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How to Write a Service Sales Proposal

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Demonstration video on how to use Proposal Kit's proposal software to write a proposal to sell services. A basic service sales proposal will include an introduction, information about the services, pricing information and sometimes some specialty information to elaborate on the services such as responsibilities, polices, etc.

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In this video we're going to illustrate how to write a general–purpose service sales proposal using Proposal Kit. We have a lot of other videos that will go into specific industries and those also cover service sales proposals in more specialized videos. This is more of a general purpose one.

How this works with Proposal Kit is we have hundreds of design themes. You can also use a plain text only design and you can also brand our templates with your own logos and graphics and colors, fonts to make your own design. If you look at our website on our proposal and contract products page and the Proposal Pack link you'll see a couple options here.

This Proposal Pack for Any Business is the plain design theme that has no graphics added to it ahead of time. This Option #2 you can scroll through the hundreds of specialty design themes and pick something that's either a general–purpose line art or photo style or an industry specific style. You just pick a design theme based on your personal choice of what you want it to visually look like.

Underneath you get the same set of samples, the same set of templates, all that text and wording is all the same in all the same places. So you just pick a design theme first. I'll illustrate this first proposal with a more general design theme and we'll pick our photo design theme Aqua #6.

If you're on our website on any of the Proposal Pack pages you can scroll down and see full–sized blow–ups of what the word document pages will look like. This is the front cover of the Aqua #6 design and a couple interior pages and a back page. So once you've downloaded everything, installed the Wizard software, Proposal Pack, got it set up you can start creating a proposal.

We have the Aqua #6 installed here and whenever you are going to create a proposal for your services you click this Document Projects button and you'll click the Pick Documents and for a general services proposal the 40 most common templates that most people use for most proposals you'll see here right on the Add Templates page. For a general service proposal you might just pick a Cover Letter, Title Page, Introduction, the Services Provided page, maybe a Cost Summary, information about your company and Back Page. That set of chapters will work for any services proposal for any industry.

You can specialize the list of chapters for different industries if you want to add some additional chapters to talk about specific things and that's where you can click this drop down. If you're in an IT/web development, software or hardware company you can find specific chapters in here, automation, media, advertising, environmental, real estate, construction, any industry. You can scroll down and find additional chapters to supplement basic set of services proposal chapters.

You can scroll down and if you need to talk about more specialty situations like technical topics, financial topics, topics about your company and so on. You have thousands of chapters to pick from. You can also Search by Name if you have a specific type of topic you want to look for you can come over here and search for a topic.

We also have hundreds of pre–made lists of chapters so you'll find lots of different sets of chapters for services proposals, for different kinds of situations in these layouts. You can narrow this down even further and just click the Service Sales Proposal subcategory and that'll narrow it down from the 600–plus to a shorter list. You can scroll down and just see how many there are.

You can also do a search here if we want to search for security service sales or accounting or medical, transportation, catering, real estate. Any specific industry you can just do a search on and find layouts. We're going to start with a general services proposal layout so we're just going to scroll down and pick the Product and Service Proposal layout and import that from the list.

The set of chapters will cover a product and service sales proposal. For just services only we can just remove the products page then we have basically your introduction material, your list of services, benefits, features, customer support. Some of these might be more product related so you can start removing any chapters you don't think fit the services you're doing and get it down to a shorter list.

You can just as easily from this Add Templates screen you just checkoff these chapters like Cover Letter, Title Page, for a shorter one you could skip the Table of Contents, Introduction or Executive Summary. The Introduction chapter might be a little less formal than the Executive Summary. Then a Cost Summary or Estimate.

You select these chapters also based on the wording you want in the chapter headers. Once you've selected your set of chapters you can click the Okay, Use Selected Templates button. Then you'll fill in the Company Data screen and the Client Data screen.

I'll just select a one our demo clients. So now that we have our templates selected, we have our data entered and we have a design theme selected when we save the project the Wizard will build the document. Now this document has been generated we'll take a look at it.

