor. Imagine how much more functional this will be, and how pleasing to the eye. Personalized functionality Need left-handed options for a desk instead of the typical right-sided ones.

Need chairs that have footrests or back supports, or have higher backs than are typical. Need file cabinets for odd-sized folders or flat files for blueprints and maps. Specialized desks for printers and scanners and all their accompanying supplies.

Stacking cubes that can be rearranged into different configurations for different projects. We can help you make your workspace as functional as possible by building exactly what you need for maximum productivity. Your décor in your taste and style There’s no need to search for a piece of furniture that "fits into" your overall décor.

We can create the perfect match for you. We can help you craft the personalized working environment that best suits your daily needs and shows the style and taste you want to project to your staff and your clients. Based on your initial list, we understand that you would like Winner Woodworks, LLC to provide the following items of furniture for your offices. Although built-in shelves and cabinetry are often considered fixtures rather than furnishings, we have included them below.

Custom-built desks and chairs for each partner We will take each person’s measurements and notes on particular needs at our onsite meeting, and then present a final plan for each of the three partners. Having personalized office furnishings like these is a fantastic bonus for each partner in your firm. Custom shelving and cabinetry for law library We understand you want precisely measured built-in shelves and custom cabinetry for your law library. Custom shelving and cabinetry for three partner offices You have told us that each partner would like custom shelving and cabinetry in his or her office.

Additional furnishings We understand that you also need to furnish your reception area, your offices for clerks and paralegals, and your conference room. We collaborate with many furniture manufacturers and would be happy to share their catalogs with you to help you match styles for a coherent look. In the reception area and the conference room, you may want to consider adding custom-built tables to your project in order to make those spaces most efficient. After our onsite consultation and suggestions from our experts, you may wish to add items to or modify descriptions of the items in the list above.

The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed. The above Quote does in no way constitute a warranty of final price. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by a binding contract.

Winner Woodworks, LLC was started in 1980 by Jason Winner. We transform wood into artistic, functional pieces for your home or office. Each piece we create is unique and personalized for our client.

We don’t mass-produce furniture or fixtures. Each piece we create is unique and personalized for our client. Our company is made up of six master woodworkers. Liam and Amanda Winner yes, woodworking runs in the family , Truman Keady, Fritz Meacham, Zack Fredricks, and the owner, Jason Winner.

In addition, Jason’s wife Sabrina keeps the books and records. From time to time, we hire additional workers as needed. We are a local company, headquartered right here in Eugene.

Products – Custom-made wood pieces for interior and exteriors and custom-made furniture

Services – Consultation, repair, and installation of woodwork pieces both interior and exterior

Winner Woodworks, LLC has crafted unique products for the following clientele. John M. Abernathy Mansion We matched existing trims and furniture to restore this beautiful mansion that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Marsham Library To maximize use of this historic building as a modern library, Winner Woodworks crafted and installed floor-to-ceiling shelves with sliding library ladders, and computer desks for a central internet island for patrons’ usage. Gay Suskind, Homeowner Ms. Suskind is an antiques collector.

We have restored many pieces of antique furniture to functionality for her by matching and or replacing chair arms and spindles, table legs and leaves, and so forth. Clark Patrick and Julia Gomez, Homeowners This married couple wanted a home office that could become a guest bedroom, but they had a tiny space. We brought their ideas to reality with built-in cabinetry and shelving surrounding a custom-made pull-down Murphy bed.

The Tiny House Company Winner Woodworks regularly crafts unique interior furnishings, staircases, and space saving cabinetry for The Tiny House company, which sells custom-made tiny houses ranging in size from 400 square feet to 600 square feet. The clientele listed above represent a few of our biggest projects, or our repeat customers. Please check the "Our Clients" page on our website to see many of our smaller woodworking projects.

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Reesa Marchetti
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