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SEO Services Sample Proposal
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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to a client to optimize their web site search results.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering technical services to clients.
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This sample was created with Proposal Pack Networks #3

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The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Proposal is an example of a proposal using Proposal Pack to pitch the services of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to a client to optimize their web site search results.

This is a good example to follow for any business or individual offering technical services to clients.

Used by web site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service providers. Used by anyone offering services to a client.
Sample business proposals are completed examples of business proposals, business plans and other business documents you can use as a guide when writing your own unique business document. Sample business proposals illustrate how a collection of templates from one Proposal Pack design was assembled together into a framework and the details filled in to complete the document. The Wizard proposal software includes this sample proposal as one of its business situations you can quickly create your own proposal from using a graphic design theme of your choice.

SEO Services Sample Proposal

Jordan Consulting Group PO Box Diamond Harbour New Zealand PH 580 4400 FX 329

www.jordanconsultinggroup.com Search Engine Optimization & Reporting for www.DuggonIndustries.com March Prepared for. James Duggon President Prepared by. Kalena Jordan Director

A proposal to improve the search engine compatibility of DuggonIndustries.com to ensure it ranks well in search engine results pages and attracts more traffic and potential customers. Proposal Number. 148 34 The Objective To make the Un optimized Site at www.DuggonIndustries.com more compatible with search engines and to achieve higher search engine rankings for target keywords with particular emphasis on attracting more potential clients via search results. Client Goals To contribute significantly to site visitors and web revenue targets. To strive for top positions for all core identified key phrases that have poor organic presence. To attract more "qualified" visitors who are more likely to convert to customers. Situation Analysis The web site was originally designed without consideration of search engine marketing as major driver of traffic. Instead the majority of visitors were expected as result of offline promotion and more traditional advertising mediums which have not yet been implemented. As result the site is not experiencing satisfactory traffic levels.

Jordan Consulting Group was asked to review the search engine compatibility of the site. Our analysis shows that the site is suffering from major search engine compatibility issues preventing it from ranking highly for target search queries in the major search engines. The number of top search engine rankings for the site is very low indicating the need for SEO and for urgency with this project. It is unknown if Un optimized Site is using Pay Per Click PPC advertising but if immediate traffic delivery is required PPC may be viable short term option as SEO requires long term commitment and has longer lead time. Quotations to create and manage PPC campaign in Google AdWords and or Yahoo Search Marketing are available upon request. Site Analysis To prepare detailed search engine optimization proposal for Un optimized Site we spent some hours researching your site and conducting search engine compatibility analysis at no cost to you. Having now analyzed your web site at www.DuggonIndustries.com we found the following search engine compatibility issues. Poor Search Engine Ranking The site is not currently ranking highly on all of the most popular U.S. search engines for logical search terms please see the ranking report provided with this proposal. Your site may also not be ranking highly in search engines in other countries or markets that you target. Untargeted Keywords – Detailed keyword research may not have been conducted into the most popular search terms relating to the products and services offered on your site. Such research can reveal what search terms you should actually use in your web site body text page titles and META tags to help attract your target audience via search engines. Ineffective TITLE Element – The TITLE Element in the HTML code of the home page is not formatted or optimized in the most effective manner for the achievement of high search engine rankings. It also contains some characters that search engines might have trouble indexing e.g. #. more effective Title element should be developed for each page of your site being optimized. Ineffective META Description Tag The META Description tag in the HTML code of the home page is not optimized in the most effective manner for the achievement of high search engine rankings. It also contains excessive keyword repetition which may trip search engine spam filters and result in ranking penalty being placed on the site. more effective META Description should be developed for each page of your site being optimized. Lack of Sufficient Keyword Density Many site pages including the home page do not contain enough body text or enough target keywords within the existing body text to ensure search engines consider the site relevant for logical searches relating to its content. The text on each page needs to contain adequate keyword density for search engines to find the pages relevant match to search queries. Missing ALT IMG Attributes – Your web site does not seem to contain any ALT IMG attributes for images that can be indexed by search engines and used by visually impaired visitors. ALT IMG attributes are an important inclusion in web sites to meet international usability and accessibility standards. They are also useful to search engines because they provide information about your site with which engines can match search queries. To improve search relevancy we suggest that more ALT IMG attributes be added to the site and logical target keywords should be integrated within these attributes. more effective Title element should be developed for each page of your site being optimized. Ineffective File names – The file names of many of your site pages contain numbers or abbreviations instead of keywords. If you use keywords within your page file names search engines can distinguish individual keywords and it contributes slightly to your site’s overall relevancy for related search queries. Zero Google Page Rank The site has Google Toolbar PageRank of out of right now and no backward links pointing to it meaning it has poor link popularity and very few incoming links from other sites. This is likely because it is fairly new. Google uses link information to determine how trustworthy and popular site is. Sites with higher PageRank and more links are given more relevancy weight in the Google algorithm and are more likely to be ranked higher for related search queries. Consequently the site is not on Google's radar and requires aggressive link building and or blog integration to get it there. No XML Sitemap There doesn't appear to be an XML sitemap on the site in the expected location of http. www.DuggonIndustries.com sitemap.xml. The creation of an XML sitemap and upload to Google via Webmaster Tools will ensure that Googlebot is able to index and list all pages on the site regularly. Google Hasn’t Indexed Entire Site According to their Site Status Tool Google does not yet know about all the pages on the site. The creation of an XML sitemap will address this. Ineffective Navigation Structure – The existing navigation menu for the site involves JavaScript drop down menus that can’t be indexed by search engines. We recommend that search engine friendly text based navigation menu be implemented at the bottom of the page to complement the existing menu. We also recommend that link to text based site map be included within this menu. Limited Indexing by Google – Although Google reports it has indexed over pages on your site check of your site status in Google reveals that Googlebot does not yet know about all your site pages. This can be resolved via the creation and regular submission of Google Sitemap. There are other search engine compatibility issues but these are the major ones. A search engine optimization campaign can address all your site compatibility issues and ensure your web site is given the best possible opportunity to achieve high rankings for your priority search terms across the major search engines and directories in your target markets. This will result in more web traffic and the capture of web site visitors that are better qualified leads for your goods and services. Jordan Consulting Group proposes to optimize your site as set out in the following section.