We can see the name and address information merged in, the Aqua #6 design theme. Now this looks a bit faded out, that's just Word how it fades out pictures in the background during editing so if you double click in the header you'll see the full color and when you save your final edited proposals in PDF format or print them the full color all comes out. This is just an editing thing and how Word works.

You see the design theme, the background, the title we gave the project merged in, the list of chapters for our services proposal and costs and so on. Then you can just edit this document to finish filling in the details. Now there are a lot of other features in the Expert edition of the Wizard that can help you with cost calculations, tying in with third–party systems, doing your own branding and so on.

This is just showing the basic process of selecting a set of services chapters and building a document. There are lots of other features to help automate and streamline processes for creating multiple documents such as editing our stock templates, creating presets, using reusable templates, multiple choice drop–in content, tying in with a third party quoting system and so on. Once we've finished editing our document you can save it as a PDF and you'll see the full color has come out in the PDF and now we can upload this PDF, we can email it, deliver it and so on.

Next I'll illustrate a more specialty services proposal using a different design theme that will add some topics specific to a specific kind of proposal. We'll illustrate this with our Accounting #1 design theme. This time we're going to go to the sample proposals and we'll pick the Accounting and Payroll Services sample.

These samples are all PDF documents in the Proposal Packs but you can import the content, the text content, into whatever design theme you have when you're building your own version of a proposal to edit. We'll click this Import Content from Selected Sample. Now you see the list of chapters selected for this sample is similar to the last one.

It starts out with a Cover Letter, Title Page, Executive Summary, Cost Summary. We've got a couple different chapters than the last general purpose services proposal so you can adjust these chapters to fit your situation however you need. We're going to also come over here to the Add Template and Search by Name.

We can add additional chapters to supplement what was in the sample. Once you've selected your set of chapters click the Ok, Use Selected Templates button. I'm filling in the Client Data and the Company Data screens and give it a title.

Now that we've got our design theme selected, our list of chapters, we're importing sample content for the accounting proposal sample, got the Company Data and Client Data filled in. We can save the project and build a second document. Okay, now this services proposal is generated.

Take a look at this and note in this one we also added a general services agreement. When you use the contract it will put the contract text into the design theme if you want. So here you'll see the general purpose services agreement.

You can also replace this text of ours in our services contract with your own contract language and you can even put in your own tags that match what our Wizards looking for so you can use your existing content and contracts within the Proposal Pack. You can actually do this with all of our templates where you can edit our cover letters, services pages, products pages, price lists. All the templates in there you can edit and put in your own content.

There's other videos that cover how to do all that. Now you can see this new design theme and this Accounting and Payroll Services Proposal. You can see it's another services proposal just a different visual design theme and a different set of chapters selected.

We'll illustrate one last services proposal and will use our Security #8 design. Remember there are other videos that will cover these specific industries and there's a specific video tailored for accounting and financial proposals. There's another video for security specific proposals and so on.

Okay, just like before we'll add a new project and we'll do a search on the word security. So whatever industry you're in whether it's security, real estate, construction, catering. Whatever you are in just type a word or something related to specifically what you're doing.

That will narrow down the hundreds of lists to the ones that might be more specialized to you. These quick start lists are just meant to get you a little head start in selecting your specific list of chapters. You'll see quite a few tagged to security situations so we'll just click the Security Guard Services Proposal for Bodyguards.

That's a 15 page layout. You can see how this starts again with the Cover Letter, Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Cost Summary but it's going to add chapters that are more specific to a security guard bodyguard type proposal. Now that we have our company and client data entered, our list of chapters selected, our new design theme we will save this project and let it build a services proposal template.

Ok, now this example has been generated and you can see the Security #8 design theme, the list of security related chapters and again this document is ready to edit and then deliver. Basically any services proposal in any industry can be created with Proposal Kit. You just select a visual design theme that fits your style and then you select a set of chapters.

Maybe import some pre–written content to match your situation and generate a document. That's all there is to it.

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