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Describe the guarantee you are offering. A guarantee (which can also be spelled guaranty) is a promise. Often a guarantee pledges that a product will be of a certain quality or a service will be performed in a certain way or the buyer's money will be refunded.
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How do you write a Guarantee document?

Company is pleased to offer the following guarantee. Describe the guarantee you are offering. guarantee which can also be spelled guaranty is promise. Often guarantee pledges that product will be of certain quality or service will be performed in certain way or the buyers money will be refunded. guarantee especially when offered in writing is usually legally binding so you should consult an attorney specializing in your field before offering written guarantee. guarantee can also mean the assumption of anothers responsibilities or debts. The terms guarantee and warranty are often used interchangeably although warranty is usually tied to specific product or service and often has time limits or other restrictions. Proposal Pack also contains Warranty template. Insert the guarantee you are offering here. For example " We deliver your pizza within minutes or its free. "

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