The following is complete list of all project deliverables of our search engine optimization service as stated in the contract and proposal. Once Off Activity Requirements Gathering – we give you questionnaire to complete to ensure we tailor the optimization of your site to your exact needs. Search Engine Compatibility Report – we carry out detailed overview and analysis of your site's search engine compatibility in terms of HTML design page extensions link popularity TITLE and META tags link popularity body text and ALT IMG tags. We then provide detailed report with recommendations based on our findings. The report is included within every proposal or is available as stand alone product for USD $395. List of Site Changes – we provide list of site changes required in order to meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Keyword Research & Consultation – we undertake extensive keyword research using Keyword Discovery to determine what people are typing in to search engines to find products and services similar to yours. We also look at your competitors’ site to find the search terms and techniques they are using in their site code. Then using specialist software we analyze the resulting keywords and phrases for performance and determine how many other sites are competing for high rankings with the same terms. Afterwards we provide you with list of search terms especially tailored for your site in order of potential ranking performance on the various engines. In consultation with you we revise and streamline the list to come up with four or five priority search terms for each page being optimized. META Tag Creation – this is where we draft tailored TITLE and META tags for each page being optimized utilizing prioritized search terms. META Tag Performance Testing The tags are then run through final testing to check for search engine effectiveness and ranking potential across range of search engines. Site Compatibility Fixes – we put together all the tools needed to improve your site's compatibility with search engines including tailored TITLE and META tags ALT IMG tags code integration instructions and other recommendations based on the results of our Search Engine Compatibility Report.

Site Copywriting – this is when we take look at your existing site copy and with your co operation make changes to ensure it is both search engine compatible and viewer friendly. This can include the addition of keywords and phrases to your existing body text or the drafting of entirely new body text for various pages to ensure ranking relevancy and content satisfying to both search engines and viewers. Integration & Upload of Changes – this is where we or your site administrators if you prefer integrate the new META tags body text and other code alterations then upload the revised page to your site via FTP. Ongoing Reporting & Maintenance Search Engine Ranking Reports – depending on your chosen package we supply monthly search engine ranking reports for you to track improvements of your site on the main search engines and directories for chosen search terms for period of six or twelve months. First we set up ranking account for you with our specialist search engine ranking software and run an initial ranking mission to establish your site's ranking prior to the optimization campaign. You will receive report every two weeks for the first month following search engine submission then monthly for the term of your contract. Keep in mind that search engines can take anywhere between one and twelve weeks to list your site so you may not notice improvements for few weeks. Rankings Maintenance to ensure up to date listings your site rankings are monitored each month for six or twelve months and each month where there has been significant drop in rankings the optimization of your site is "tweaked". We will also review your META tags from time to time during the duration of the contract to ensure your target search terms keep ranking well. Campaign Performance Reporting – we undertake regular consulting with you to ensure campaign objectives are being met. We also supply monthly detailed ROI reports on the cost effectiveness of the SEO campaign. These reports are delivered in an Excel spreadsheet and can include detailed site visitor statistics if you don’t already have access to these. sample Campaign Performance Report is available upon request. Performance measurement requires access to your raw log files for integration into our ClickTracks analytics software.

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