How to write my Authorization for Records Destruction Form document

Authorization for Records Destruction Form DEPT NAME. DEPARTMENT LOCATION. Building AUTHORIZED CONTENT OWNER OR DEPARTMENT MANAGER. Name Title PHONE Email DEPARTMENT RECORDS LIAISON. Name Title PHONE Email Describe the content of the records to be destroyed such as. Invoices Contracts Sales Orders Bid Documents Annual Review etc. List Record Types Retention i. e. year Media Type Physical or Electronic Volume pages or file size Disposition Method

Shred Delete etc Disposition Date 1. RECORD TYPE 2. RECORD TYPE 3. RECORD TYPE 4. RECORD TYPE 5. RECORD TYPE 6. RECORD TYPE 7. RECORD TYPE 8. RECORD TYPE 9. RECORD TYPE 10. RECORD TYPE I certify that no legal hold has been placed on the records listed above and that they are past the retention period specified by the Company Retention Schedule and that all regulatory audits have been reviewed. PRINTED NAME AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE DATE WITNESS NAME SIGNATURE DATE