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How to write your Records Management Governance Plan

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Use the Records Management Governance Plan to develop a centrally administered approach to records management for the organization. The Governance Plan sets the regulations and rules for the use of records and system environments so that the content to be managed is sustainable and grows in a consistent manner.
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Writing the Records Management Governance Plan document

Governance Plan

The Governance Plan will serve to provide a unified, centrally administered approach to records management within Company. The Governance Plan is the road map for the overarching content environment, architecture, system development, process, policy and decisions for the Records Management Program. This plan also identifies the area of ownership for Company's information management group and identifies who is responsible for which areas of the Records Management Program.

The Governance Plan sets the regulations and rules for the use of records and system environments so that the content to be managed is sustainable and grows in a consistent manner that is in line with Company Name's goals and business requirements.

Governance Program Goals

Identify people, skills, ownership, leadership, organization, policies, procedures, and standards required to successfully administer and manage your information resources.

Records Program Committee

Contact List Names Responsibilities Executive Sponsor Project Owner Department Managers Information Technology (IT) Records manager Legal Information Stewards or Content Owners. Areas governed by the Records Program Item Description Content Stores Systems Departments. Records Related Standards Standard Name Documentation Location IT Content Business Regulatory.

All Content-Related Policies and Procedures Policy Name Policy Location Process for developing policies and procedures Communication plan Change management Internal and external content Structured and unstructured content. Records Training Guidelines and Materials Training Documents Document Location Policies and procedures Systems and applications Content-specific material. Records Maintenance Infrastructure Documents Document Location SLA Backup Disaster recovery Monitoring Reports.

The development of the Records Policy and procedures and the enforcement of standards should be reviewed, managed and updated by the governance committee as outlined above.

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